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Local Search Optimization for Enterprises, A Case Study, Ritz Camera

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http://www.parallelpath.com This case study describes how Parallel Path, through their Aha!Local Enterprise local listing optimization service, dramatically improved Ritz Camera & Image's online visibility for their 300 stores.

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Local Search Optimization for Enterprises, A Case Study, Ritz Camera

  1. 1. Parallel Path 1637 Pearl St., Ste. 201 Boulder, CO 80302 (303) 396-1111 www.parallelpath.com Ritz & Wolf Camera & ImageAha!Local Enterprise Case Study by Tracy Earles tracy@parallelpath.com
  2. 2. Problem Summary In the fall of 2009, Ritz Camera Centers Inc. emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection as a new, stronger, but smaller company: Ritz & Wolf Camera & Image. When Ritz entered Chapter 11, they operated almost 1000 camera stores under the names of Ritz Camera, Wolf Camera, Kits Cameras, Inkley’s, Proex, Cameras West and The Camera Shop. Through the restructuring, the company closed hundreds of unprofitable stores, and Ritz & Wolf Camera & Image now operates just under 300 stores under multiple brand names. The reorganization led to three major problems regarding Ritz’s local online listings:Because localonline search is • All listings showed the old brand name, logo, and associated messaging.the first step to an • All of the listings for stores that had been closed still appeared in searchin-store purchase, results, reflecting poorly on Ritz & Wolf Camera & Image’s brand.it was critical • Listings for stores that remained open competed in the search results withthat Ritz & Wolf listings of stores that were closed, making it difficult to achieve high resultsCamera & Image placement.resolve their listing The problem is illustrated in the following screen capture of the results for theissues quickly. search term “camera store atlanta ga”: The only Ritz store shown is a closed store under the old Wolf Camera brand name, when the five open Wolf Camera & Image store listings are not shown in the top seven results (the Google Maps ‘7-pack’). Because local online search is the first step to an in-store purchase, it was critical that Ritz & Wolf Camera & Image resolve their listing issues quickly. Ritz engaged Parallel Path Corp. to address these listing challenges through the company’s Aha!Local Enterprise listing management service. 1
  3. 3. Actions TakenParallel Path Corp. took the following steps to address the problems: • Claimed ownership of all Ritz listings through several different search engines and data feeds • Submitted list of deleted locations to: o All major search engines o All yellow pages directory sites o Over 100 other websites • Revised detailed store listings to better represent Ritz’s brand o Emphasized key value proposition: one-hour photo pickup o Upload pictures, specialties, add hours and other details o Identify listings with new company name • Optimized listing data to achieve a higher results position for “camera store” related local searchesResults AchievedFor the search “camera atlanta ga,” the following result now appears: Rebranded listing, higher placementThe closed listing no longer appears, and the open store listing has been rebrandedand now appears in the 7-pack. 2
  4. 4. Over the entire Ritz listing population, the listing population has improved significantly: Ritz/Wolf Camera Stores Optimizing for “Photo Printing” Optimization for higher placement Mov Rebrand listings, e to remove closed stores war d to pp lace men t“Parallel Path helpedus quickly transitionto a new name andnew store footprintby closely managingand optimizing ourlocal listings. We’reconfident that ourimproved image andincreased impressionvolume is driving newrevenue in-store.” - Peter Tahmin, VPRitzPix.com and online retail Second Phase Implementation After achieving a dominant position for “camera store” searches, Ritz wanted to broaden their visibility by also targeting “digital photo printing” local searches. Parallel Path then re-optimized the listing data to emphasize this term, and quickly began seeing positive results: Ritz/Wolf Camera Stores Reoptimizing for “Camera Store” Mov e to war d to pp lace men t 3
  5. 5. Summary ResultsAfter eight months of work, Parallel Path’s Enterprise Aha!Local service was able toachieve the following dramatic results:Said Peter Tahmin, Ritz’s vice president of RitzPix.com and online retail, “ParallelPath helped us quickly transition to a new name and new store footprint by closelymanaging and optimizing our local listings. We’re confident that our improved im-age and increased impression volume is driving new revenue in-store.” 4
  6. 6. Parallel Path internet > marketing > results search engine optimization pay-per-click / paid search advertising website landing page optimization affiliate program management advanced targeting and retargetingbanner ad creation, campaign management, distribution & optimization analytics consulting and management blog seeding & management social media management local listing & local seo call tracking 1637 Pearl St., Ste. 201 Boulder, CO 80302 (303) 396-1111 www.parallelpath.com © 2011 Parallel Path Corporation