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  2. 2. Some cities are born in a great location. Others achieve greatnessover millennia. A few metropolises redefine greatness because they dare.
  3. 3. Singapore is etched in the imagination of many as an efficient hub sitting at the crossroads of Asia. Litter-free streets, clean waterways and skyscrapers built by a strong-willed nation determined to carve something from nothing. But beyond the familiar landmarks and skyline, is it really a great city? The soul of a great metropolis is not to be found in its buildings, but in the imagination of its dwellers who feel they belong; in the emotions of its visitors who cannot go home feeling the same. A great city is vibrant and efficient. It blends lifestyle for the young with amenities for the aged, culture and modernity. Trains and buses run on time in a city without smog or traffic gridlocks. This is the city others desire to emulate. Singapore possesses the attributes which define it as a great city. Yet, is this urban artifice missing some vital elements? PREFACE PREFACE
  4. 4. SINGAPORE GROWTH Infrastructure Few cities have progressed so much in such a short span of time as Singapore. Land has been won back from the sea. Rivers cleaned from centuries of silt and pollution. SINGAPORE GROWTH: INFRASTRUCTURE
  5. 5. SINGAPORE GROWTH Architecture Office towers throb with the heartbeat of commerce in a city known for security, rule of law, industry and ambition. And since the new millennium, the city has undergone a major makeover to transform itself beyond mere efficiency to offer culture, lifestyle, fun and glamour. SINGAPORE GROWTH: ARCHITECTURE
  6. 6. SINGAPORE GROWTH Culture No city of tomorrow can forget its past and its heritage. A city without the arts and museums is devoid of soul. SINGAPORE GROWTH: CULTURE
  7. 7. ECO-SENSITIVE ECO-SENSITIVE Nor can leading cities of today afford not to go green, whether it is harnessing the elements for renewable energy, providing amenities for recycling, building parks and planting trees to beautify the landscape. Few urban planners have put in as much thought and effort to blend housing and moving people with care for the environment. Road and rail networks are planned decades in advance to traverse rivers and canals and yet offer wide spaces for recreation in a city which has pioneered and mastered harvesting rain water.
  8. 8. SINGAPORE’S MODERN TRANSPORT SYSTEM SINGAPORE’S MODERN TRANSPORT SYSTEM Efficient public transport is a vital pillar of Government policies to make commuting smooth and pleasurable. By promoting and improving public transport, urban planners can reduce congestion as the population increases. SINGAPORE’S MODERN TRANSPORT SYSTEM
  9. 9. Excellence and ongoing development of transport infrastructure is a vital component for Singapore being recognized as a thriving global city.
  10. 10. Is something missing?
  11. 11. YES. Next Generation Street Furniture.
  12. 12. OLD GENERATION BUS SHELTERS A city’s greatness is diminished if gridlock prevents people from getting to work or home on time. Its lifeblood ebbs and flows with the efficiency and seamlessness of its public transport network. But its greatness is not just defined by interlinking buses, taxis, trains and light rail. It is also to be found in how it treats its passers-by; how it helps people wait. OLD GENERATION BUS SHELTERS Outdated designs and worn out structures are a mismatch to the grand vision and monumental infrastructure development.
  13. 13. POSSIBILITIES Cities which dared, have transformed their landscape by redefining street furniture. Not just design for its own sake, but a union of form and function, elevating the human spirit so that waiting can be endured and even enjoyed. Bus shelters shouldn’t just shield people from the sun, wind and rain. They should make the waiting – be it for a minute or an hour – comfortable, connected, productive and even entertaining. POSSIBILITIES CURITIBA – BRAZIL SAN FRANCISCO – AMERICA DUBAI HERNE – GERMANY
  14. 14. NEW TECHNOLOGY NEW TECHNOLOGY Recent technological advances open up the promise of seamless mobile commuting, offering new possibilities for informing, connecting and entertaining. BLUETOOTH BLUETOOTH TOUCH SCREEN INTERACTIVE SCENT SOLAR PANEL ROOF SOUND LED INTERACTIVE LIQUID WITHIN POSTER
  15. 15. NEXT GENERATION STREET FURNITURE NEXT GENERATION STREET FURNITURE In an age of instant and rapid information flow, the city needs to provide seamless connectivity at public places providing real time transit information and various other facilities like Doctor on call, Police help line, etc... Not just indoors but outdoors as well.
  16. 16. DESIGNDrives the solution People + Technology + Environment
  17. 17. Scintillus not only understands Singapore’s vision for urban greatness but has the domain knowledge, a win-win financial model and a team of experts who can turn the vision into reality. It is ready to unveil dramatic new solutions for street furniture and to help make Singapore the definitive city of tomorrow. The key lies in a partnership between the government and the private sector. NEW SOLUTIONS
  18. 18. DESIGN STRATEGY DESIGN STRATEGY Design is the path to understand the relationship between the environment, the product and the user. We use design to re-evaluate and improve, embedding design for quality of life. Design is at the heart of Scintillus’ business plans, central to our proposition and directing our actions.
  19. 19. WHAT CAN PEOPLE DO AT THE BUS STOP? WHAT CAN PEOPLE DO AT THE BUS STOP? Scintillus will harness technology, to enable interaction and communication by multiple formats so that everyone has accessibility to the information, be it real-time transport content, news, entertainment or even security communications.
  20. 20. People-centered transport system that is technologically intelligent will include real time public transport travel information. OUR ILLUSTRATION OF A SUITABLE SOLUTION OUR SOLUTION 01 02 03 04 05 TIME IN MINUTES 06 07 08 09 10 Waiting for bus Bus/MRT information Emergency services Municipal notice board Utility bill payments Read news Read current events/ happening/social networking Browse map Charging handphone Purchase snacks/drink Purchase movie tickets Listen to music/ download songs
  21. 21. CONCEPT BY RSP Understanding that the primary activity of the bus stop is waiting, the basic idea of the design is how to provide for that fundamental need whilst making the most of a person’s time. Inspired by the daily activities that occur in one’s living room, various functional elements are incorporated into the bus stop to utilize the time spent there, transforming a mundane waiting space into an urban living space. DESIGN
  22. 22. DESIGN CONCEPT BY RSP RSP believe that the street furniture scene in Singapore could be significantly improved, more in keeping with Singapore’s advances in design and architecture. The street furniture infrastructure seems to have taken minor supporting role within the whole urban landscape as mere utilitarian objects to seat the tired shoppers; to shelter the commuters from the humid climate or to simply denote the waiting area for the public waiting for their buses. Aside from providing shelter and relaying bus- service related information, the design criteria of bus shelters has remain unchallenged for years. The over-emphasis on durability aspects along with economics, has somewhat crippled the development of bus shelter design. Other than token installation of some LED-screens which update the bus arrival timing, bus shelter design has not gone beyond its existing boundaries of simply providing a sheltered confine to just wait... and wait. Why WAIT when you can do so much more? In an era where technology norms and society expectations have made multi-tasking on the go a necessity, bus-shelters are primed for a modern makeover.
  23. 23. Rather than being a simple post and beam structure (and inert space) fashioned simply from a utilitarian point of view, the opportunity right now is to redefine our long held stereotypical conventions of how a bus-shelter should be. The bus-shelter of the future should and could be anything BUT a current Singapore bus-shelter! A meeting place, a social hub, an information oracle, an entertainment node, an online library, a ticketing booth and so on and so on. In short, a social space where different amenities and functions are DESIGNED to take place. A platform where different individuals can engage in a variety of activities, under a single space. We call it the URBAN LIVING SPACE. DESIGN CONCEPT BY RSP Seating options Seating options Leaning options Horizontal panels Vertical panels
  24. 24. RSP design strategy is to create a catalogue of modular components that provide for better functions of seating and leaning, meeting and sharing, resting and recharging or entertaining and learning, incorporating new technologies into these waiting spaces for pre-programmed designed functions to happen. The entire concept of ‘waiting’ has been redefined. Through modular systems, variety can be achieved. In itself, the bus-shelter will be flexible in negotiating different site conditions, either long, or narrow or short. RSP designed solutions can incorporate kiosks, cycle racks or other amenities, as appropriate. The permutations are endless, and we have only just begun… DESIGN CONCEPT BY RSP Seating options Horizontal panels Vertical panels
  25. 25. The Winning Team RSP RIGID CHLOROPHYLL ...more to join
  26. 26. OUR PARTNERS OUR PARTNERS Since 1956, the RSP Group of Consulting firms has grown, in scope and diversity, to become one of the largest and most established professional practices in Asia. The Group offers multi-disciplinary professional services in architecture, city planning, urban design, civil and structural engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering and interior design. With offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, London, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Gurgaon and Mumbai, the RSP Group has a combined professional and technical staff strength of more than 900. RSP has successfully created and built an extensive portfolio of projects, many of which are acclaimed award-winning landmarks. Some examples in Singapore are Dover MRT Station (2003) and ITE Collage East (2005) that were awarded the BCA Best Buildable Design Award. In 2006, RSP was the winner of the Scape Architectural Design Competition held by the Ministry of Community Development for Youth and Sports (MCYS). More recently, LaSalle College of the Arts (2008), Henderson Wave Bridge (2009) and The Pinnacle, Duxton (2010), for these, RSP was the 3-time proud recipient of Singapore’s most prestigious design award, The President’s Design Award. www.rsp.com.sg LaSalle Collage of the Arts (2008) Henderson Wave Bridge (2009) The Pinnacle, Duxton (2010) URBAN DESIGN
  27. 27. OUR PARTNERS CITY PLANNING ARCHITECTURE The awards reaffirm RSP’s design capability and recognize RSP as a leader in the building design industry. Dover MRT Station (2003) ITE Collage East (2005) *Scape Youth Park (2006) LaSalle College of the Arts (2008) Henderson Wave bridge (2009) The Pinnacle, Duxton (2010) Other notable awards: URA Architectural Heritage Award Intelligent Community Form (ICF) – World Teleport Property of the Year (International) US Green Building Council (USGBC) – Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Award Architecture Firm of the Year in India (by Great Indian Real Estate March (GIREM) – Urban Planning & Real Estate Leadership Summit, GOA) (2008-2009) Architect of the Year-Commercial in India (by Realty Plus – Realty Plus Excellence Awards) – 2009 Built Environment Leadership Gold Class Award for Architectural & Structural Consultancy Services (by the Building & Construction Authority) – 2009
  28. 28. RigidGroup is dedicated to provide total solution for displays, advertising systems and outdoor media projects. Rigid is equipped with a team of professionals in Architecture, Building, Quantity Surveying, Structural Engineering and Project Management. Rigidis strongly recognised as a leading authority in the area of display signage both in Hong Kong and internationally. In 2009, Rigid Group assisted HKAI, one of their close strategic partners, in conducting market research into the signage business with the aim of promoting strict adoption of an efficient fixing and fastening means for all outdoor signage in Hong Kong to meet safety considerations. Rigid has patented design of track fixing system providing both strength and durability. It is a system which is highly recommended and widely used by the industry. Rigid has a design team for unique media ware designs. The team have extensive experience specifically in designing street furniture and bus shelters. Overthe years, Rigid Group has successfully executed numerous landmark and large scale projects in Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau, Taipei, Dubai, Shanghai, Beijing etc. www.rigidgroup.com.hk OUR PARTNERS
  29. 29. OUR PARTNERS chlorophyll is India’s first (started 1999) end-to-end brand consultancy. From its single office in Mumbai, chlorophyll has redefined the space of brands and branding to create an impact in the global arena. chlorophyll has achieved this through new ideas that have proved durable. It created new brand models that can deal with product, service and corporate brands... uniquely and separately. It created the concept of ideantities™ (www.brandideantity.com) that challenged the outdated concept of a logo. It created the world’s first online brand alignment tool. (www.litmosi.com). The Government of India chose the chlorophyll Managing Director as Chairman of the branding committee when it undertook the task of creating the world’s biggest brand, Aadhaar, the Unique Identity for each of India’s 1.2 billion people. chlorophyll’s assignment list reflects the best-known corporates around the world: Aptech, CG, Glenmark, Hitachi Metals, Infosys, J&J, Merck, Pepsico, Tata, Reliance, Unilever. www.chlorophyll.in
  30. 30. OUTSHINE. OUTDO.
  31. 31. About Scintillus Scintillus is a young startup company based out of Singapore specializing in the Media, Technology & Street Furniture segment. Our vision is to develop contemporary design, which brings together the utilitarian and the aesthetic for the built environment in developed cities the world over.
  32. 32. In the 21st century, the mantra for technology is: ‘If you can imagine it, you can create it.’ Because there is no such thing as static technology. What was originally a black and white screen became a 3-D viewing experience. Holograms went from being visual to tactile. Touch-screen user interfaces now require no human contact. Technology has no boundaries, no rules. At Scintillus, we prove this with a ‘never say never’ attitude, believing nothing is impossible, never conforming to a system and being radical in our thinking. So that if others can’t do it, we can. These beliefs are condensed in one simple, powerful motto: Outshine. Outdo. With our customers’ needs changing constantly, with their demands and expectations becoming greater everyday, we know that the only way to keep up with today’s mobile audiences, is to move faster than them. To communicate with them in exciting, interactive and dynamic ways. To move from traditional platforms to digital and new media and make our way into unchartered territory. Scintillus specialises in ‘Social Space Media’. The starting point of our activities is the redesigning and redevelopment of urban street furniture. Having said that, we go far beyond the basics, so that an individual’s life on the street becomes less stressful. For an audience that is constantly on the move, constantly looking for something new. And keeping our motto in mind, here’s what we create. Street furniture with new-age designs. Street furniture that is futuristic in every sense, bringing together the best of new age technologies, utilities, safety and aesthetics. And we extend this to other platforms like indoor media channels, ambient, mobile and online media. BRAND PHILOSOPHY BRAND PHILOSOPHY
  33. 33. NEVER SAY NEVER ATTITUDE / OUTSHINE. OUTDO. – MOTTO / WILLINGNESS TO INVEST. COMMITMENT Singapore’s urban greatness will not be complete without breath-taking street furniture. Together, through partnership and commitment, we unveil the true lion city of tomorrow.
  35. 35. Singapore is a city that has looked after its citizens in all areas with great emphasis on environmental conservation and development of green belts; but the way ahead lies in understanding and providing what its citizens and specially youth are looking for in the future. All over the world, citizens are looking for “Connectivity and Engagement that will create harmony in their lives.” Scintillus can be a catalyst to provide citywide connectivity and engagement to new generation of local residents and citizens of Singapore, with its unique set of skills in technology and aesthetics, the two critical ingredients for creating that harmony. Scintillus is ready to deliver Next Generation Street Furniture to Singapore which will redefine the way world has developed street furniture till date. We call it “Social Space Media” and we are committed to deliver this concept to Singapore in near future. We believe in concept of Public Private Partnership and are prepared to enter into meaningful dialogue with government authorities to make this concept reality.
  36. 36. Singapore The City of Tomorrow This book is printed on acid-free paper. Design & Composition by Zenwu Design No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, scanning, or otherwise, except as permitted under applicable copyright acts, without written permission from copyright owner. This book may not be lent, sold, hired out or otherwise disposed of by way of trade in any form, binding or cover other than in which it is published, without the prior consent of copyright owner. Other brand names and logos of our partners RSP, Rigid, Chlorophyll and illustrative pictures along with relevant text are used in this book under specific permission secured before publishing of this book. Use of these brand names and logos in this book does not in any manner what so ever it may be, constitute any partnership or association of permanent nature and is not binding upon Scintillus. Pictures and photographs used in this book as general illustration of Singapore or Out of Home Media Trends or for any other illustrative purpose are sourced and procured by Scintillus from authorized sources. The use of these pictures and photographs are solely intended to elaborate the concept and does not in any manner suggest that these are the works of Scintillus. We at Scintillus make no representation to have any direct or indirect contribution made to any of the innovative technologies depicted by way of use of such pictures and we do not take credit for these notable executions done by other prominent out of home media companies all over the world. Copyright © 2011. Copyright Owner: Scintillus Global Media Pte. Ltd. Singapore. All Rights Reserved.
  37. 37. Scintillus Global Media Pte Ltd 9 Raffles Place #57-00 Republic Plaza Singapore 048619 T/ +65 6823 1458 F/ +65 6823 1376