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Chatbot interfaces

  1. Chatbot Interfaces Patrick Cullen Senior Technical Architect Web Engineering
  2. What is a chatbot?
  3. • Listens in chat room • Takes action • Returns results Chatbot 101
  4. Why use chatbots?
  5. Development cost command line chatbot website mobile app
  6. Deploying updates command line chatbot website mobile app
  7. Push notifications command line chatbot website mobile app
  8. • Simple to develop • Asynchronous notifications • Integrates with team Chatbot advantages
  9. How do I build a chatbot?
  10. • Define a grammar • Take action • Return results Chatbot design
  11. <Action> <Type> <Parameters> deploy app rutabaga show cluster alpine Define a grammar Hello World
  12. me: deploy app rutabaga >POST http://api/deploy?app=rutabaga Take action
  13. me: deploy app rutabaga >POST http://api/deploy?app=rutabaga bot: deploying app rutabaga bot: app rutabaga is running Return results
  14. Advanced topics
  15. • POST endpoint • Integrate non-chat system Webhooks
  16. • Shorter commands • Auto completion • POST to webhook Slash commands
  17. • Define security groups • Restrict commands • Tokens on webhooks Security
  18. Nile demo
  19. Questions

Notas do Editor

  1. Today I want to talk you about chatbots and how you can use them in your application to improve the customer experience. About a year ago, I started working a project called Nile which automated the deployment of Docker packaged applications. Since I needed some way for developers to interact with the system, I built the classic command line interface. I quickly noticed that the user experience was sub-optimal. Since the deployment could take several minutes to complete, I was constantly polling for updates from the command line. As I was searching for better options I came across a youtube video from Github on how they use chatbots to automate routine operational tasks. I switched my client from command line and noticed a significant improvement in the usability of Nile for deployments. I want to take you through some of the benefits I have found to chatbots, and give you enough technical information to start building your own chatbot.
  2. Before I get into the benefits of chatbots, let me explain how a chatbot works at a high level.
  3. To help you better understand when a chatbot may be an appropriate user interface choice I want to compare several key traits of chatbots vs other common user interface choices like webapps, command line clients, and mobile apps.