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PTZOptics - 2023 Presentation.pdf

  1. Share Your Vision
  2. PTZOptics Camera Line-up MOVE SE MOVE 4K LINK 4K Resolution 1080p60 4Kp60 4Kp60 Auto Tracking Built-in Camera Auto-Tracking (no software needed) Built-in Camera Auto-Tracking (no software needed) Built-in Camera Auto-Tracking (no software needed) SDI Yes (1080p60) 3G-SDI Yes (1080p60 + Audio Embed) 3G-SDI A/B Yes (1080p60 + Audio Embed) 3G-SDI A/B HDMI Yes Yes (4K + Audio Embed) Yes (4K + Audio Embed) USB Yes Yes Yes Native IP Output NDI Upgradeable NDI|HX DANTE AV-H IP Streaming RTMP/RTSP/SRT Yes (PoE capable) Yes (PoE capable) Yes (PoE capable) Audio Input 3.5mm Yes (Line Level) Yes (Line Level) Yes (Line Level) Tally Yes Yes Yes MAP $999, $1,199, $1,399 $1,799, $1,999, $2,199 $2,499, $2,699 Launch date April 2023 (NAB Show) January 2023 (Shipping) April 2023 (NAB Show)
  3. Key Markets MOVE SE MOVE 4K LINK 4k House of Worship Small Church (>100) Mid-Large size Church (200-500) Large Houses of Worship Education K12 / Elementary High School + Higher Education Higher Education + Music Schools Corporate Small Business Corporate Enterprise Government State and Local / Courtrooms Courtrooms / Federal Specialty / Broadcast Training Areas Creators Entry-level Prosumer Successful Creators Music Producers + Professional Bands Broadcast Radio/Podcast Event Streaming/Production Studios Broadcast TV, Performing Arts Sports Esports / High School Higher Education + Professional Professional Healthcare Healthcare Office + Telehealth Hospital + Surgical Video Recording Specialty / Broadcast Training Areas Music Production DJ/VJ, Musicians/Bands, Small Venues Theaters and Venues, Educational Theaters and Venues, Educational
  4. PTZOptics Joystick Line-up HC-JOY-G4 PT-JOY-G4 SUPERJOY Connection Type Serial Serial OR IP Serial & IP Simultaneous w/ NDI support Cabling Options RS-232, RS-485, RS-422 Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485, RS-422 Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485, RS-422 Maximum Cable Distance 3,937’ (1,200 Meters) *24 gauge twisted pair with RS-485 3,937’ (1,200 Meters) *24 gauge twisted pair with RS-485 3,937’ (1,200 Meters) *24 gauge twisted pair with RS-485 Power DC12V PoE or DC12V PoE or DC12V Control Protocols VISCA or PELCO VISCA Over IP (PTZOptics or SONY) Serial (VISCA or PELCO) VISCA Over IP (PTZOptics or SONY), NDI, Serial (VISCA or PELCO) Design Notes Compatible with most serial PTZ cameras Compatible with most serial and IP connected PTZ cameras Compatible with most serial and IP connected PTZ cameras + all NDI cameras HDMI Output No No Yes (1080p video output) SuperPreset No No Yes MAP $299 $649 $899
  5. 20X 12X 30X Now shipping
  6. Video Connections HDMI (4K60) NDI (4K60) USB (4K30) SDI (1080p60)
  7. Product SKUs PT12X-4K-xx-G3 PT12X-4K-xx-G3 PT12X-4K-xx-G3 xx = color (GY or WH) Gray or White
  8. AUTO TRACKING With ability to lock in on a specific presenter Camera Model Auto-Tracking Distance PT12X-MOVE4K 200 feet (60 Meters) PT20X-MOVE4K 250 feet (76 Meters) PT30X-MOVE4K 300 feet (91 Meters)
  9. Auto-Tracking Top Uses ● Classroom Presentations (Lecture Capture) ● Worship Services ● Corporate (Presentations) ● Events (Entertainment)
  11. Stream directly from the camera. New On/Off buttons. RTMP NDI & SRT Streaming is also supported LIVE STREAMING
  12. New .local web-server connection. Faster and easier setup. New one-click firmware updates. SETUP & UPDATE Reach your camera at: http://ptzoptics.local
  13. CUSTOM PROFILES Quickly Change Profiles Create Profiles to Save: ● Image Settings ● Audio Settings ● Video Settings ● Device name Upload Saved Profiles from Your Computer Download and Set up to 3 Quick Profiles
  14. A new level of quality
  15. STUDIO PRO Video Connections HDMI NDI USB-C RTMP Stream Directly to YouTube & Facebook Great for Creators!
  16. LINK 4K Video Connections HDMI (4K60) Dante AV-H (1080p60) USB (4K30) SDI (1080p60)
  18. ZCAM LINE Video Connections SDI NDI (select models) RTSP/RTMP POE
  19. CAMERA MOUNTS Wall Mount HCM-1-xx Ceiling Mount PT-CM-1-xx Pole Mount HCM-1C-xx xx = color either WH or GY
  20. PTZ Camera Joystick PoE HDMI Output Custom Buttons NDI Support SUPERJOY
  21. Camera 1 Camera 4 Camera 2 Camera 3 Stage Left Stage Center Stage Right SUPERJOY STAGE SETUP Setup Details: Cameras: 3-4 Cameras Custom Buttons: Four Custom buttons using the “SuperPreset” feature to align all cameras based on where the players are located. Custom Button 1 (Example) Camera 1: Stage Left Wide Camera 2: Stage Left Zoomed-in Camera 3: Wide Stage Camera 4: Center/Left Wide
  22. PTZOptics CMP Camera Management Platform Free Software for Mac, PC and Linux
  23. System Design Examples Audio Visual System Designs for: 1. Business 2. Education 3. House of Worship 4. Healthcare 5. Government 6. Broadcast Email for more information.
  24. House of Worship Video Streaming
  25. Good House of Worship Video Streaming
  26. Better House of Worship Video Streaming
  27. Best House of Worship Video Streaming
  28. Broadcast Video Production
  29. Good Broadcast Video Production
  30. Better Broadcast Video Production
  31. Best Broadcast Video Production
  32. Education Lecture Capture
  33. Education Video Production
  34. Good Education Lecture Capture
  35. Better Education Lecture Capture
  36. Best Education Lecture Capture
  37. Business Video Communications
  38. Good Business Video Communications
  39. Better Business Video Communications
  40. Best Business Video Communications
  41. Government Video Communications
  42. Good Government Video Communications
  43. Better Government Video Communications
  44. Best Government Video Communications
  45. Healthcare Video Communications
  46. Good Healthcare Video Communications
  47. Better Healthcare Video Communications
  48. Best Healthcare Video Communications
  49. Thank you! If for any reason you have questions, comments or concerns please reach out to for more information or help.