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The bond stick, what it is and what it does

The only tool that combines ease of use, security and portability in one.

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The bond stick, what it is and what it does

  1. 1. The Bond stick Your data, your value Research found that on average 2% of your data is responsible for 70% of your revenue. Think about it for a moment, what would happen if that data would be in the hands of your competitor? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a solution that allows for easy highly secure collaboration within your organisation without password or biometric hassle? Well, that future is now, with a simple to use USB stick, the Bond stick. The stick will only work in a perimeter of about 150 meter from your office, or your house. You will be able to track it, you will be able to make it accessible at other places and in the event of theft, you will be notified by SMS and you will be able to destroy the data on the stick. No passwords, no hassle just a USB stick that knows where it is, and that knows where it is allowed to be open and where it is allowed to be closed. And of course, this stick is tamper proof. It will detect heating, tampering, irregular movements etc. and will close down when tampered with. All this NATO certified high tech will be invisible to the user of the stick. The Bond stick behaves like a USB stick. But….the cloud gets safer every day That is absolutely true. There is nothing wrong with using cloud services. However, the cloud is as safe as the weakest password of any of the users in your organisation. And the cloud is only safe if you have your Identity and Access management 100% correct. And finally, many cloud services do have a master key in their own back office, which makes them inherently unsafe. We use biometry! That is great. And although most biometry is hackable, it will for sure deter the average hacker. However, if you are not present, your data will be locked, and sometimes you want to cooperate. Biometry tends to make that difficult. Apart from that, most biometry is not very ‘tamper proof’. We don’t do anything wireless, so we are safe Well, think again…As soon as somebody sends an e-mail to a user outside the domain of your mail server, you have no control over what is happening next. THE BOND STICK portable | super secure | easy
  2. 2. The Bond stick Your data, your reputation If you ever have to destroy the data on the stick, you will receive an audit-proof statement of when and where the data has been destroyed. This may shield you from litigation claims one day. Also, using the stick gives you the power to state that certain documents never have been on the internet at all. But, you can send the stick with DHL. The stick closes itself once it leaves the office. 
 It is also possible to put a time slot on the Bond stick. In that case it will only operate during pre-set times. Since the Bond stick knows where it is, it also knows the local time. & The paradigm shift The word paradigm shift is over-used, we agree. But if your realise that it takes on average 260 days before a breach is being discovered, here is your paradigm shift: the hacker is already in your system. How can you be sure you can trust everyone in your organization if you know that 40% of all hacks are inside jobs? Don’t you agree that you need something slightly more personal to protect the very valuable information that may jeopardize the reputation of your organization when being made public or even may jeopardize your own reputation? Think about the 2% of data probably generating 70% of the revenue of your company. Think about the C-level management. Shouldn’t they have the best and easiest to use tools in the world? Contact If you would like to know more about this portable, easy to use and highly secure USB stick, just pick up the phone and dial my mobile: 055 45 28 480 If you like to send an e-mail, direct it to: paul.harts@visionpartners.ae Usually we respond within one business day. If you like to follow us on Facebook, search for the group: where is my USB in the UAE Use a Stick, use a Bond stick!