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Norway(power point)

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Norway(power point)

  1. 1. By Rocío Lope Santín
  2. 2.  Norway has a population of 4,900,000 inhabitants with an annual growth of 0.57% as in other European countries.
  3. 3.  Oslo is the capital and largest city of Norway, as well as being its political, economic and cultural.
  4. 4.  The crown is the monetary unit of Norway..
  5. 5.  Norwegian is a Nordic language spoken primarily in Norway, together with Swedish and Danish. Norske offisielle språk (translate)Norwegian official language
  6. 6.  The country has borders with Sweden, Finland and Russia. Norway is characterized by high plateaus and mountains separated by valleys. The coast is very jagged and how many fiords
  7. 7.  Norway is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system of government The Council of State or cabinet consists of the Prime Minister and his council, appointed by the king. Harald and Sophia
  8. 8.  About 86% of the population belongs to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Norway. Protestant and Catholic groups representing 4% 1% are Judaism, Mormonism and Jehovahs Witnesses.
  9. 9.  The Scandinavian country has many of their cultural traditions in traditional costumes at weddings and events. Also popular are the dances and secular songs, as well as storytelling.
  10. 10.  The most peculiar fish dish of Norwegian cooking is rakfisk . Makes fruits have a tendency to a smaller volume and a more intense taste. Strawberries, apples and cherries are popular and are part of a wide variety of desserts.
  11. 11. Viking Museum oslo operastatues fiord