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Perspective in art for grade six

Examples and explanation of perspective in art

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Perspective in art for grade six

  1. 1. This image shows a scene with 'one-point' perspective. The road converges to a single point in the distance, known as the 'vanishing point'.
  2. 2. The Battle of San Romano by Paolo Uccello was painted in about 1440. It is a 6’ x 10’7” egg tempera with walnut oil and linseed oil on poplar painting. Notice the foreground, middle ground and background (distant) figures.
  3. 3. Peasant Wedding by Pieter Bruegel-the-elder, 1525-1569
  4. 4. Copying and pasting the man in the middle ground and placing him next to the man in the foreground highlights the use of perspective in Pieter Bruegel's painting.
  5. 5. Pieter Bruegel the Elder 1525-1569 Children's Games
  6. 6. The Numbering at Bethlehem after Pieter Bruegel the Elder
  7. 7. “Atlanta Beltline” by Corey Barksdale (The artist is sitting in front of his artwork.)
  8. 8. “One Point Perspective” by Donna Howell- Sickles of Texas, USA
  9. 9. Anime-style person in perspective
  10. 10. Perspective in video game art: Cave Story 3-d
  11. 11. “A Dream She Had” by Craig Blair – oil paint
  12. 12. “The Tree” by Craig Blair
  13. 13. “Anubus and the City” by Craig Blair
  14. 14. Jamaican artist Roy Reid - “A Pig Is A Pig” - 1986
  15. 15. Jamaican artist – Rudi Patterson
  16. 16. “The Market Vendor” A painting by Guyana- born artist Joan Bryan- Muss
  17. 17. Muralist at work on a large-scale wall painting (mural)
  18. 18. Perspective in a mural project, in Knoxville USA (artist unknown, currently)
  19. 19. A 'trompe l'oeil' mural in Quebec, Canada (artist unknown, currently)
  20. 20. Wall painting (mural) by 'trompe l’oeil' painter Patrick Kirwin
  21. 21. Exam tips: * Do one foreground, one middle ground and one background (distant) version of the same object/ person, going from large to smaller, to even smaller. *Background (distance) parts of the picture can be painted in paler colours (e.g. 'tints' of the brighter foreground colours.