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IB Revision Weekend - Memory Game Created by IB Student. Patterns & Change

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Produced by one IB student. Made for a very competitive game of memory and great for case study revision.

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IB Revision Weekend - Memory Game Created by IB Student. Patterns & Change

  1. 1. Syllabus ContentCase StudyFact 1(Negative Aspects)Fact 2(Positive Aspects)A country with an ageing population.China(Over 65’s exceed 8-10% of population)Requires construction of new nursing homes.Working skills can be passed on from the old to the newA country with a youthful population.Niger(Has a wide base on the population pyramid)Increased demand for childcare/schoolsIncreased population can give a positive boost/supply of people for future employmentA pro-natalist population policyFrance & Russia(sex day)Increased costs for a quick booming youthful population Need more babies to become economically active later on to support the previous baby boom that will become dependant. Anti-natalist population policyChina(one child policy)Reports of forced abortions & sterilizationsSaved up to 250 million births and decreased strain on resourcesA forced migrationPalestinians to Gaza StripThey are confined and forced to leave their homes. Safety in numbers yet no positive factors.A voluntary migrationPolish to UKDisadvantage to origin country; loss of taxes, national identity and skills.Advantage to host country; fills gaps in labour market & boost to economyA migration modelLee Model(Location A to B)People moving from A to B can end up in holding centres in France on route to UK.Model increases awareness of problems that can occur due to intervening obstacles.An internal migrationChina(migration from rural to urban areas for jobs)Dependant populations left in rural areas & population exceeds carrying capacity in urban areas.Remittances sent back to families in rural areas. (150 million migrant workers in China)An international migrationMexico to USA(Into the USA for jobs and remittances)10,000 people per week attempt to cross Mexico/USA border & desert climate = danger.In the USA they are hopes of prosperity, better healthcare and remittancesA example of gender inequalityGirl Effect (Taliban cruelty in Afghanistan)¼ of girls in LEDC’s are not in school & Taliban cruelty to women.There are no positives for girl inequality.<br />