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Digital Transformation Case Study

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We will look at how some of the world's most well known brands are transforming themselves in collaboration with Pivotal.

Speaker: Faiz Parkar, Director EMEA GTM, Pivotal

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Digital Transformation Case Study

  1. 1. #PivotalForum #DigitalTransformation Digital Transformation Forum Disrupt or Be Disrupted 1 NOVEMBER Ÿ ST. REGIS Ÿ DUBAI
  2. 2. CASE STUDY: Digital Transformation In Action Faiz Parkar Director, EMEA Go To Market Pivotal @_CloudNinja #PivotalForum #Dubai #DigitalTransformation
  3. 3. Source: Volkswagen Group
  4. 4. “We are turning the Volkswagen Group into a globally leading mobility company – IT plays a key role in this process” Matthias Müller, CEO, Volkswagen Group
  5. 5. VOLKSWAGEN ANNOUNCES STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP WITH PIVOTAL FROM A CAR MANUFACTURER INTO A MOBILITY PROVIDER “Our IT experts in our labs in Berlin and Munich work the Silicon Valley way, we have brought the Valley to Volkswagen. Pivotal is supporting our experts … and is training them in new software development methods.” Dr Martin Hofmann, Group CIO Volkswagen AG
  6. 6. •  Video Lab
  7. 7. Volkswagen Pivotal Partnership Jumpstarting the Digital Lab in Berlin Methodology transfer Co-creating a new working culture Leveraging Pivotal Cloud Foundry
  8. 8. “With our [Digital] Labs Volkswagen combines the competence & experience of a large company with the pragmatism & speed of a startup” Matthias Müller, CEO, Volkswagen Group
  9. 9. “Software know-how safeguards the innovation leadership of car manufacturers”
  10. 10. #PivotalForum #DigitalTransformation Digital Transformation Forum Disrupt or Be Disrupted 1 NOVEMBER Ÿ ST. REGIS Ÿ DUBAI