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Pthr i practice overview 2015 (5)


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Pthr i practice overview 2015 (5)

  1. 1. How would you like to transform the future of YOUR workplace? What PTHR and the iPractice could do for you Perry TimmsFounder & CEO (Chief Energy Officer) - the iPractice Founder & Director - PTHR CIPD Social Media & Engagement Advisor Visiting Fellow - Sheffield Hallam University Partner: EthosVO.org Ambassador - GiveBackUK
  2. 2. www.pthr.co.uk @PerryTimms +PerryTimms “The real focus during the next decade or so needs to be on rethinking our management models—how we hire, promote, identify leaders, allocate resources, plan, and set direction. We're going to have to look for some new principles because the old principles that are very deeply baked into our organization—principles of standardization, specialization, formal hierarchy, unitary command, the use of extrinsic rewards, and so on—were good principles, but they're all in service of one overarching ideology, which is the ideology of control. I think we need an ideological revolution in business. The ideology for the last 100 years has been "controlism," and the tangible form of that ideology was bureaucracy. As we move from the industrial economy through the service economy to the knowledge economy, and now the creative economy, the relative value of control as a source of competitive advantage is going down.” ProfessorGaryHamel
  3. 3. www.pthr.co.uk @PerryTimms +PerryTimms
  4. 4. www.pthr.co.uk @PerryTimms +PerryTimms Created in February 2014 To change the world of work A global learning community first Built around shared beliefs and values Assembled around projects & hackathons Cover ALL aspects of People & Org’l Development From recruitment to exec learning; building better work
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  16. 16. www.pthr.co.uk @PerryTimms +PerryTimms "The measure of who we are; is what we do, with what we have." Vince Lombardi , Head Coach of the Green Bay Packers
  17. 17. www.pthr.co.uk @PerryTimms +PerryTimms Work Networks Power Insight Learning Impact Digital The Answers?
  18. 18. Imagining and creating better work by being part of a better way to work
  19. 19. www.pthr.co.uk @PerryTimms +PerryTimms a new social business model
  20. 20. From recruiting great people through alternative working practices to leading for the future; and everything in between…
  21. 21. www.pthr.co.uk @PerryTimms +PerryTimms What do we mean by an i-Practice? ● Not a load of associates coming together around a consultancy - that's merely a capacity model where someone bids for work; gets it and needs people (they can rely on) to deliver it and the house ALWAYS takes half. ● An i-practice is a new socialised organisational structure. A band of selfies, dabblers, students, carers and entrepreneurs. An uncompany. Where i= independent; interconnected; innovative; interactive; indeterminable; infinite... ● As an i-practice, we share with each other not just work we've got but learning we've done; social capital and networking we have; ideas for the future and a general course of direction. ● We can prove that this kind of activity can be done wherever you are; and it can work BECAUSE you don't work for the same company. Delivery in this model can be proven to be as - if not more - effective than other models. ● There are scaleable elements - we can assemble larger teams dependent on the scale of the project. ● It's a "No Fixed Abode Collection of Hackers, Disruptors and Challengers" not driven by profit but by creating better work - #FFS (Fun; Freedom; Social).
  22. 22. www.pthr.co.uk @PerryTimms +PerryTimms How do we make it happen? Who will be involved? What does it mean to us individually?
  23. 23. www.pthr.co.uk @PerryTimms +PerryTimms Modelled on new organisational constructs...
  24. 24. www.pthr.co.uk @PerryTimms +PerryTimms Keep your own brand; your own clients; your own revenue...
  25. 25. www.pthr.co.uk @PerryTimms +PerryTimms Collective intelligence and ideas generation...
  26. 26. www.pthr.co.uk @PerryTimms +PerryTimms Shared vision and sense of direction...
  27. 27. www.pthr.co.uk @PerryTimms +PerryTimms ● Through our Google+ community ○ a learning first approach ● Using Asana, no emails ○ Project Management App ● By being flexible, agile & creative ○ Scaleable on demand ● Using Scrum methodology ● Deliverables ● Product Backlogs / ideas ● Project Lead; Scrum Master; Team ● Quick-fire catch-ups and Sprint stages ● Decisive, adaptive, inventive ● Only having 3 categories of work... ● Client Work, ● Research Work, ● Skunk Works ● ...and 3 criteria for success ○ Own what you do ○ Love what you do ○ Deliver what you love how we work...
  28. 28. The world of work is our client; coffee shops are our offices A band of #selfies, #students, #carers & #dabblers
  29. 29. www.pthr.co.uk @PerryTimms +PerryTimms ● A range of organisations with unique niches in HR and people development ● Digital, social media, mobile and “gamified” learning ● Socialised learning, comms and disruptive innovation ● Change and culture consultancy support ● Management and specialist skills development ● HR-specific skills development ● Business simulations and immersive team-building ● Employee value proposition/engagement diagnostic ● HR professionals peer-learning and networking ● Executive development and leadership conferences ● Cutting edge psychometric tools ● Accredited and accelerated learning ● Language of Leadership, coaching and facilitation Partners
  30. 30. www.pthr.co.uk @PerryTimms +PerryTimms Partnerships
  31. 31. www.pthr.co.uk @PerryTimms +PerryTimms ● Social Media at work ● to connect and engage colleagues & customers through use of connecting technologies inside and outside your organisation covering recruitment; comms; learning & working ● Perry is Social Media & Engagement Advisor to the CIPD and built their first ever MOOC: Working Digitally ● Hackathons for work ● to innovate; reimagine; and radicalise the work you do through open "ideas-jams" ● Perry is the CIPD/Management Innovation eXchange's "Hacking HR Programme" Guide ● Learning as work ● beyond "training" programmes - creating a learning organisation and achieving individual and collective brilliance ● Perry is an in-demand speaker and consultant to a range of professional L&D journals and conferences ● Leadership that works ● new forms of leading and inspiring people ● Perry speaks,writes and consults on new forms of Leadership fit for 21st Century work ● Putting your culture to work ● helping you build new structures and organisational flow that lets your culture thrive and creates a great place to work ● Perry is a recognised voice of influence on new ways to shape organisations iPractice specialities
  32. 32. www.pthr.co.uk @PerryTimms +PerryTimms
  33. 33. www.pthr.co.uk @PerryTimms +PerryTimms
  34. 34. www.pthr.co.uk @PerryTimms +PerryTimms iPractice Learning Community iPractice Re:Innovate iPractice Partnerships iPractice DigitaliPractice Education The Future Model Learning Events Research & Innovation Client Work Revenue Generation Technology Skills, Experiments and Products Work Readiness School-Business links
  35. 35. Connect: Create: Change The book: The iPractice: On a Future Model of Work coming in October 2015 foreword by Traci Fenton: CEO & Founder of World Blu