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  1. 1. Pamela Hudson INTS 3301 StrengthsQuest Assessment In taking the strength quest assessment it showed me what areas I have the most strength in. My top five themes are belief, futuristic, communication, responsibility, and discipline. This information is helpful in understanding my unique talents and focusing on the areas that I naturally do well can help me better understand other areas that I could work on a little more. The assessment states that believe is core values and they are not changed by circumstance or other people. It showed that it would be important to me to basically make an impact for better somehow in people’s lives and my values and believes influence that. I think that is true and is something that is important to me, and was a good reminder to me of what really matters. It also showed futuristic as a strength. I would say I am inspired by the future and what can be accomplished and happen down the road. I do also like to outline and plan goals for what I want in the short term but as well as in what I would like in five or ten years from now. Communication is listed as a strength as well. I do enjoy talking and telling about different experiences and being around other people. However I do not like to get up in talk in front of a group of people, and I’m usually not the first one in group of people I don’t know to start talking. If I’m with people I know then that is different. Responsibility was also a strength. I would like to think that people do think of me as responsible, dependable and trustworthy. I do try to live up to my commitments and promises. The last strength is discipline. I do in most cases have certain ways of how I like to do things. I do usually like to get things done and not wait until the last minute to get things done. That being said that is not always the case if so this would have been
  2. 2. done sooner! Even though it lists this as strength I think I could still work on this area especially when it comes to school work. I will apply this knowledge to my career path that I would like to have by finding ways that that these strengths can be beneficial to the career I want, and know what I might need to work on more. I would like to eventually have my own fitness studio and am working toward that goal.