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S&OP Leadership Exchangepresents:                           S&OP Technology:                         A Tool? Or a Strategy...
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S&OP Technology: a Tool? or a Strategy? S&OP Leadership Exchange presents Webinar 9-12

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S&OP Leadership Exchange invites you to the webinar Andrew McCall will be hosting 9-12-12 about S&OP Technology: is it a Tool? or a Strategy? Find out why it matters to your organization and how to strategically manage a long term I.T. roadmap for success along your maturity journey.

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S&OP Technology: a Tool? or a Strategy? S&OP Leadership Exchange presents Webinar 9-12

  1. 1. S&OP Leadership Exchangepresents: S&OP Technology: A Tool? Or a Strategy? September 12th 12:15 - 1:00 PM EDT Hosted by Andrew McCall S&OP Solution LeaderA single tool? An enterprise strategy?Eager to reap the tangible benefits of S&OP, many areturning to S&OP technologies to bridge the planning toexecution gap and enable automation. However,according to recent research by Supply Chain Insights,87% are struggling with integrating business planningand supply chain technologies. One of the largestchallenges cited in building an agile, robust S&OPprocess was clarity of supply chain strategy. Over 85%lack a road map of how to assemble the technologypieces together to drive process maturity.With the rapidly growing number of S&OP technologysolutions that have become available it is key that REGISTERorganizations first develop a vision of their S&OPprocess, create a roadmap to get there, and then http://bit.ly/SOPTechdetermine what enabling technologies and tools will berequired at each stage along this journey. Can’t make it?Join us for this S&OP Leadership Exchange for a Join our exclusivediscussion of technology strategies to support eachstep along the maturity journey. S&OP Leadership ExchangeDuring the session we will be discussing: Group Different stages of maturity of the S&OP on LinkedIn process and the goals each stage supports You’ll get access to all the Technology Characteristics and event materials and never Requirements needed to support each phase miss a beat! Building a coherent roadmap and IT strategy to support this change A holistic view of implementation challenges, change management & achieving results along the way.A few key take-a-ways from this session include:  How to define your IT needs to support your S&OP Process  Understanding how to phase tools in according to your level of maturity  A suggested model for tools at each level of maturity, across the entire spectrum of solutions Is buying & implementing a Tool the answer? Learn how S&OP Technology should fit into your Strategy REGISTER HERE http://bit.ly/SOPTechPromoted by Plan4Demand Solutions, Inc.1501 Reedsdale St, Suite 401, Pittsburgh, PA 15233 www.plan4demand.com1.800.P4D.info info@plan4demand.com