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How to connect with your customers again

  1. How to connect with your customers again Make content great again Paula C. Blázquez Rossbach Student number 7680441 Fig 1. Hietsch S. (n.d.). Picture of a map on the phone [photograph]
  2. Introduction In this day and age, is difficult to find somebody who doesn’t like to travel. Some people do it for work, others for pleasure and the lucky ones for both reasons. Experts on travelling have their tricks to get the best deals in terms of travelling. Other people just go to the same website all the time, probably because they didn’t have any problem with that airline or website. But, most of the people know, at least, one travel website that they go to book their travel. Fig 2 Kim S. (2018) Picture of a plane flying. Credit to AP[online] Link to SlideShare
  3. Fig 3. Screenshot of the navigation menu bar of the Intrepid website. v All social media channels are up to date. v The navigation menu its segmented between countries, experiences and age. This way makes it easy to target your audience. v Australian tour operator that offers exclusive adventures around the world. v Good images and video. v The homepage contains reviews, a video and a call- to-action at the end with the different social media platforms and the blog. v The Intrepid website has a very simple and clear post about how they are dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak with FAQs and a way to contact them.
  4. The importance of Call-To-Action v This is another example of a Call-To-Action, from the website Intrepid, you can save your favourite trips, temporarily. If you want it to be saved for longer you have to sign up. Fig 4. Screenshot of the shortlisted trips from the Intrepid website.
  5. The importance of call-to-action Fig 5. Screenshot of the call-to-action in the Young Adventuress blog v A good example of a Call-To-Action from The Young Adventuress blog. This CTA is personalised because it let you choose between 3 different topics that you can get emails about.
  6. The importance of knowing your audience Fig 6. Two screenshots of the website Momondo, on the left in Spanish, on the right in English. v Momondo’s website has different market pages for the countries that they operate with a different post that could be of interest for the population of that country. In the example of the picture above, on the Spanish website (left), appears two posts, one about 20 apps for travelling in 2019 and how to make a travel to Vietnam. The English website it’s more focus on eco and sustainable travelling.
  7. eBook as a CTA v The Amateur traveller gives you as a gift an eBook once you subscribe. v Could be a good guide for travellers and as well a good way to get subscribers to the website. Fig 7. Screenshot of the CTA of the Amateur Traveller
  8. Podcast v Often podcast can be seen as something just for journalist or professionals on the field. But everyone could do a podcast, even a travel company. Could be about something in general or could be a niche in the travel industry. A company who makes a weekly podcast could encounter with many listeners taking notes about the tips and opinions on different countries. v Chris Christensen creator of the podcast The Amateur Traveller in 2005 has nearly 1000 episodes. His podcast is very helpful to choose which country to visit. v Woman Who Travel is an example of how, in this case, the magazine Condé Nast Traveller has exploited a niche that not many people has. Fig 8. Logo of the Amateur Traveller Fig 9. Logo of the Women Who Travel Podcast
  9. Travel websites v Holiday Pirates a travel website that has the concept of getting the “best travel deals”. Based on many countries in Europe and as well the USA. v This website includes many filters. For example minimum temperature and the rating in TripAdvisor. v For searching, flights include any destination and you can select the whole month and how long you’re staying for. Very helpful for people who don’t know where to go. Fig 10. Screenshot of the bar search and filters of the website Holiday Pirates.
  10. Travel websites v is a travel website like any other one. The only difference is that they don’t tell you the destination until you’re in the airport. v Some people like to travel but they don’t know where with you can discover new places without the hassle of choosing v You pay for the flight and the hotel but without knowing where Fig 11. Screenshot of how works.
  11. Mobile Apps vThe mobile apps have become a popular choice to book holidays. vThe popular travel websites, like Momondo, Skyscanner, have an app and a website. vHITLIST just has an app. That helps you find the best deals for travelling. You can either make a list or check which are the cheapest at that moment. Takes you straight to the website to book the flight ticket. vYou can mark once you’ve been there so it doesn't show you anymore. vThe only thing negative is that you can’t book hotels or car deals through there. Fig 12. Phone screenshot of the Hitlist app.
  12. Travel websites v Expedia is a travel site. You can book the whole holiday package of flight, hotel and car with them. Although you have to book the flight, hotel and car separate Expedia gives you the best deal at that moment. Fig 13. Screenshot of Expedia website homepage.
  13. Travel websites v Something that I find very useful is that Expedia gives you tips to do in the location that you choose. Although none of the suggestions is for free. v You have as well a filter on the left. You can select what does interest you instead of scrolling through everything. Fig 14. Sceenshot of the section ”Things to do” on the Expedia website
  14. Influencers campaigns for travel brands v Influencer marketing is the key to success for new campaigns. v Many travel sites are using influencers to boost up their brand awareness and increase sales. v Any travel site could do it. From a hotel to a travel agency or an airline. Fig 15. Online profile of Martin Garrix
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