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Disruptive INFOSEC vendor landscape (SOAR focused)

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Disruptive INFOSEC vendor landscape for 2016/2017. Special focus has been given to SOAR and related technologies:

- enrich data intake (network traffic analysis NTA and endpoint tooling)
- better breach detection toolset (behaviour based detection, sandboxing, endpoint EDR)
- new SOAR tooling (data analytics, big data, incident response automation)
- solutions with cloud focus (CASB, etc.) or built and run in the cloud (MSSP)

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Disruptive INFOSEC vendor landscape (SOAR focused)

  1. 1. Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) & Anomaly detection LOG , SIEM and Big Data Platforms Threat Protection for SaaS Vulnerability Assess. (VA) Config audits and Compliance Tokenization, DLP, Monitoring, Encryption DLP for the Cloud IDaaS and CASB - Cloud Access Security Broker Backup into the Cloud Encryption and Key Management Machine Data Analytics & Big Data / Security Operations, Analytics and Reporting (SOAR) Micro Segmentation of Docker ContainersApp Segmentation & Hardening Threat Intelligence Platforms (TIPS) Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) & Malware Hunting Data Analytics and Visualization Cloud based CDN, DDoS, WAF, ADC IoT Security Cyber Situational Awareness Deception Based Detection Risk Intelligence (IRMS) & prioritization OT/SCADA Security Security Automation and DevOps Incident Response Orchestration and Automation & Situational Awareness User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA/UBA) Endpoint Protection (EPP) Sandbox Analysis MSSP Content Security Web and Mail Threat Intelligence Automation and Sharing Code Testing Predict&Prevent Enrichdatainputanddetection DetectRespond andprotect Comments or corrections? Please send feedback to Philipp Wächter - philipp@waechter.ch - MSSP Product Developer Content Disarm & Reconstruction CDR Offensive Security Mobile Device Security Integrity Based Assurance and Detection Exfiltration detection, DLP IAG – Identity and Access Governance Disruptive SOAR (Security Operations, Analytics and Reporting) & related vendors (2016) – Use this landscape to benchmark your legacy Tooling.