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Avoid the 7 Stages of ERP Grief

  1. Avoiding the 7 Stages of ERP Grief How to make your search for a new ERP system as painless as possible
  2. The journey to discovering the right ERP solution and the right ERP vendor can be tough.
  3. But if you find the perfect fit, there are immense benefits to be had like… Greater efficiency through automation More intelligent, data-driven decision-making 1 3 4 Improved productivity 2 A higher standard of customer service
  4. That’s why nearly of companies are currently planning to, or have already begun, acquiring or upgrading an ERP system1 . 50% 1 Solutions Review: ERP Software: Facts and Stats
  5. But before they reap their reward, most will encounter... The Seven Stages of ERP Grief.
  6. 01 Stage One Shock
  7. Take a moment to Ask Yourself:
  8. Do you have access to accurate, real-time enterprise-wide data?
  9. Are you working with one cohesive system?
  10. Are your people able to automate time-consuming manual processes?
  11. If you grow, can your business management software easily flex & grow with you?
  12. …and this is often a big shock for businesses that have used the same system for many years. If you answered no to any of those questions, your system might not be as fit for purpose as you think in today’s digital age...
  13. But here’s an even more shocking truth:
  14. Your peers and competitors are already investing in new technologies to get them operating at their best. Act now, so you don’t fall behind
  15. 02 StageTwo Denial
  16. The solution?
  17. Locate and implement a modern, customisable ERP solution that supports every aspect of your business.
  18. But adopting a new ERP system is a daunting prospect for many organisations…
  19. Firstly, you need to find the right solution. And then comes the task of paying to build it, implement it, and keep it running.
  20. So, rather than make that leap, many companies will bury their heads in the sand… …Or turn to temporary fixes and quick workarounds to help them continue with business as usual.
  21. And as people retreat into their silos, you’ll lose a complete picture of what’s going on. But ‘making do’ only works for so long… People will look for unauthorised shortcuts to get the functionality your system is failing to deliver. Processes can become inconsistent and inefficient.
  22. What’s more, it’ll end up costing you as productivity and efficiency falters.
  23. 03 Stage Three Desolation
  24. First, take the time to clear your head and take some best practice steps. While a system upgrade is inevitable, it’s an opportunity to use technology to create the best version of your business.
  25. Rally a project team together. Ask your industry peers for tips and recommendations. And write a strong RFP guide for circulation… …And for your own sake, don’t look back in frustration because your organisation didn’t act sooner. Instead, turn your sights to the future.
  26. Why? Because: of growing businesses who excel in their respective industry rely on an ERP system2 96% of businesses experienced an improvement in their processes after implementing an ERP system3 95% 2 Finances Online: 39 Key ERP Statistics: 2019 Analysis of Trends, 2 Data and Market Share 3 Panorama Consulting Solutions: 2018 ERP Report
  27. 04 Stage Four Bargaining
  28. So, you’re preparing to find a fit for purpose ERP solution for your organisation… …Only, it’s confusing.
  29. How do you find the right one?
  30. And how do you get everyone on board?
  31. So many vendors, so many solutions... ...You can’t help but think, ‘this is going to take ages.’
  32. And while the right ERP can help you realise the best version of your business, your stakeholders are cautious.
  33. “There’s no way this isn’t going to disrupt operations.”
  34. These are valid concerns. But with patience and even more planning, you’ll soon move past them. Which brings us to…
  35. 05 Stage Five Reflection
  36. Take a deep breath, because you need to get this right first time.
  37. With a 10-15 year purchase like this, you need to find a vendor that’s ready to help you tackle any challenges you may face in the future.
  38. Make the wrong choice and you risk...
  39. Make the wrong choice and you risk... ...poor quality implementation…
  40. …disenchanted employees… Make the wrong choice and you risk... ...poor quality implementation…
  41. …moving deadlines... …disenchanted employees… Make the wrong choice and you risk... ...poor quality implementation…
  42. …moving deadlines... …and worse yet, unexpected expenses. …disenchanted employees… Make the wrong choice and you risk... ...poor quality implementation…
  43. This is your chance to reflect on the bigger picture, and what you’re seeking to achieve for your company in the long-term. Make the right choice, and there’s so much to gain, like: A flexible, future-ready platform1 3 Scalability and agility that puts an end to growing pains 2 A more efficient, innovative culture
  44. Whether they realise it or not, your stakeholders, frontline staff and customers rely on the success of this transition. The pressure is on.
  45. 06 Stage Six Working through
  46. It’s time to clarify exactly what you want to achieve with your future ERP solution.
  47. Listen to and discuss their issues, and get a solid idea of the impact they have on your business. Ask your people what would make their lives easier.
  48. Armed with team feedback, you’re ready to identify the must-have features your ERP system needs to be a perfect fit.
  49. For example, do you need... Rapid, future-proof scalability at every level 1 5 Real-time, 360-degree business visibility and intelligence 2 Integrated e-commerce platform or 3rd party applications 6 Anytime, anywhere mobile access for key staff 3 Intelligent order processing and stock management tools 7 Configurable workflows, alerts, properties and reports 4 Smart customer, supplier, leads and prospect management8 A clear map towards digital transformation
  50. 07 Stage Seven Acceptance
  51. After identifying an appropriate ERP vendor, you accept it’s time to focus on ensuring the entire company embraces the new system.
  52. You appoint a system administrator. You work with your vendor to launch training schedules You take the opportunity to cleanse your data now before migrating it to a new system And together you begin to brainstorm ways to maximise the value of your system for years to come…
  53. …And to ensure you never need to go through the 7 stage stages of grief again, both you and your vendor begin to nurture a lifelong, benefit-led partnership.
  54. Who that partner might be is ultimately up to you. But no two companies operate in the same way – even those in the same industry… …Which is why no two ERP solutions should be the same either.
  55. At Intact, we’ve always respected our customers’ right to run their business the way they want to. Intuitive, scalable and highly customisable, our ERP platform, Intact iQ, contains everything you need to effectively manage your business – your way.
  56. Approximately of our business come from referrals 70% of customers agree Intact iQ supports their ambition to have “a robust platform for growth”97% 99% customer retention rate Our customers record an average saving of full resource days per month, post-implementation5.6 Just ask our customers what they think…4 4 Intact Customer Survey
  57. That’s the Intact difference.
  58. to make your ERP journey as seamless and effective as possible. Click here for your FREE 30-page ERP Implementation Guide Ready for a smooth ERP implementation?