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  • Thank you so much for inviting me here today My name is XXXXX, from IBM and I am the XXX ( describe your role) Today I’ll be sharing with you the results of our latest study from the Institute for Business Value called, “Winning over the empowered consumer: Why trust matters” We have a group within IBM called, The Institute for Business Value, which is IBM’s thought leadership group The IBV conducts research and analysis across multiple industries and disciplines for two reasons: One: to help you understand what consumers want and therefore help your businesses succeed. Two: to provide this input back into our products so that we can continue to invest and develop technology for Varejistas
  • We have a long history of talking directly to your consumers.. We surveyed 15 countries this year (8 mature and 7 growth) but we also we went and listened to where they are talking on facebook, twitter, blogs, product reviews, We listened in on 1 product category - Sports Apparel from May 18, 2011 to Cyper Monday, 2011 The case study was focused primarily in North America (US and Canada) We listened to 1.2 M digital conversations over this 6 month period
  • We looked at the data through 3 lenses to understand what trends and what is unique based on: income, generations and product categories. Income – ranges for Australia have been grouped as: <$25,000 , $25,001-$50,000 , $50,001-$70,000 , $70,001 – 110.000 and $110,000 + . Generation – we surveyed them by age ranges teens, 20 ’ s, 30 ’ s etc The Generation 15 – 19 year olds is lower this year because we had to ask the parents for permission to survey them and not as many responded. So you understand how we capture data at this level let me explain the survey: When a respondent came into the survey, they were asked “ for which product categories do they frequently shop? ” we randomly assigned a product category to them and then asked them who was their primary Varejista for the particular product category From this point forward, the product category and the primary Varejistas name is piped into each question. This allows us to get down to an individual Varejista level and analyze the data if we chose. NOTES: Female 71% Male 29% (global stats) –
  • Last year, we discussed that it was more than technology impacting the consumer and their expectations were different. There expectations are based the consumer knowing everything about you as a Varejista, about your products, your service, your price, your promotions, your delivery, your product quality.. If you remember last year, we stated that the consumer data was telling us to “Serve them, don’t sell to them because they already know what they want when they come into your store, and they expect service. This year.. they expect your loyalty. As Varejistas we talk about loyalty programs, but are they really? Or are they programs used for promotions and analysis. Consumers saying “be loyal to me”, It requires a mindset change, to look at our technology and our business process to not only guarantee we increase margin and sales, but to leave them feeling like kings and queens In addition to their expectations we also looked at how they use technology, where everything is known, what are their attitudes this year..this is one area that has changed since last. We call it the “era of open minded” and last of all, who is influencing them. For the past few years, they have demanded more personalization across every aspect of retail, but this year due to the platforms that they have to discuss your products, we seem joining into like minds of communities that we call “We” So let’s take a look at their technology
  • We have studied technologies for the past two years and there appears to be a plateau, at 20 – 25% of the consumers do not want to use technology. What’s important to understand is that the desired technologies are way more than just the internet, mobile or even tv.. Consumers are branching out and embracing new technologies. In fact, almost 24% of the population is willing to use 3 or more technologies to shop and to browse Just consider that mobile purchases went up 300% this year on black Friday according to IBM’s coremetrics measurements REMINDER: DESIRE is not that they are shopping with but their WILLINGNESS TO shop with technology if it was made available to them.
  • We understand more than just the consumers willingness to use, we understand their attitudes. For example all countries except for Brazil and Chile believe they are willing to use websites because they are convenient, It is only the chileans and Brazilians predominantly believe that websites result in a lower price. 85% of consumers believe social networks will save them time The last two years we asked questions about consumers willingness to use mobile to check out and then separate questions on what type of functionality they wanted. This year survey we put the top answers in 1 question and asked them their primary reason to wanting to use mobile..60% globally want to use it to check out. Consumers still want to use mobile to help them find help, locate products and allow you to push promotions to them when they are scanned in mature countries.. In the emerging countries it’s okay to push promotions to them on their mobile
  • When we asked consumers if they are willing to give up private information, like the list on the screen, the answer was no. Then we asked them the question listed on this slide, “What is your willingness to provide information in exhcagne for something relevant to you (non-montetary).. Notice that a large percent 45% are willing to provide their media usage habits. In fact, we asked are Varejistas communications to your liking? If they strongly disagreed, we asked them are the communications to much or too little? Surprisingly a majority of them said they were too little. Are they really too little? Or are you talking but you are aren’t in the right channel. Are you over penetrating one channel but not penetrating in the right channels? By understand how to answer this question, we helped a Varejista eliminate $600 M from their marketing spend with zero impact on sales, in fact sales went up. If you consider this slide, there is a huge amount of Neutroity.. Those willing to be won over. Brazilians are more likely to share their medical information than the global population, which places medical in 2 nd to last place
  • We asked them again this year, who do they trust? Though their friends, family and strangers will rule, the Varejista and Fabricante voice is louder. This is a good sign Why do we think this change has occurred? Smarter Varejistas are making progress through technology. They are using data to provide more personalized and relevant messages, they have landing pages that say “Welcome back (INSERT YOUR NAME). It makes us feel like they know us. Varejistas, For example Walmart launched 3500 face book pages locally at Christmas time allow store managers to monitor local discussions and address concerns; there is a 1 to 1 community discussion that is beginning to occur.. Consumer have always trusted others more, but now it is documented because it is digitized; you can find information on any Varejista or Fabricante.
  • Let’s talk about their shopping behavior.. Last year we discussed that consumers were fragmenting each of the shopping process. This year we went deeper to try and find out exactly what was happening and how Varejistas could respond.
  • Technology and new source of influence are continuing to change how consumers become aware of new products. First of all, we have to congradulate you.. Many Varejistas spent a lot of moneyt his year on search engine optimization and it paid off Secondly, the store still rules. As it rises to the top in awareness Third, you will notice that the consumer controlled media is gaining momentum. Emails plunged, we attribute this to a few things: 1) most consumers don’t even give you their valid email address: 2) generations like 20 to 29 years who have a large spending power don’t even have emails and older generations don’t use email, there is a lack of personalization, why should open it and read it.. The point is Varejistas need to be smarter about the $ they invest in email considering these findings as well as overall; And we look at how where they go to research... (Turn page)
  • This year we asked them where they became aware, and where they went to research.. In addition, we asked them if they received all of the information usually to go and purchase. If they did not receive all the information was missing and where did they go to research next. If they have enough information, where did they go to purchase. You read this graph as follows: On the left is the primary research channel, The body is where they purchased? For example, if they are researching in the store… 83% buy in the store Or if they research in TV/radio/mail billboard… 81% buy in the store. Look at the bottom part of the graph.. Which is the digital research channels? Notice how the store is much smaller and website and portal grows.. In addition mobile pops up as a more significant percent in the “other” category. As they start digital.. The consumer will most likely purchase through digital. What does this mean? Mobile App – allow them not to just browse but make it simple to purchase; It may be as simple as QR code, know who the consumer is and who they usually buy for;; click the image to purchase – know their size and default to their size; let them select their color; confirm the ship to address which you already know there address; know there preferred payment; then communicate back to them.. Tell them about delivery; remind them to write product reviews and recommend easily; The more simple it is, the more likley they will stay in that channel; So what happens to the 1/3 that are not ready to buy? Why not? We asked this question last year, but this year we know what was missing
  • What we found is the consumer is more complex, more competitive and more sophisticated. They have higher expectations than every before,. That is why Varejistas have enhanced customer insight/segmentation In fact, consumers think the future is about them. We identified this trend last year and used to joke that the future was about me.. After 2 years of data, we know its about them. The data says the same thing as the past two years; it doesn’t matter how many different ways we ask the quesitons or how many different probably answers we put into a questionnaire or how complex and different the statistical models are that we use.. The consumer continues to say: Serve me… Don’t sell to me. The consumer is armed with information and their technology when they get to the store. They probably know what they want, when it comes to being served. In fact, consumers don’t want your opinion because they have formed their opinion from their family and friends. They want you to serve them. If they ask a question, respond. The assistant doesn’t need to be the expert, the consumer is and they expect to be served. The question is what is your brand promise? Is it being polite and courteous, a quick check out, larger more innovative product selection or arming your consumer with the data needed to make decisions. So if you want to serve them… you need to listen to them, know them and empower them. This year.. We noticed a a new trend…
  • Our recommendation is to review your processes, your technology to detemine how well you are maintaining control from awareness to purchase. (COVER THE FINDINGS?IMPLICATIONS ON THE SLIDE) We know the following: Technology empowers the consumer Consumer are open minded Retail is digital, but you can’t ignore the store A FEW ADDITIONAL THOUGHTS OR QUESTIONS: 1. In the section, Retail is digital... Let’s assume your online store is your “flagship store”.. What’s your physical store become? We believe in the future, Varejistas need to differentiate their stores based on convenience, experiences, very specialized product categories and services.
  • First of all, what is trust? Definition: Trust (noun) assured reliance on the character, ability or truth of someone or something b) one in which confidence is placed In order to get them into your store / website, you must establish trust.. Trust is a theory that a person develops regarding ’s someone’s future behavior based on all their interactions with you Yet we know trust is very hard to define; it’s a feeling. We also know that it takes years sometimes to earn it and seconds to break it.
  • We partnered with SDA Bocconi School of Management, who has a masters management retail program in Milan, Italy. Dr. Sandro Castaldo and team had develop a model on trust, This models theory is that is insufficient to focus just on the retail experience or the product alone to increase trust, you must do both and be ambidextrous. It looked at the relationships between the experience with the retailer, the experience with the brand the retailer communications.
  • What do we recommend.. Be ambidextrous and focus to deliver on both the product and retail experience. Give me quality, variety and value Turn your associates in to service associates, make them the ambassador of your brand Market to me on my terms
  • We reviewed 1.2 m documents over 6 months taking into account back to school, black Friday and cyber Monday. We utilized our own tools, Cognos Consumer Insight (CCI) to listen. KEY WORD DEFINTION: A Snippet is a piece of text stored in IBM Cognos Consumer Insight, which are relevant to the analysis you are interested in pursuing. These text segments represent consumer sentiment and are retrieved from various blogs, forums, microblogs, etc. Types and Concepts allow the consumer to filter or narrow their view of the snippets Hotwords are terms of interest and act as an additional filter, allowing a consumer to view data from another perspective. Hotwords are independent from Types and Concepts Relationship Matrix allows a consumer to analyze the relationship between two dimensions, to gauge impact and potentially identify future messages among key audiences. Evolving Topics are groups of keywords occurring most frequently in snippets, which may not be assigned to a defined Hot word. This allows the consumer to understand and analyze trends/common discussion topics over time.
  • Marketers can only achieve this customer-centric model if they have the technology to reinforce their programs. We’ve built our technology over the past decade with the understanding that knowledge of your online visitor, each visitor will help you approach that prospect or customer and help move them toward a determined business goal. And we know that a personalized experience, in the form of recommended products and services, content, emails and offers and in site designs and optimized web pages generates significant, often instantaneous results for online businesses. This is why we’ve built our technology to track each and every visitor to your business, why we enable you to build the richest, most complete profile of a customer, why we’ve invested in the concept of personalization and segmentation for every marketing initiative and why we believe that the more information you capture, the greater your ability to continuously improve future approaches to new and existing customers. The Coremetrics Digital Marketing Optimization Suite enables you to create a compelling experience throughout each customer’s digital lifecycle through the fusion of customer profiles, web analytics and digital marketing execution. Let’s now take a deeper look into each of these three facets.
  • Marketers can only achieve this customer-centric model if they have the technology to reinforce their programs. We’ve built our technology over the past decade with the understanding that knowledge of your online visitor, each visitor will help you approach that prospect or customer and help move them toward a determined business goal. And we know that a personalized experience, in the form of recommended products and services, content, emails and offers and in site designs and optimized web pages generates significant, often instantaneous results for online businesses. This is why we’ve built our technology to track each and every visitor to your business, why we enable you to build the richest, most complete profile of a customer, why we’ve invested in the concept of personalization and segmentation for every marketing initiative and why we believe that the more information you capture, the greater your ability to continuously improve future approaches to new and existing customers. The Coremetrics Digital Marketing Optimization Suite enables you to create a compelling experience throughout each customer’s digital lifecycle through the fusion of customer profiles, web analytics and digital marketing execution. Let’s now take a deeper look into each of these three facets.
  • The third facet of the IBM Coremetrics Suite is digital marketing execution.
  • 10/17/12 IBM / TCCC Confidential We listened to understand what consumers are discussing and how they feel about Varejistas at 4 different levels: Transaction level – does the Varejista provide what I need for a good price This is the base level of retail; you need to have product and a good price to be in retail Service – how easy was it to do business with the Varejista? Relationship – does the brand value my business and give me a reason to come back? Does the brand align with my lifestyle emotional needs and values?
  • Weight refers a combination of variables of terms, it weights the conversations related to the search – frequency, which is the width Sports apparel and manufactures for a specific period of time, it lists all the words related to the conversation, weights them associated with relevance; The higher the weight, the higher the relevance to our search; 175 is the highest weight and it starts with the highest relevancy identifying the individual and then going down from there to give insight into the conversation In that context we see word clusters are relevant dominant things in our search; The larger the size of the word = the frequency this topic was discussed in the conversations: Weight is in relevance to the search you are looking for; Creative brief for web page or printed ad; What do the different colors
  • WebSphere Commerce customer examples that have implemented micro-sites One or more brands > Multiple Segments Abercrombie & Fitch leverages micro-sites to deliver lifestyle-driven shopping experience to meet the needs of three unique segments
  • 39 of the IR Top 500 e-retailers who use WebSphere Commerce
  • No Time for Shoe Shopping? Fly Delta for Free In-Flight Zappos Access Tesco Koria para numero 1 on line e closer numero 2 offline Sears, bus stops com tabloide de brinquedos Cencosud com parede virtual no metro santiago (IBM)
  • We are here today to talk about Smarter Commerce Smarter Commerce is a unique approach that increases the value companies generate for their customers, partners and shareholders in a rapidly changing digital world. It is designed to help companies better integrate and more effectively manage their value chain, including buy, market, sell, and service processes to put the customer at the center of decisions and actions leading to greater customer loyalty, revenue / margin growth and agility. Smarter Commerce is about redefining business in the age of the customer We would like to take you our perspective of the market, how it changing and how you can capitalize on these changes.
  • We are experiencing dramatic shifts in commerce brought on by empowered customers – mobile/social/digital are changing not just the way that our customers interact with us, but they are changing business models and the global commerce landscape. No matter what industry you are in - insurance, manufacturing, banking, retail, telecommunications – whether you are a B2B or B2C business, these dramatic changes effect you – and businesses have a choice –to embrace and capitalize on these changes now and thrive, or to wait and be left behind. The empowered customer – how do you connect with them and deliver value – how do you know when and how they want to interact with your business? And how to you innovate and work collaboratively with your trading partners, selling partners, distribution partners, service partners suppliers and marketing agencies? Because we all know – no company is successful alone – it takes an ecosystem from suppliers to trading partners / service partners to marketing partners all connected seamlessly to deliver exceptional experiences to customers and to keep them coming back for more. This conference is all about helping you succeed in all these areas and more …but first let ’s look at the empowered customer ….
  • At IBM, we call the path forward Smarter Commerce...centered on the customer...which is itself is not a new idea – however, truly operationalizing it in today’s world of mobile/ social, ‘instant business’ Smarter Commerce is about Buy: Smarter Commerce optimizes supplier and partner interactions based on changes in shopping/buying behavior across the supply chain and reconsiders partner roles and relationships to generate new and differentiating customer value. Market: Smarter Commerce uses customer insight - deep insights about customers – gleaned in large part from the global conversations taking place online– to deliver timely and personalized engagement across multiple touch points. Sell: Smarter Commerce enables customers and partners engagement so they can shop, exchange information, and collaborate across all touch points, spanning human, digital, social, and mobile modes of access that are optimized according to their preferences. Service: Smarter commerce enables flawless customer service across all customer interactions and anticipates their behavior and take action to keep them loyal. Smarter Commerce drives measurable business outcomes for our customers allowing them to respond more effectively to their customer needs. It is a strategic approach that places the customer at the center of their business operations and uses enhanced insight to optimize execution through the complete commerce value chain.
  • JOHN
  • 1-800-FLOWERS.COM needed to replace multiple, diverse, siloed e-commerce systems with a unified technology platform. Benefit of Solution • Enables rapid creation and deployment of retail Web sites, allowing 1-800-FLOWERS.COM to try out new offerings with very little investment and risk • Facilitates cross-selling between brands by unifying the underlying technology • Ensures a consistent look and feel across the company • Provides a rich, differentiated customer experience • Reduces maintenance and development costs IBM WebSphere Commerce CROCS Cross-Channel Order and Inventory Awareness Improves Efficiency at Crocs – they were able to Create a single view of inventory that can be accessed across all regions and channels, resulting in: Fill rate on web orders at nearly 100% All inventory now planned and reserved by channel Improved end-user and wholesale customer IBM ® Sterling Order Management DANONE Implemented a flexible solution capable of improving key operational performance metrics such as inventory coverage, operational efficiency, equipment utilization, product waste, and changeover and cleaning costs. Benefits: Increased service levels and operational efficiency while reducing inventory and production costs. Generated an optimized schedule in under 15 minutes; improving the agility of the plant. IBM® ILOG Plant PowerOps
  • Of course, most marketing organizations won’t – and shouldn’t – adopt the full set of EMM capabilities all at once. Doing so isn’t impossible, but it’s more typical to see marketing organizations start with EMM by choosing the needs of a particular group or team within the larger marketing organization to focus on first. To support this approach, IBM’s EMM suite is designed to be adopted as individual solutions for particular user groups. Today, IBM’s EMM suite is made up of three specific solutions -- which have been designed for user groups with roles that align with typical/best practice marketing organizational structures: Digital marketing groups typically have responsibility for all things digital, such as the Web site, mobile Web and mobile apps, search marketing, online display ads, sometimes email and mobile messaging, and social media marketing. These digital marketing channels span all three media types, “paid,” “earned” and “owned.” These digital marketers need to turn online prospects into repeat customers and loyal advocates. The EMM solution for them is the Digital Marketing Optimization solution. Customer relationship marketing groups that use customer data for targeted marketing intended to build relationships, increase customer loyalty, reduce churn and grow customer lifetime value. These marketers need to engage each customer and prospect in a one-to-one dialogue across communications channels. They typically use the “owned” media types, such as email, direct mail, and increasingly live customer touch-points such as Web sites, call center, kiosks, and in-store or in-branch personnel. The EMM solution for them is Interaction Optimization. Marketing leaders, planners and decision-makers are less concerned about marketing through specific channels than in measuring overall marketing performance, creating marketing plans and budgets and making decisions about marketing investments. People in these roles need to improve overall marketing operations, and in particular the planning process, to reduce costs and increase results to maximize marketing ROI. The EMM solution for them is Marketing Performance Optimization.
  • Direct channel Personalization, customer-centric – My Style ("MyStyle" engraving and color options) Wish list Great example of using a single platform for multiple business models. Sony Electronics has launched a new and improved that provides easier navigation, customer care and personalization tools to improve the overall shopping experience, the company said. "Savvy shoppers are looking for resources to help identify the best product for their specific lifestyles," explained Brian Siegel, VP of "In revising our online platform, we developed a best-in-class Web experience by incorporating the features consumers expect from Sony. With enhanced features and tools, offers an easy-to-use resource to help people make smart buying decisions through any channel they prefer — the Web, telesales, Sony Style retail stores or any of the hundreds of Sony retail partners." The revamped site features a central location where consumers can learn about an array of Sony products, including electronics, movies, music, video games, gaming hardware and accessories, and also offers enhanced online features and resources. These include: Personalization tools that are tailored to each individual shopper, including customized order information and a "wish list" to help consumers keep track of selected products. Customers also can personalize many of their online purchases by selecting exclusive "MyStyle" engraving and color options. Comparison tools that allow shoppers to compare different Sony products by price and feature so they can make smarter purchasing decisions. Visitors can also email pages easily to friends or family members to get their input before a purchase is made. Intuitive navigation and a simplified checkout process, including the option of having the site "remember" a shoppers' credit card information, and a "save for later" option where customers can return to their shopping cart at a later date without losing their product selections. Consumers also have more flexible shipping options, including three-day delivery for most TVs. Sweepstakes, including the most recent "Surf in Style Sweepstakes" that offered the chance to win weekly prizes by answering Sony-related product questions, plus a grand prize Hawaiian vacation for six. The Sony Style Campus program, which offers students and their parents a selection of bundled personal computer products, such as VAIO notebook computers packaged with an extended service plan, a mouse and a carrying case. Sony plans to launch other college-oriented products and promotional packages on throughout the year. These programs will also be available at Sony Style retail stores nationwide.
  • Smarter Commerce Perspective

    1. 1. Smarter CommercePerspective Carolina Junqueira Gerente de Canais
    2. 2.  Introdução IBM no Mundo Multicanal Evolução do eCommerce Cenário Latino Americano de eCommerce NRF 2012 - Insights - O Mercado Brasileiro de eCommerce Estudo de Casos Smarter Commerce – Como endereçar estas mudanças com a IBM2 IBM Confidential © 2011 IBM Corporation
    3. 3. O Varejo comandado pelo Consumidor Pesquisa IBM Smarter CommerceOs desafios de evoluir com o consumidor
    4. 4. 1 Metodologia da PesquisaO “Institute for Business Value” da IBM pesquisou consumidores; nósanalisamos o que eles nos disseram bem como o que disseram entre si Pesquisa Realizada em 15 Países Análise de Sentimento do Consumidor Total de Pesquisados = 28,526 1°Semestre 2012 Mercados Emergentes Mercados Maduros Argentina Colombia Australia Japan (1800) (1800) (1801) (1810)Brazil (1800) Canada Spain (1822) Mexico (1799) (1978) France UK  A análise de sentimento foi conduzida na Chile South (1800) (1850) (1800) categoria de Equipamentos Esportivos Africa (1800)  O estudo de caso focou inicialmente na audiência norte-americana Italy United (1814) States (3051)  1.2 M de conversas digitais foram analisadas China (1802) num período de 6 meses4 IBM Confidential © 2011 IBM Corporation Fonte: IBV Retail 2012 Winning Over the Empowered Consumer Study n=1800(Brazil)
    5. 5. 1 Metodologia da PesquisaOs resultados foram analisados por renda, geração e categorias deprodutos Renda Faixa Etária Categorias de Produtos Moda Adulto n= 257 Alta n= 700 Geração (15-19) n= 203 Moda Jovem n= 257 Média Alta n= 361 Geração (20-29) n= 488 Marcas de Luxo n= 252 Média Baixa n= 287 Geração (30-39) n= 546 Cuidado Pessoal n= 260 Baixa n= 270 Geração (40-49) n= 324 Alimentar n= 259 Geração (50-59) n= 192 Eletrônicos n= 258 Geração (60+) n= 47 Artigos para o Lar n= 257 Fonte: IBV Retail 2012 Winning Over the Empowered Consumer Study n=1800(Brazil), income n = 16185 5 IBM Confidential © 2011 IBM Corporation
    6. 6. 2 Quem é hoje o consumidor fortalecido?As expectativas dos consumidores são formadas por diversos fatores Tecnologia “o Consumidor conhece tudo” Atitudes “Era da Mente Aberta” Expectativas Influências “Comunidades de Nós”“Seja leal a mim”6 IBM Confidential © 2011 IBM Corporation
    7. 7. 2 Quem é hoje o consumidor fortalecido? O processo de compras evolui digitalmente pois a vasta maioria quer comprar e pesquisar com um número cada vez maior de tecnologias The number of technologies As tecnologias que os consumers desire to use in the consumidores querem usar para 100% shopping process comprar ou planejar compras: 80% 3 tecnologias • Website 2 tecnologias • Celulares 38% 1 tecnologias • Redes Sociais 60% • Website do varejista 86% dos para co-criar produtos 40% consumidores 21% • TV (usando controle estão querendo remoto) comprar 20% digitalmente • Vídeos Sociais 27% (YouTube, YouKu) 14% • Jogos Eletrônicos 0% Nenhuma Tecnologia 1 ou + tecnologias Fonte: IBV Retail 2012 Winning Over the Empowered Consumer Study n=1800(Brazil)7 IBM Confidential © 2011 IBM Corporation
    8. 8. 2 Quem é hoje o consumidor fortalecido? Quando questionados “por que” eles querem comprar digitalmente, as opiniões dos consumidores variaram Expec t at i vas Mais de 50% dos Brasileiros acreditam que os Websites websites tem preços menores e mais variedade 84% dos Brasileiros acreditam que as redes sociais Redes Sociais podem oferecer uma seleção personalizada 87% dos Brasileiros querem usar os celulares para Celulares pagar por serviçosTV (Comprar com o controle 84% dos Brasileiros querem usar a TV remoto) interativa pela conveniência 80% acreditam que jogos eletrônicos Jogos Eletrônicos serão uma forma social e conveniente de compras Vídeos Sociais Os Vídeos Sociais são “relevantes e preocupantes” (i.e. You Tube) 88 Fonte: IBV Retail 2012 Winning Over the Empowered Consumer Study n=1800(Brazil) IBM Confidential © 2011 IBM Corporation
    9. 9. Smarter Consumer Profile > Attitudes 2 Quem é hoje o consumidor fortalecido? Os consumidores estão abertos a compartilhar suas informações pessoais, exceto dados financeiros, quando percebem benefícios O Consumidor mantém o controle dos dados O que faz você querer prover informações em troca de algo relevante (não-monetário)?100% 24% 21% 41% 35% 29%80% 53% 55% 24%60% 26% 25% 26% 29%40% 27% 25% 50% 55%20% 39% 45% 31% 20% 21% 0% Uso da Mídia Demografia Estilo de Vida Informações Identificação Localização Dados (i.e. Tipos de (i.e. Idade, (# de carros, Médicas Financeiros mídia) etnia) imóveis) Concorda Neutro Discorda Fonte: IBV Retail 2012 Winning Over the Empowered Consumer Study n=1800(Brazil) 9 IBM Confidential © 2011 IBM Corporation
    10. 10. Smarter Consumer Profile > Attitudes 2 Quem é hoje o consumidor fortalecido? Apesar da voz dos fabricantes e varejistas estar mais forte, a família e os amigos ainda têm maior influência Ranking de Confiança - Brasil Ranking de Confiança - Brasil 22% 22% 12% Revisões de Clientes 14% Revisões de Clientes Especialistas Especialistas 17% Fabricante 16% Fabricante 38% 40% Família e Amigos 8% Família e Amigos Varejista 10% Varejista Product Experts Manufacturer Retailer Family / Friends Customer ReviewsRanki ng de Conf i anç a – Familyerc ados Reviews Product Experts Manufacturer Retailer MFriends Customer M / aduros Ranki ng de Conf i anç a – M ados M erc aduros 22% 14% 19% 12% Revisões de Clientes Especialistas Revisões de Clientes Especialistas 10% 17% Fabricante Fabricante 48% 42% Família e Amigos 6% Família e Amigos Varejista 10% Varejista Fonte: IBV Retail 2012 Winning Over the Empowered Consumer Study n=1800 (Brazil) 10 IBM Confidential © 2011 IBM Corporation
    11. 11. 2 Quem é hoje o consumidor fortalecido?Os consumidores estão fortalecidos por uma variedade de fontes duranteo processo de compra – e muitas delas estão fora do controle do varejista Lembrança Pesquisa Compra Recebimento Defensoria O Momento de Compra11 IBM Confidential © 2011 IBM Corporation
    12. 12. 2 Quem é hoje o consumidor fortalecido?A tecnologia e as novas fontes de influência estão mudando como osconsumidores descobrem novos produtos Maiores Influências para Conhecer um Produto Principais Influências 1 1 1 Loja 2 Mídia Tradicional 2 2 (Correio/TV/Radio/Cartazes) 3 3 Mídias Sociais 3 4 4 4 Website do Varejista 5 5 5 Família e Amigos 6 6 Ferramentas de Busca (google, etc) 6 7 7 7 Email 8 Online 8 8 Streaming/ Video Haul 9 9 Mobile App 9 Mídias Controladas pelo Varejista Mídias Controladas pelo Consumidor 10 10 Portais de Compras 11 11 Revistas 11 Fonte: IBV Retail 2012 Winning Over the Empowered Consumer Study n=1800(Brazil)12 IBM Confidential © 2011 IBM Corporation
    13. 13. 2 Quem é hoje o consumidor fortalecido? 70% dos consumidores estão prontos para comprar após a pesquisa, e a maioria na loja física… mas é a sua loja? Canal de Pesquisa Canal de Compras Loja do Varejista 83 9 4 4 Website Varejista a 81 8 4 7 ng ai ca a ta ta igo zes Loj Portal 80 9 6 5 ta Outros s ev Am ar 76 10 6 8 Va R ilia/ /C o m di s 68 20 8 4 Fa /R a pr ob mi oci us Em ejis is V /T 67 17 8 8 o ei rr il r 61 17 8 8Co Outros = 5% mobile, 8% outros do 56 17 14 13 te si eb B s 47 19 16 18 Outros = 7% mobile, 11%outros re s S e W St a s d ta 47 19 13 21 en Outros = 11% mobile, 10% outros am e ídi a as ile 39 18 34 9 M rr Fe m M in 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% nl O co e ld a rt Po Fonte: IBM Institute for Business Value Analysis, Retail 2012 = 28527 PM04 After getting information at (research method), where do you usually purchase the item you researched]? 13 IBM Confidential © 2011 IBM Corporation
    14. 14. Responding hoje o consumidor fortalecido?2 Quem éNos últimos dois anos, o consumidor disse que o futuro era sobre o“EU” Ouça-me Conheça me Sirva-me Me Fortaleça14 IBM Confidential © 2011 IBM Corporation
    15. 15. 2 Quem é hoje o consumidor fortalecido? Recomendações – Manter controle de todo o processo de compra Descobertas Implicações • Você usa a tecnologia para manter o consumidorA tecnologia fortalece o consumidor na sua loja desde momento da lembrança até aA tecnologia cria maior nível de conveniência e compra? novas oportunidades para comprar, mesmo • Quais informações e capacidades estão faltando quando/onde não se é esperado comprar em seus processos para encorajar o cliente a ir para o concorrente? • Quais canais de comunicação seus clientes preferem para cada etapa do processo de compra? Os consumidores estão com a mente aberta • Você tem visão única do cliente? Varejistas têm a oportunidade de vender mais • Você compreende quais são os direcionadores através da personalização e relevância para que seu público-alvo queira comprar na sua loja/marca? • Como você demonstra lealdade ao seu consumidor?O varejo também é digital, mas a loja não • Como ter certeza de ter o mix correto depode ser ignorada produtos e serviços aos clientes para não perderOs consumidores ainda preferem a loja para a venda na loja? tocar, sentir e experimentar o produto • Como sua loja pode ser diferenciada e convidativa ao consumidor?15 IBM Confidential © 2011 IBM Corporation
    16. 16. 3 Por que a confiança é importante?Neste novo mundo com muitos caminhos para as compras, como osvarejistas podem reestabelecer uma relação significativa com oconsumidor? Anos para conquistar, segundos para quebrar16 IBM Confidential © 2011 IBM Corporation
    17. 17. 3 Por que a confiança é importante?TrustDe acordo com o modelo do Dr. Sandro Castaldo, focar apenas naexperiência de compra ou no produto é insuficiente para criar confiança Gast Defensor Um cliente Defensor é definido por 3 critérios Voluntariedade em recomendar seu varejista/marca para família e amigos + Voluntariedade em aumentar seu ticket médio se o varejista principal expandir seu sortimento e oferecer produtos que atualmente são encontrados apenas em outras lojas + Voluntariedade em manter-se fiel ao varejista principal, mesmo que outros varejistas comecem a oferecer produtos e serviços competitivos17Source: IBV Retail 2012 Winning Over the Empowered Consumer Study n= 28527 (global) IBM Confidential © 2011 IBM Corporation
    18. 18. 3 Por que a confiança é importante? Recomendação – Foque na experiência de Compra Experiencia Offline/Online e Serviços de entrega Descobertas ImplicaçõesDê-me qualidade, variedade e valor  Você tem o balanço correto entre produtosProdutos, preço e promoções ainda são a marcas consolidadas e marcas próprias que base do relacionamento entre o varejista e atendem a expectativa do cliente? o consumidor  Você entende as preferências locais de produtos e ajusta o sortimento de acordo?  Suas promoções fornecem informações claras e incentivam o cliente a comprar?  Seu time sabe as preferências e necessidades Funcionários são os embaixadores da sua dos clientes? marca  Eles tem acesso as ferramentas e informações Transformar vendedores em conselheiros de necessárias para prover informações e serviços confiança que complementam a experiência do úteis? produto  Você oferece um ambiente agradável para compras?Venda-me, mas o que eu quero  Você interage com os consumidores naPersonalizar promoções aos consumidores frequência e mix de canais corretos?  Você entende quais processos criam e quais diminuem a relação de confiança com o consumidor?18 IBM Confidential © 2011 IBM Corporation
    19. 19. 4 Como os varejistas podem ouvir e se engajar?O diálogo do consumidor pode ser monitorado e medido para fornecerfeedback ativo sobre como os varejistas executam determinada estratégia Escopo Canais Sociais Relatórios Utilizados CCI  Mais de 1.2 M de  Comentários agregados  Análise do volume de documentos foram de vídeos, twitter, comentários, sentimento e revisados num período de 6 facebook, grupos de palavras-chave meses: de 18 de maio a 29 discussão, globs e  Relacionamento de de novembro newsgroups afinidade dos varejistas e  Foram analisados  Língua Principal: Inglês, fabricantes de fabricantes e varejistas de com comentários sobre a equipamentos esportivos artigos esportivos América do Norte  Tópicos em selecionados desenvolvimento de  O comentário analisado foi temas principais filtrado por categorias de conversas nas redes sociais, identificadas por conceitos de palavras19 IBM Confidential © 2011 IBM Corporation
    20. 20. A Evolução do Marketing Awareness Geração de demanda Conhecer, Preferência, Transação Cliente Potencial Envolvimento Experiência Cliente Feliz, Qualidade, Fã, Divulgador Consistência, Conveniência20 IBM Confidential © 2011 IBM Corporation
    21. 21. A IBm pode entender este perfil do consumidor através de sua plataformaIBM Coremetrics Digital Marketing Optimization Suite + + Perfil dos Web Analytics Execução de clientes (LIVE) Marketing Digital Uma experiência única através do ciclo de vida digital de cada cliente.21 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    22. 22. LIVE Profiles Podemos criar um perfil de cada usuário de sua empresa Midias Sociais e dispositivos móveis Registro Histórico Fontes de Interações tráfego Off-line Comportamento Atributos de de navegação cliente WEB22 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    23. 23. Junto do potencial de análise, a execução de ações de marketing Digitalpermite aos profissionais de relacionamento a consolidação de umaexperiência consistente de acordo com o estágio do ciclo de vida do cliente. Direcionamento de e-mail Direcionamento de Advertising Recomendação de Produtos Otimização de estratégias de busca23 © 2011 IBM Corporation
    24. 24. 4 O que devemos ouvir de nossos clientes?Nós encontramos e ouvimos consumidores em diferentesníveis de engajamento A marca está alinhada com meu estilo de vida, valores e necessidades? A marca valozira meu negócio e me dá razões para voltar a loja? Quão fácil foi comprar com o varejista? O varejista fornece o que24 preciso por um bom preço? IBM Confidential © 2011 IBM Corporation
    25. 25. 4 Como os varejistas podem ouvir e se engajar? O sentimendo pode ser monitorado continuamente para entender como as coisas mudam com o tempo Fabricantes e Varejistas de Equipamentos Esportivos Selecionados - De 29 de Agosto a 29 de Novembro (Estações Sazonais de “Volta às Aulas” e “Black Friday”) Os tópicos em desenvolvimento filtrados pelos 10 principais termos25 IBM Confidential © 2011 IBM Corporation
    26. 26. 4 Como os varejistas podem ouvir e se engajar? Recomendações – Varejistas precisam ser ativos na conversa Descobertas ImplicaçõesNos Ouça  Você consegue identificar os canais sociais mais‘Comunidades de Nós’ fornece insights importantes e as vozes mais fortes que definem e relevantes sobre influências e modelam a comunidade? direcionadores do comportamento  Você está incorporando ativamente as sugestões individual do consumidor para melhorar seus produtos e experiência de compra?  Como sua marca é discutida pela comunidade Seja a fonte de confiança em seus canais preferenciais e qual é o Esteja presente e engajado ativamente nos sentimento? canais preferidos das comunidades  Você tem compreensão suficiente da linguagem utilizada para contribuir e ser aceito como um membro de valor na comunidade?  Você consegue apontar as tendênciasExecute com a visão de 360 graus emergentes para capitalizar sobre novosInforme e adapte sua estratégia com visão 360 canais, mercados e oportunidades?graus dos consumidores, produtos, competidores  Você consegue medir quão bem suase sua marca estratégias estão sendo implementadas e recebidas?  Você integra insights nos processos de26 IBM Confidential negócios desenvolvendo-se continuamente? © 2011 IBM Corporation
    27. 27. Alguns Casos Mundiais
    28. 28. IBM Brazil28 © 2009 IBM Corporation © 2009 IBM Corporation 28
    29. 29. IBM Brazil29 © 2009 IBM Corporation © 2009 IBM Corporation 29
    30. 30. IBM BrazilAbercrombie uses multiple sites to deliverdifferent life styles – Youth, Teens, and Kids Young Adult Apparel Hollister Teens - Beachside theme Abercrombie Kids Brand image and trust comes first Shopping preference driven by self identity, social network Peer approval is a key driver, not brands30 © 2009 IBM Corporation © 2009 IBM Corporation 30
    31. 31. IBM Brazil31 © 2009 IBM Corporation © 2009 IBM Corporation 31
    32. 32. IBM Brazil32 © 2009 IBM Corporation © 2009 IBM Corporation 32
    33. 33. IBM BrazilZara33 © 2009 IBM Corporation © 2009 IBM Corporation 33
    34. 34. IBM Brazil34 © 2009 IBM Corporation © 2009 IBM Corporation 34
    35. 35. IBM no Mundo Multicanal
    36. 36. Posicionamento Estratégico IBM16 anos de história no mercado eletrônico  Entregando soluções e inteligência  Muito aprendizado e enorme diversidade de experiências  +2000 Clientes no mundo todo V5.6.1 V7 V5.1 V2.0 V5.5 V3.2 Best V5.6 eCommerce V6 Solution 100% V5.4199619971998 19992000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 Editors Choice V1.0 V3.1 V4.1 MVP36 Smarter Commerce © 2012 IBM Corporation
    37. 37. Liderança mundial no mercado B2C  IBM tem o maior # de clientes entre os Top 100 de e- commerce  13 nos top 100  39 nos IR Top 500 e-retailers usam WebSphere Commerce  IBM processa quase $30B de vendas na web  3x mais que o segundo  Mais do que quase todos os principais concorrentes combinados37 Smarter Commerce © 2012 IBM Corporation
    38. 38. Sustentado pela Avaliação dos Institutos Gartner  Melhor dos avaliados em “Capacidade de Execução”  No quadrante dos Líderes por 8 anos consecutivos38 Smarter Commerce Marketing CONFIDENTIAL ©© 2012 IBM Corporation 2011 IBM Corporation
    39. 39. Sustentado pela Avaliação dos Institutos Forrester  IBM é citado como Líder no Forrester Wave Report  Avaliação para B2C e B2B“Highly flexible and scalable enterprise B2C eCommerce solution”“IBM offers offers solid eCommerce capabilities, an ability to scale, and strong or very strong business management tools”39 Smarter Commerce © 2012 IBM Corporation
    40. 40. Base de Clientes Diversificada40 Smarter Commerce © 2012 IBM Corporation
    41. 41. Aspectos do MercadoBrasileiro de eCommerce
    42. 42. IBM BrazilInsights  Em 2011, o setor cumpriu o previsto e alcançou R$ 18,7 bilhões em faturamento, o que significa um aumento nominal de 26% em relação ao ano anterior, quando os ganhos chegaram a R$ 14,8 bilhões. – O tíquete médio foi 6,5% menor em relação ao ano anterior e ficou em R$ 350 conforme o esperado. – O esperado é que até o fim de 2012, o e-commerce atinja um faturamento de R$ 23,4 bilhões, valor nominal 25% maior que em 2011. Só no primeiro semestre, período em que historicamente acontecem 45% das vendas do ano, são esperados R$ 10,4 bilhões. – Em 2011, o e-commerce ainda viu a consolidação de duas novas datas responsáveis por forte movimentação nas vendas: a “Black Friday” em novembro, e o “Boxing Day”, logo após o Natal. Os dois eventos movimentaram juntos R$ 158 milhões, valor 91% maior do que o alcançado nas mesmas datas em 2010.  Dos 9 milhões de novos e-consumidores, 61% pertenciam a classe C.  Foram feitos mais de 53,7 milhões de pedidos através da internet, número 34% maior que no ano anterior, quando foram realizados 40 milhões de pedidos via web.  O número de consumidores de compras coletivas chegou a 9,98 milhões. – Foram realizados 20,5 milhões de pedidos de compras coletivas e o tíquete médio ficou em R$ 78,35. Com tudo isso, o setor atingiu um faturamento de R$ 1,6 bilhão.42 © 2009 IBM Corporation © 2009 IBM Corporation 42
    43. 43. IBM Brazil Brazil’s e-commerceEBrazil’s e-commerce is expected to growat a compound annual growth rate (CAGR)of 18% over the next fiveyears.According to Forrester Research,Brazilian e-commerce isset to jump to 178% by2016. 32 Source: comScore Source: Camara Brasileira de Comercio Eletronico 43 © 2009 IBM Corporation 43 © 2009 IBM Corporation 43
    44. 44. IBM BrazilNew Categories Rising….44 © 2009 IBM Corporation © 2009 IBM Corporation 44
    45. 45. IBM BrazilPerfim de vendas em grupo  Faturamento de 1,6BR$, 20M de cupons, Tiquete médio de R$78  64% Feminino, Faixa etária de 40 anos  42% abaixo de R$3000, 66% abaixo de R$500045 © 2009 IBM Corporation © 2009 IBM Corporation 45
    46. 46. NRF 2012 - Insights
    47. 47. IBM BrazilRepensando Porter :As novas forças doVarejo47 © 2009 IBM Corporation47 © 2009 IBM Corporation 47
    48. 48. IBM Brazil MULTICHANNEL As pessoas nao tem MULTIFORMAT tempo de ir a loja Surgem novas OMNICONSUMER alternativas de compras48 © 2009 IBM Corporation48 © 2009 IBM Corporation 48
    49. 49. Apple : inventing Store 3.0 IBM Brazil• Mudou o comisionamento dos vendedores• Estimula busca no Iphone/Ipad e pickup na Loja• Compras < U$ 100,00, voce pega scanea paga e vai embora (sem associado Apple... • Reduz a carga dos Checkouts / vendedores• Foco na Experiencia & suporte a exprimentação49 © 2009 IBM Corporation © 2009 IBM Corporation 49
    50. 50. IBM BrazilNova pontocom  2010 Nova Pontocom reached US$ 2.7 billion, with profit of 80 million.  Over 30,000 products for sale  Four distribution centers in Sao Paulo and will have two other units, one in SP and another in Rio de Janeiro.50 © 2009 IBM Corporation © 2009 IBM Corporation
    51. 51. Smarter Commerce Redefining business na era do consumidor moderno
    52. 52. Global businesses are striving to engage the empowered customer …and to connect seamlessly with their ecosystem© 2012 International Business Machines Corporation 52
    53. 53. A IBM possui a solução para que seus clientes sejam o centro deseus negócios Buy Market Mantenha sua Desenvolva cadeia de ofertas suprimentos mais personalizadas e inteligentes , adaptável e Buy Market relevantes a seus clientes em otimizadas. diferentes canais, Service Sell Conheça o Permita uma comportamento de delivery de Service Sell experiencia de seus clientes e compra aotimize a entrega clientes e de Serviços parceiros em diversos canais © 2012 International Business Machines Corporation 53
    54. 54. Smarter Commerce Portfolio Enterprise Marketing Business Solutions Commerce Solutions Optimization Solutions Management B2B Integration Selling General Optimization Marketing Resource Integrator Management Catalog & Offer Management Gentran Configure, Price, Quote Community Manager Unica Marketing Operations Total Payments Websphere Commerce Commerce Sales Center Optimization Decision Manager Transformation Extender Commerce Gift Center Enterprise Partner Gateway Commerce Developer CPLEX Optimization Studio Data Interchange Campaign Management B2B Services Order Management Unica Campaign Order Management Unica Interact Collaboration Network B2B Managed Services Always In Stock Supply Chain Optimization Unica Detect Reverse Logistics Unica Predictive Insight Community Manager Delivery and Service Scheduling e-Invoicing Unica Leads Drop Ship LogicNet Plus Web Analytics Managed File Transfer Supply Chain Management Inventory and Product Flow Connect:Direct Transportation Management Analyst Control Center Warehouse Management Plant Power Operations Unica NetInsight (On Premise) File Gateway Yard Management Transportation Analyst Coremetrics (SaaS) Secure Proxy Supply Chain Visibility Connect Express Supplier Portal © 2012 International Business Machines Corporation 54
    55. 55. Cadeia de Valor Integrada de Comércio Eletrônico Marketing Vender Pedido Realizar Campanhas Multicanal UNICA Mensagens personalizadas Business Insights COREMETRICS Analytics & Reporting Experiência de Compra Relevância & Eficiência WebSphere Commerce STERLING COMMERCE Integração e Operação Multicanal para vendas e fulfillment Middleware de Integração & Infraestrutura de Aplicação (Multimeio, B2B, MDM, ...)55 © 2012 International Business Machines Corporation 55
    56. 56. Cadeia de Valor Integrada de Comércio Eletrônico AGORA !! Antes Marketing Selling Fulfillment Unica WebSphere Commerce Sterling Commerce •Resource Mgmt •Distributed Order Sourcing •Web Portal Development •Campaign Mgmt •Warehouse Management •e-commerce •Marketing execution •Transportation Management •Marketing •Performance •Supply Chain Visibility •Mobile Shopping •Analysis Sterling Commerce ILOG Supply Chain Coremetrics •Cross Channel Order •Optimization •Analytics Management •Rules •Segmentation •Configuration •Visualization •Reporting •Pricing •Search Optimization •Multi-vendor catalog •Mobile •Quoting Supported by56 IBM Application Infrastructure, Database & Integration Middleware © 2012 International Business Machines Corporation 56 56
    57. 57. Base de Clientes Diversificada57 © 2012 International Business Machines Corporation 57
    58. 58. Desafio• Construir uma plataforma que interagisse com o público, integrando mídias sociais• Trazer o cliente para dentro do ambiente de loja e proporcionar uma nova forma de experimentação de óculos que ele pudesse compartilhar e se ver em tempo real• Novo formato web futuro com mix diferenciado © 2012 International Business Machines Corporation 58
    59. 59. General Business - Enterprise What Does Smarter Commerce mean to these GB-E clients? Unified e-commerce Cross-channel order Integrated planning platform enables faster and inventory and scheduling for creation and awareness improved fresh dairy products deployment of retail efficiency and fill rate increased service Web sites and facilitates on web orders to levels and reduced cross-selling. nearly 100 percent* inventory and production costs. © 2012 International Business Machines Corporation 59
    60. 60. Posicionamento do Smarter Commerce• Além do e-Commerce• Além de Retail & CP• B2B é tão importante quanto B2C• Nós estamos no mundo das aplicações• Real proposta de valor para LoB• Aterrisa conceitos de BAO e Cloud © 2012 International Business Machines Corporation 60
    61. 61. Enterprise Marketing Management AUDIENCES NEED EMM SOLUTION Digital Turn online prospects Digital Marketing marketers into repeat customers and loyal Optimization advocates Customer Engage each customer and prospect Interaction relationship in a one-to-one dialogue across Optimization marketers communication channels Improve pricing and promotions Pricing, promotion, and to increase customer loyalty and Price, Promotion, product mix planners profit and Product Mix Align product offerings with needs and preferences of Optimization shoppers Marketing Improve marketing operations and Marketing leaders, planners planning Performance Optimization & decision-makers to maximize marketing ROI© 2012 International Business Machines Corporation 61
    62. 62. A Evolução do Marketing Awareness Geração de demanda Conhecer, Preferência, Transação Cliente Potencial Envolvimento Experiência Cliente Feliz, Qualidade, Fã, Divulgador Consistência, Conveniência© 2012 International Business Machines Corporation 62
    63. 63. A Evolução do MarketingMarketing Tradicional Marketing Atual• Multi-canal • Multi-canal com• Orientado a Mídia de mensagem consistente Massa • Orientado a cliente e valor• Orientado a • Preditivo marca/produto • Colaborativo• Baseado em Pesquisa de • Mensurável Mercado • 1-to-1 é obrigatório• 1-to-1 é um desejo © 2012 International Business Machines Corporation 63
    64. 64. Soluções IBM UnicaAbrangentes - Lideres na visão dos analistas e do mercado Experiência Decisão Execução de Cliente Centralizada Multicanal Análise dos Segmentação Outbound Clientes Gestão de Análise Ofertas Integração Web Inbound Histórico de Interações Análise Marketing Preditiva Segmentação Distribuido em Tempo Real Detecção Gestão de de Eventos Otimização de Leads Contatos Operações Integradas de Marketing Planejam. & Pessoas & Dados & Medição & Orçamento Processos Ativos Digitais Performance© 2012 International Business Machines Corporation 64
    65. 65. Soluções IBM Unica: Referencias Expressivas Turismo/ Turismo/ Saúde & Saúde & Finanças Finanças Telecom Telecom Varejo Varejo B2B/Tecnologia B2B/Tecnologia Hospitalidade Hospitalidade Seguros Seguros65 © 2012 International Business Machines Corporation 65
    66. 66. Thank You Árabe Inglês Chinês Tradicional Hebraico Hindu Obrigada ! Gracias Russo Espanhol Danke Alemão Chinês Grazie Merci Italiano Francês Tailandês Coreano Japonês TamilCarolina © 2012 International Business Machines Corporation 66
    67. 67. IBM BrazilMulti-Channel Strategy Store Event Page Customer Online Store Appreciation Day Sony Style Store Customers Home Page SonyStyle Store Backstage Appointment Enter a zip code if a customer wants to see the product before purchase67 © 2009 IBM Corporation © 2009 IBM Corporation 67
    68. 68. IBM BrazilSonyStyle Direct Sales Channel Develop direct relationship with consumers Substantially upgrade existing Intershop solution (deploy new business models, free up IT from assisting business users; long term solution) Platform for all sell-side business • B2C anonymous consumers • B2C Named Premium and Affinity Group Shoppers Benefits • Direct business customers  A single infrastructure for all domains and • Partner enablement and indirect models (B2C, B2B, Partners) channel sales  An Enterprise Solution Across Sony Americas68 © 2009 IBM Corporation © 2009 IBM Corporation 68
    69. 69. The value of the Store influences online IBM Brazilshopping Most valued features as shoppers move from Online to Store in the shopping process69 © 2009 IBM Corporation © 2009 IBM Corporation
    70. 70. Just asBrazil value of the Web influences IBM thein-store shopping Most valued features as shoppers move from Store to Online in the shopping process70 © 2009 IBM Corporation © 2009 IBM Corporation
    71. 71. Cenário Latino Americano deeCommerce
    72. 72. IBM BrazilIndividual Countries’ DemographicComposition Varies WidelyVenezuela, Colombia, Mexico and Brazil have largest proportion of young usersChile and Argentina’s youth composition is close to global average72 © 2009 IBM Corporation © 2009 IBM Corporation
    73. 73. IBM BrazilBut countries e-expenses are unbalanced Source: :AmericaEconomia Intelligence73 © 2009 IBM Corporation © 2009 IBM Corporation
    74. 74. IBM Brazil74 © 2009 IBM Corporation © 2009 IBM Corporation
    75. 75. IBM  Launched in Sep/2008  No previous ecommerce operation – IBM helped WM BR to build the entire ecommerce business  Very successful operation  Investment of +25MR$ to reach the ecommerce billion club  Strategy – Leverage Walmart brand – Categories with imported products, a differentiator – Price  Already selected as Best Web Store in Brazil75 © 2009 IBM Corporation © 2009 IBM Corporation
    76. 76. IBM Brazil76 © 2009 IBM Corporation © 2009 IBM Corporation
    77. 77. IBM  Launched in Feb/2010  No previous ecommerce operation – IBM helped WM BR to build the entire ecommerce business  Very successful operation (bright star in Carrefour WW)  Strategy – Leverage Carrefour brand – A Viral launch strategy to build awareness77 © 2009 IBM Corporation © 2009 IBM Corporation
    78. 78. IBM BrazilCompra Facil78 © 2009 IBM Corporation © 2009 IBM Corporation
    79. 79. IBM BrazilCompra Facil  The company became known throughout Brazil by selling through catalogs, which offered several products in various segments.  Company without a physical store. Over the past two years, sales tripled from 460 million to 1.4 billion dollars - a rate almost three times higher than the industrys expansion – Assortment : 40 000 different products – More than 25,000 items on offer – 35 million per month pagesviews – 6 million unique visitors per month – Nearly 2 million orders delivered in the year  Growth through operational agreements to enterprise portals (B2B).79 © 2009 IBM Corporation © 2009 IBM Corporation