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Andreas Faludi - Conferência Europa 2020 - 5 Julho 2013

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European Planning: The third way
Andreas Faludi, Delft University of Technology, 5 July 2013

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Andreas Faludi - Conferência Europa 2020 - 5 Julho 2013

  1. 1. European Planning: The Third Way Andreas Faludi Delft University of Technology Aveiro, 5th july 2013
  2. 2. Content 1. Background 2. The EU: Two or three positions? 3. The spatial dimension of territory 4. European spatial planning 5. The ‘learning machine’ 6. Perspectives
  3. 3. Background • UK: – Planning Theory • NL: – Leiden – Oxford – Planning Doctrine • Europe: – ‘ESDP’ (2002) – ‘CCC’ (2010) • Space/territory
  4. 4. The EU: Two Positions Or Three? Worning Shot Internationalists: Recognise complexity; no clear message Neo-nationalists: Not ideological but protectionist Required: Unity to adjust the Netherlands and the West to ‘modern times’
  5. 5. The EU: Two Positions Or Three? Federalist Campaign • Answer to euro- crisis • Supranationalism against inter- governmentalism • No third way(s): – Governance – Networking
  6. 6. The EU: Two Positions Or Three? Neo-nationalists Democracy: Territorial loyality Reconsideration of: Supra-nationalism/ multiculturalism ‘Undemocratic’ EU Future: Multicultural nationalism Sovereign cosmopolitism Flood of Reactions
  7. 7. The EU: Two Positions Or Three? Alternative Conceptualisations EU resistance against: Concentric circles Variabel geometry Multi-speed Europe Hard core À la carte Ideology of state- nation-territory, but: Europe as it is "We can have a flexible Europe where we don't all have to do the same things in the same way at the same time."
  8. 8. The Spatial Dimension of Territory: Beyond National Borders Security policy makes it imperative to break out Critique of: Territorialism Territoriality Container-thinking
  9. 9. The Spatial Dimension of Territory: Rethinking Hierarchy • Territory (Baudelle et al. 2011) = – Sovereign – Control – Borders • Territorialism (Scholte 2000): Macro social space organised in districts, towns, provinces, countries and regions: container view of territory • Metageography (Murphy 2008): Spatial structure of thought: – Map of sovereigns states – Map of, e.g., river basins
  10. 10. The Spatial Dimension of Territory: Theoretical Dimension • Nested jursidictions: – Hooghe, Marks (2010): • Type I MLG • Type II MLG • Absolute and relative space (Harvey 1969): – ‘…no longer feasible to take a container view of space…’
  11. 11. The Spatial Dimension of Territory: Control • Sack (1986): ‘…spatial strategy to …control resources and people by controlling area…’ - often equated with state control • Hajer (2003): – Diminishing ‘territorial synchrony’ – Policy works next to or across established orders – Institutional void • Marks (1992): EU an ‘untidy multilateral polity’ • Burgess, Vollard (2006): unbundling of territoriality • Accepted wisdom: Governing becoming (territorial) governance
  12. 12. European spatial planning Influence Jacques Delors Cohesion policy Europe 2000 (NL/F) planners to the front But: state territoriality Commission only the paymaster End of story
  13. 13. European spatial planning The ESDP Spatial approach = Territorial integration Guidelines: Polycentric development Access Management heritage
  14. 14. The ‘Learning Machine’ Modest success, but: Transnational Crossborder EU nor member-state planning: Third-way! What role politics?
  15. 15. Perspectives: Representative Democracy? Nauwelaers (2012) over '...myopic approaches, confined to regional boundaries and overlooking potential cross-border synergies’ in innovation policy Key issue in (European) spatial planning Territorial representation >< network society
  16. 16. Perspectives: Networks around Delft
  17. 17. Perspectives