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WFN newsletter july 15

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July's edition of the WFN (Wire Free News) or is it?

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WFN newsletter july 15

  1. 1. Edition 7 • July 2015 “It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” Sir Edmund Hillary WHY THREE BREWSAKA Sue's Mountain Our long-standing client Sue Patel (back in 2003, Sue was our first ever maintenance client!) is going to Peru to climb the Inca Trail. Sue hasn’t really told anyone yet so this article could be a shock for some! In fact it kind of means that there’s no backing out, although that would have been cruel of me don’t you think? Anyway, some say that the brave streak started when she first employed WFP when it was just me and some tools (and I don’t mean Barry!), although for those who know Sue then you’ll know that wasn't anything in the scheme of things. Sue will be travelling to Peru in October 2015 to raise money for the British Heart Foundation following the recent loss of her father-in-law. For those who like to see this spirit of adventure, she has some space in her backpack... only kidding. To sponsor Sue, scan the link to her just-giving web page: For those who want to know more about how she’s doing then we’ll be updating our facebook page with her adventures. www.facebook.com/WFPFIRESEC Do you have a ‘mountain’ story? We’d love to hear from you for future issues of WFN. Drop me an email today: paulfield@w-fp.co.uk Paul WIRE FREE NEWS Call us on: 01277 724779 www.w-fp.co.uk 28153 WFP A5 4pp Newsletter July 15_Layout 1 17/06/2015 16:34 Page 2
  2. 2. Call us on: 01277 724779 www.w-fp.co.uk WHAT THE THRIP? Summer's here (both days) and so are the problems in the fire and security world that are associated with it. THRIPS: Tiny insects that can make a comfortable home inside your smoke detector. Our Top Tip: Give all employee’s chop sticks and a copy of karate kid, or make regular checks for insect infestations and take the necessary precautions. DUST: The most common reason for false alarms. Our Top Tip: Move to Scotland, plenty of wet weather there to keep the dust down. Or more practically, good house- keeping - cover during building works. LIGHTNING: Lightning strikes are always a potential killer for electronic alarm systems. Our Top Tip: Check you have suitable panel protection and lightning conductors installed on your building. WHY THREE BREWS HEAT: Everyone loves the open views that atriums and glass walled designs offer on buildings, but a poorly designed fire system can end up with false alarms due to heat build-up. Our Top Tip: Brick up your windows. Or more practically, any unwanted or false alarm should always be inspected by a suitably trained engineer. Don’t suffer it. SUN: Finally, we are all keen to get a bit of sun into our working environment. So many are tempted to wedge open external doors, normally fire exits and normally with a chair or fire extinguisher. Our Top Tip: Give everyone more holiday (Barry's idea of a joke - Paul), or more practically enforce a door security with a door alarm. Baz Edition 7 • July 2015 28153 WFP A5 4pp Newsletter July 15_Layout 1 17/06/2015 16:34 Page 3
  3. 3. You can help by letting us know what you like or don’t like too - we really are listening, just email us: feedback@w-fp.co.uk or complete our feedback form online: www.w-fp.co.uk/contacts @WORK Gary Bigland is an electrician by trade and likes nothing more than proving me wrong when I say “you'll never get that wire across there...” Gary first worked for WFP in 2013, he left and went to the dark side for a while - but we don't talk about that anymore, no time to be bitter... much!!!. Well the good news is; he rejoined us this year! Gary also became a family man with a wonderful baby daughter - Faith, who was born 7 weeks early and now she is the centre of his universe. Q&A Q1. If you were stuck on a desert island and could only bring three things with you, what would they be? My family (not sure how many), iPhone and tools. Q2. If you were 80 years old what would you tell your grand children? You only have one life - live it! Q3. If there were a movie about your life, who would play you and why? Robert Downey Junior - because I am Iron Man!. Q4. What was the last gift you gave? Flowers for my wife (ahhhh). Q5. If you were a box of cereal, what would you be and why? Crunchy Nut Cornflakes - because they’re nutty!. WFP’s culture: As a business we believe in doing things properly; for our customers and also for our colleagues. We really want all our people to be happy in what they do. To support this, we promote continual, individual, development and promote honest debate on how to improve our services to our customers. 28153 WFP A5 4pp Newsletter July 15_Layout 1 17/06/2015 16:34 Page 4
  4. 4. Contact Us: Tel: 01277 724779 Email: sales@w-fp.co.uk Office open hours: 8am - 5pm Mon - Fri (Excluding Bank Holidays) Call Outs 24/7 Wire-Free Protection Limited, t/a WFP Fire & Security Unit 8 Oaklands Farm Estate Goatsmoor Lane, Stock Essex CM4 9RS Feedback is always welcome, so if you think there are ways we can improve this newsletter, please let us know. Have we got it right? Do you like what we've done, and has it been helpful? Please let us know too. Top Tips Fluorescent lighting no longer ‘LED’s’ the way... Many emergency light fittings use fluorescent tubes to light your path to safety, but as technology progresses, LED lighting is rapidly taking over. Here’s 10 reasons why:- 1. Wrong direction - Light from fluorescent tubes is non-directional; this means that 30-40% of light is wasted. 2. Controlling - LED light output intensity can be controlled; giving reliable constant light level. 3. Health - Fluorescent tubes contain mercury; there is no risk of contamination with LED. 4. Lifespan - On average LED lights last five times as long as fluorescent lighting. 5. Energy saving - Consumption of LED’s is approximately 30% less compared with fluorescent tubes. 6. Loud, noisy ballasts - The device to regulate voltage and current during start and throughout operation, makes the clinking noise and can be pain, both physically and electronically. LED’s do not use ballasts. 7. Good looking - Due to their great ability to give directional light, LED lighting can be made more aesthetically pleasing. 8. Environmental - Fluorescent tubes require correct disposal. 9. Cost - Although LED’s are still higher in price, the difference is reducing yearly as technology improves. Currently about £4 higher than an equivalent fluorescent. 10.Greater control - Controllable from one single control panel. I hope this helps you make an informed lighting choice. Baz And finally - WHY THREE BREWS? - Just a bit of fun with the newsletter name - suggestions welcome for future editions. As it happens there is a great book called ‘Three Cups of Tea’ which is well worth a read; “An inspiring and important story”. Call us on: 01277 724779 www.w-fp.co.uk Like us on Facebook @wfptweets WHY THREE BREWS Edition 7 • July 2015 28153 WFP A5 4pp Newsletter July 15_Layout 1 17/06/2015 16:34 Page 1