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  2. CATEGORIZATION Oxford Shoes Derby Shoes The Monk Strap The loafers The Opera Pump The Dress Boots Chelsea Boots The Chukka Boots
  4. OXFORD SHOES Most basic looking formal shoes. Gained popularity in 1800 among college students. Particularly in Oxford University. Has a feature termed as "closed lacing". Eyelet tabs are stitched underneath the vamp (i.e., the top) of the shoe so that they aren't visible.
  5. TYPES
  6. HOW TO STYLE? Oxfords are chiefly popular because of their minimalism and their ability to pair with any outfit. For everyday wear, there’s a wide range of colors from brown to blue to dark red to green, in both leather and suede. Pair with a bright, colorful sock for bonus style points. For business attire, dark brown and black leather are your safest choices. Keep this look classic with a darker pair of socks. Pair Oxfords with a tuxedo or formal wear, black patent leather is your best bet.
  7. THE DERBY SHOES The Derby shoe, also known as the Gibson or the blucher, was a sporting and hunting boot circa the 1850s. a style of boot or shoe characterized by quarters, with shoelace eyelets that are sewn on top of the vamp
  8. HOW TO STYLE? You can wear and style Derby shoes the way you would Oxfords. However, Derbys are typically more casual, so you wouldn’t want to wear them with a formal suit. Chinos or rolled jeans with some derby inspired socks will complete this cool and collected look
  9. THE MONK STRAP A style of dress shoe with no lacing, instead secured on the feet by one or multiple buckles and straps. They are essentially the more refined version of the footwear monks wore centuries ago.
  10. TYPES
  11. HOW TO STYLE? This classic alternative to laced dress shoes adds a certain panache to any outfit. The monk strap is now regarded as a very versatile shoe that can be worn with cuffed jeans or the most dapper of suits. Monk straps attract attention and may at times become the focal point of an ensemble. Monk strap shoes are often crafted out of leather or suede.
  12. LOAFERS Slip-on shoes with a heel and rounded toe. They are preppy, minimalist, and trendy. A type of shoe that is easily slipped on and off the foot without any laces to worry about. Loafers often have a saddle — a decoration that might be a plain strap, a strap with a slit or a metal ornament.
  13. TYPES
  14. Wear clean Venetian loafers or embellished loafers with suits for formal settings. You can also opt for casual styles with rolled jeans and some watermelon socks. Worn with denim and khakis, and sockless with shorts during warm seasons. HOW TO STYLE?
  15. CHELSEA BOOTS These ankle length boots have rounded toes, low heels, and elastic gussets on the sides. Because of these elastic gussets, one can pull on and slip off the shoes with ease, without compromising the refined silhouette of a laced boot. The absence of laces contributed to the Chelsea’s slim, clean shape
  16. HOW TO STYLE? Jeans get an upward lift, and traditional suits gain an edge. If you purchase suede Chelsea boots, wear them only as part of a casual or smart-casual ensemble. You can pair them with winter coats. Want to go for a casual look? Style them with a pair of jeans and shirt.