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Organised for devops

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Organised for devops

  1. 1. AGILE STUDIO CH Organised for DevOps Pierre E. Neis Head of agile studio
  2. 2. ORGANISED FOR DEVOPS What’s the current context? AGILE STUDIO CH 2
  3. 3. what’s the problem? #1
  4. 4. ORGANISED FOR DEVOPS we need cohesion AGILE STUDIO CH 4 AzureDevOps ≠ DevOps Build + Run ≠ DevOps DevOps team ≠ DevOps DevOps Phase ≠ DevOps DevOps?
  5. 5. ORGANISED FOR DEVOPS Pierre E. Neis SAP GFA, SAP IT, SAP UK, COGNIZANT, SIG/WEGO, GLOBEMED, Banque de Luxembourg, Real Solutions, ArcelorMittal, Six Cards Payments, BCG DV, BNPParibas, Berytech, CNRS, Capgemini, Invivo, AXA, ORES, LaPoste, Touring Assurances, Euroclear, Accenture, CNHi, SWISSRE, IN Groupe, Glencore… AGILE STUDIO CH 5 CAC5, CEST, CBAC, CSPPO, CSP, PSM, PAA MIT Alumni Head of agile studio
  6. 6. Purpose of this presentation
  8. 8. Vision of an agile working organization #2
  10. 10. Status #2
  11. 11. ORGANISED FOR DEVOPS We could speak about that, but it’s a distraction AGILE STUDIO CH 11
  12. 12. ORGANISED FOR DEVOPS We will talk about this instead AGILE STUDIO CH 12 a culture of experimentation and continuous learning
  13. 13. ORGANISED FOR DEVOPS frankly, we will talk about this AGILE STUDIO CH 13
  14. 14. Continuous improvement starts once you notice something wrong 14
  15. 15. AGILE STUDIO CH 15 this is bad waterfall agility
  16. 16. AGILE STUDIO CH 16 STATUS this is bad waterfall agility
  17. 17. AGILE STUDIO CH 17 DISCOVER PREPARE EXPLORE REALIZE DEPLOY RUN project project project project project transactions DELAY STARTS DELAY STARTS DELAY STARTS DELAY STARTS OVERVIEW Organizational Waterfall this is bad waterfall agility
  18. 18. ORGANISED FOR DEVOPS Team relay race AGILE STUDIO CH 18 Team A Team B Team C Team D Team E organizational waterfall sign off sign off sign off sign off sign off Team A Team B Team C Team D Team E Team out Team out Team out Team out OVERVIEW this is bad waterfall agility
  19. 19. contract blue print validates contract. expectations: no change. reality: loosing customer’s engagement in the hurry development poor testing expected delivery date win/win We win / they loose we win / they loose loose/loose loose/loose Tada! value/efficiency curve what not to do! NOTICING THE WRONG WAY OF DOING THINGS summary AGILE STUDIO CH 19 CONSIDERING A PROJECT LIKE A PROCESS IS THE WRONG WAY TO DO AGILE Team A Team B Team C Team D Team E teams “relay race” OVERVIEW this is bad waterfall agility
  20. 20. So what? #3
  21. 21. AGILE STUDIO CH 21 Individuals and interactions Working software Customer collaboration Responding to change 0 25 50 75 100 processes and tools comprehensive documentation contract negotiation following a plan More of Less of that’s agile
  22. 22. HOW TO DO IT PROPERLY Summary what to do AGILE STUDIO CH 22 custom development based on customer’s engagement & continuously inspect&adapt cycles contract rapid delivery of standard & continuous delivery (test automation) as blueprint! just in time, just enough win/win customer is engaged: each sprint delivers , a testable increment. customer delivers constructive feedback each cycle win/win yeah! value/efficiency curve win/win customer delight Team A OVERVIEW
  23. 23. AGILE STUDIO CH 23 this is bad waterfall agility this is agile
  24. 24. AGILE STUDIO CH 24 this is organizational agility
  25. 25. and what? #4
  26. 26. AGILE STUDIO CH 26 a team = startup end to end 1 this is the best case scenario
  27. 27. AGILE STUDIO CH 27 more teams= production lines end to end DevOps team 2 this is only ok as a transition step
  28. 28. AGILE STUDIO CH 28 end to end DevOps team Dev team Biz team 3 more teams= production lines this is when nobody get the agile way of working
  29. 29. AGILE STUDIO CH 29 end to end Test team Dev team Biz team 4 DevOps team more teams= production lines this is when nobody cares
  30. 30. it’s all up to you 30
  31. 31. wrap up 31
  32. 32. Agile is a system where people are empowered end-to-end not doing it is a lack of imagination
  33. 33. more?
  34. 34. ORGANISED FOR DEVOPS my fi rst book AGILE STUDIO CH 34
  35. 35. AO menschgeist AGILE STUDIO CH 35 ORG DEV FRAMEWORK FUTURE OF HR COMMUNITY MEETUP AGILE COACHING PROGRAM inspire play, share, learn design alliance context community competence
  36. 36. Q & A
  37. 37. CONTACT PIERRE.NEIS@COGNIZANT.COM Cognizant Digital Solutions, Zürich