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1st annual social media risk index

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Panda Security, the Cloud Security Company, today announced the results of its first annual Social Media Risk Index for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The study, which surveyed 315 US SMBs with up to 1,000 employees throughout the month of July, revealed that 33 percent of these companies had experienced a malware or virus infection from social networks, with 23 percent citing employee privacy violations resulting in the loss of sensitive data. In addition, thirty-five percent of survey respondents that were infected by malware from social networking sites suffered a financial loss, with more than a third of those companies reporting losses in excess of $5,000.

Full download link: http://press.pandasecurity.com/usa/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/1st-Annual-Social-Media-Risk-Index.pdf

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1st annual social media risk index

  1. 1st Annual Social Media Risk Index for Small to Medium Sized Businesses Panda Security September 2010 www.pandasecurity.com
  2. Survey Information Survey goal  • Uncover top concerns among SMBs about social  media, and draw correlations with actual incidence of  malware and ultimately financial loss Who was surveyed?   • 315 representatives from U.S.‐based companies with  15‐1000 employees  • All participants involved in setting and/or enforcing  policies related to network activities Timeframe • Survey conducted during the month of July 2010 2 www.pandasecurity.com
  3. Major Conclusions Nearly a third of SMBs have been infected by social  media malware 35% of those infected suffered a financial loss, with more  than a third of those companies reporting $5,000+ in  losses  Facebook is driving the majority of social media‐related  infections as well as employee privacy violations More than half of SMBs have adopted a social media  governance policy, including 25 percent blocking  employees from accessing popular social media sites via  gateway appliances and/or cloud solutions    3 www.pandasecurity.com
  4. Does your business currently use social media tools? 4 www.pandasecurity.com
  5. Which of the following tools does your business have  active accounts with? (Please check all that apply) 5 www.pandasecurity.com
  6. What are the primary reasons employees use social  media tools at your organization? 6 www.pandasecurity.com
  7. Is personal use of social media allowed at work? 7 www.pandasecurity.com
  8. Is personal use of social media allowed on company  computers during non‐working hours? 8 www.pandasecurity.com
  9. Are there any disallowed social media activities for  employees?  9 www.pandasecurity.com
  10. Which of the following activities are disallowed?  (Please check all that apply) 10 www.pandasecurity.com
  11. Does your company actively block social media sites  from employees?  11 www.pandasecurity.com
  12. How does your company block employees from  accessing social sites? (Please check all that apply) 12 www.pandasecurity.com
  13. Does your company have a social media governance  policy in place for employees? 13 www.pandasecurity.com
  14. Do you have personnel to actively enforce the policy? 14 www.pandasecurity.com
  15. Does your organization plan to formalize a social  media policy within the next six months? 15 www.pandasecurity.com
  16. Is training about social media benefits and risks made  available to employees? 16 www.pandasecurity.com
  17. What are your biggest concerns about social media  right now? (Please check all that apply) 17 www.pandasecurity.com
  18. How knowledgeable is your company about the risks  of social media?  18 www.pandasecurity.com
  19. How knowledgeable do you perceive your company’s  employees to be about the threats posed by social  media? 19 www.pandasecurity.com
  20. Has your business ever experienced any of the following  as a result of social media use by employees? (Please  check all that apply) 20 www.pandasecurity.com
  21. For those suffering privacy violations: What social  networking site did the privacy violation stem from?  (Please check all that apply) 21 www.pandasecurity.com
  22. For those suffering privacy violations: After the  privacy violation occurred, did your company change  its policies regarding social media usage by  employees? 22 www.pandasecurity.com
  23. For those suffering from infections: What social  networking site did the malware or virus infection  stem from? (Please check all that apply) 23 www.pandasecurity.com
  24. For those suffering from infections: Were there any  financial losses resulting from the malware or virus  infection? 24 www.pandasecurity.com
  25. For those suffering from infections: What were the  estimated monetary losses from the infection?  25 www.pandasecurity.com
  26. Is an updated antivirus installed on all employee  computers? 26 www.pandasecurity.com
  27. Does your business currently have web content  filtering controls in place? 27 www.pandasecurity.com
  28. The solution to Social Media threats?   Panda Cloud Internet Protection (PCIP) PCIP provides policy‐driven secure web access delivered by and managed through the cloud, combining protection against web‐borne threats with data leak prevention and granular reporting of all Internet activities. By shifting security management and implementation to the cloud, PCIP increases businesses’ control over web‐based activities while saving time and money. • Advanced threat protection: Beyond URL filtering, protect against Web 2.0  attacks, etc. • Controlled access: You can control every aspect of your employees’ behavior – which websites, how long, how much bandwidth, etc • Fine Granularity: Control if employees can view or post on websites, use IM,  which file‐types allowed, etc. • Correlated reports: In a single console, view your policies, transaction‐level  reports, analysis across all services (secure, web access, DLP) 28 www.pandasecurity.com