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Vivafit franchise international expansion

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Vivafit fitness Franchise expansion

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Vivafit franchise international expansion

  1. 1. VIVAFIT
  2. 2. The Founders: The Co-founders are an entrepreneurial and visionary wife/husband team: Connie and Pedro Ruiz. Connie is from the United States and has been in the fitness industry for more than 20 years; Pedro has more than 26 years of experience in engineering, management and entrepreneurship. The Beginning Vivafit started in 2003 with the opening of its pilot unit in Lisbon, Portugal.
  3. 3. Who Are We? • A European fitness franchising exercise & Mediterranean eating. • A Portuguese brand in international expansion. • Fitness Studios exclusively for women.
  4. 4. Mission To motivate women to lose weight and get in shape with healthy habits of exercise and nutrition. Vivafit Team Portugal
  5. 5. Milestones • 2002 – Company founded by Connie and Pedro Ruiz, President and CEO; • 2003 – First gym opened in January with express circuit system and then:            - introduced pilates            - members of IHRSA             • 2004 – First franchise unit opened in December. • 2005-2008 – Network grew to 80% market share in Portugal.            - Connie and Pedro won the European Leader Award from IHRSA            
  6. 6. • 2009 – The “Portuguese Franchise Institute” awards Vivafit the quickest growth franchise in Portugal. - Launch of Body Vive 30 min. as a pilot with Les Mills            - Manz Career award. (Manz.pt)       • 2010 - Launched Body Balance 30min, another pilot with Les Mills • 2011 - First Master Franchisee opens in New Delhi, India              - Vivafit launches nutrition and coaching program       - Second Master Franchise signed with Singapore - Third Master Franchise signed with Uruguay • 2012 - Vivafit launches On Line Class Reservations - Fourth Master Franchise openings in India – Bangalore Milestones
  7. 7. 2013 - Opening of 3rd, 4th, and 5th Vivafits in India. - 4th Opening in Singapore. - Master Franchise contracts signed for Abu Dhabi and Oman 2012 - Vivafit CEO wins the Entrepeneur of the year Award 2014 - Opening 4 more Vivafits in India (9 in total) - Master Franchise contracts for Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Taiwan. - Two more Franchise contracts in India - Openings in Abu Dhabi, Oman, Singapore, Spain and Indonesia. - Launching of App for online booking   - Master Franchise contract signed for Taiwan Milestones 2015 - Master Franchise contract signed for Dubai
  8. 8. Vivafit Map India – Singapore – Abu Dhabi – Uruguay – Indonesia – Spain – Oman
  9. 9. In Portugal www.vivafit.pt 30 + Locations
  10. 10. What is a Vivafit? Concept: Women Only Fitness Boutique Express format – 30 minutes Circuit Interval Training Personal Training Les Mills programs Zumba Pilates HIIT (High Intensive Interval Training) Nutrition & coaching Center Features: 2,000 to 4,000 sq ft total area Club Team: 1 manager 1 sales person 3 full time instructors 1 Part-time dietitian
  11. 11. Extra Income: Personal Training Exercise Clothes Personal Nutritionist Nutrition supplements Courses Multiple revenue streams
  12. 12. Circuit Classes With hydraulic machines 30 min group classes From beginners to advanced Circuit Area
  13. 13. Group Classes
  14. 14. Group Classes
  15. 15. Class Schedule Example
  16. 16. 16 Windows
  17. 17. Windows
  18. 18. Facilities
  19. 19. Facilities
  20. 20. Facilities
  21. 21. Facilities
  22. 22. Facilities
  23. 23. Facilities
  24. 24. Sales & Marketing are KEY factors to your business growth and success. Marketing & Publicity
  25. 25. CÁTIA SILVACÁTIA SILVA Lost 10 kilos during a 6 WEEKS CHALLENGE and a total of 55 kilos since August 2011 until March 2013 Vivafit nutrition with proven results
  26. 26. What is                                                                                                                      VIVAFIT has innovated creating VIVAFIT Results, a new service which seeks to change habits, eating behaviours and lifestyles that foster the maintenance of a healthy weight, real and safe. Providing a “personal nutritionist” to all members, this service seeks to help women achieve their weight goal, as weight loss is 70% nutrition & 30% exercise. However weight maintenance is 70% exercise & 30% nutrition. Each VIVAFIT member gets an assisted clinical nutrition plan designed specifically for her that includes nutrition consultations, online nutrition platform with various tools to keep her engaged during the change process. The program includes nutritional consultations in person to assess the risk profile and to define an eating plan, objectives and lifestyle change exercises.
  27. 27. Vivafit Nutrition Software
  28. 28. Vivafit Software
  29. 29. Vivafit App VIVAFIT APP allows members to book classes from their smart phones
  30. 30. Reaching the comunity
  31. 31.  Benefit from our know-how and proven success.  Economy of scale network.  Networking among franchisees.  Operational support and technical assistance during the term of the Franchise contract Benefits of being a Vivafit Franchisee
  32. 32. Vivafit has a team of experienced staff who will train you and support you with the following:  Fitness  Human Resources  Network support  Software support  Marketing materials Training and Support
  33. 33.  Sales and Marketing training  Operational Training  Service and Circuit Training  Team Support, Coaching and Consulting  Vivafit consultant during and after the opening – on site Initial Training
  34. 34. • Yearly International Convention in Portugal in 2013 Advanced Training
  35. 35. • Yearly International Convention in Portugal in 2014 Advanced Training
  36. 36. Vivafit Convention Portugal
  37. 37. Vivafit with Portuguese Minister of Health in Riyadh April 2013 Vivafit around the World
  38. 38. Gurgaon Mega Mall In India: Signature of South India Master Contract witnessed by the Portuguese Minister of Foreign Affairs, with the owner Raman Nair and CEO Pedro Ruiz
  39. 39. Portuguese Minister of Foreign Affairs cuts the ribbon in Gurgaon ILD - March 2013 Gurgaon ILD In India: Lucknow Ambassador of Portugal cutting the ribbon
  40. 40. Portuguese Deputy Prime Minister cuts the ribbon Abu Dhabi – Shining Towers
  41. 41. Vivafit Owner Jonas Ogren, 2014 International Master Franchisee of the year Singapore
  42. 42. Vivafit Owner Ulises Fontanini and Pedro Ruiz Uruguay
  43. 43. Indonesia – Inauguration Event in Jakarta Miss Universe Portugal, Vivafit Owner Pak Abrian Natan, Vivafit CEO Pedro Ruiz and Ambassador of Portugal in Indonesia Mr. Joaquim Moreira de Lemos
  44. 44. Taiwan – Signing Ceremony Pedro Ruiz, Andrew Tratz and Joyce Chen, master franchisees for Taiwan, witnessed by the Ambassador of Portugal Mr. Joaquim Moreira de Lemos and Miss Universe Portugal
  45. 45. Her Royal Highness Al Shaikha Naama Mustahail Al Mashani cuts the ribbon of the first Vivafit, in Shatti, Muscat. Oman – Inauguration Event Ambassador of Portugal Fernando Araujo, Vivafit Master Franchisee Khadija Alkhonji, and Vivafit Portugal CEO Pedro Ruiz also assisted the event.
  46. 46. Dubai – Signature Event The contract was signed with Master Franchisee Aly Albadry at the embassy of Portugal in the UAE, and was witnessed by the Ambassador Mr. Jaime Leitão.
  47. 47. 1. Have Management or Leadership experience 2. Identify with Vivafit values and vision 3. Believe in Vivafit success 4. Are disciplined and dedicated to the business 5. Have the available needed investment capital We are looking for investors who… Vivafit Franchisee profile
  48. 48. - It’s the right industry! The business of health and fitness, integrated with leisure industry, is one of the five most prosperous industries of the decade - Proven successful systems! Vivafit centers have excellent service and provide their members with personalized instruction, effective results and a workout that is quick easy and fun. - Well respected brand and industry leader! - Our mission is to run a successful business with a quick ROI! - Use of VIVAFIT trademarks, logos, websites. - Initial and on-going training & support. Opportunity to be a Vivafit Franchisee
  49. 49. 49 Industry Facts USA: •More than 2 in 3 adults are considered to be overweight or obese; •Fitness industry is considered “recession proof”; •Current penetration rate is approximately 15%; •Fitness industry is a $20 billion industry; •Weight loss industry is a $69 billion industry; •The average American goes on a diet 4 times a year; •80% of women join for weight loss results; •Fitness profession fastest growing at 24% until 2020. •Data combiled from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 2009–2010; IHRSA; Marketdata Enterprises, 2012; US Bureau of Labor Statistics
  50. 50. 50 Club Business International – July 2012 letter to the editor: “The essay written recently by CBI Managing Editor Rebecca K. Maverick is an important one (see “Proper Nutrition: A Matter of Life or Death,” CBI Unbound, May 15). For too long, healthy exercise and healthy nutrition have operated out of seperate silos. The time will come – and it will be soon – when the clubs with the best fitness programs will also be offering the best nutrition programs. This can also become an important new revenue center.” John McCarthy, Executive Director Emeritus
  51. 51. THANK YOU! VIVAFIT appreciates your interest!