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Bond need for legal will planning - 06-07-17 mk updt

  1. Legal Estate Planning O U R A T T O R N E Y S C A N H E L P D O N ' T W A I T T O P L A N S O M E T H I N G S O V I T A L
  2. Estate and Will Planning When planning what will happen with your finances and the rest of your estate, you need to ensure that, upon your death, there will not be tribulations between your family members. Not only can the battles over a person's estate be trying, but they can also be expensive and lengthy. The best way to avoid struggles after you've passed is to have a legally prepared estate plan from our attorneys. By having a will, trust, and other estate planning documents prepared legally, you can help your family avoid expensive and taxing probate proceedings. W H Y I T ' S I M P O R T A N T :
  3. What is Probate Court? If a will, trust, and estate planning document isn't legally prepared correctly, it will send the proceedings of your estate into probate court.  Probate court can require a lengthy amount of time to process all of the intents and purposes of the deceased with regard to their finances and distribution of their estate. Creating your legal will and estate documents with our attorney helps avoid probate court.
  4. #1 #3#2 H E A L T H C A R E P O W E R O F   A T T O R N E Y L I V I N G W I L L P R O P E R T Y P O W E R O F A T T O R N E Y Our Recommendations: When preparing your will and estate planning documents, we recommend that you assign a power of attorney for your health care, create a living will, and have a power of attorney for your property. Having these legally set documents and persons will help the process be as smooth as possible as you transition, even if you lose control of your facilities due to medical issues.
  5. There are many options available to create living wills and estate planning documents without involving an attorney. Sites like LegalZoom and, for instance. However, the documents are often not prepared properly and result in the need for an attorney anyway, thereby causing you to spend more money and waste more time. They can also require a probate court proceeding which is very expensive. Do it Yourself? DON'T RISK IT
  6. Cost of Legal Estate Planning A consultation about your personal estate planning is FREE with our firm and typically will cost between $500-$2000 for us to do all of the legal documentation. If you don't have a legal will and legally-distributed estate, probate court can take years and will cost a minimum of $5000.
  7. Probate court may be required if you don't have a legal will set up prior to death. The probate court will determine who should receive what funds and estates and will deal with the issues between family members, but the following problems arise: Probate Court ISSUES THAT MAY ARISE 1 Contests of the Will 2 Recovering Estate from Others 3 Seeking Truth from the Executor of the Estate
  8. Save your family thousands of dollars by having a formal, legal will and estate plan set up prior to your death. This will save your family the cost of a probate court in the future. Save your family months and even years of stress while your estate gets distributed. Probate court can take months and even multiple years to come to fruition. Save your family frustrations and heartache. If you file your will yourself, you will not have an attorney dedicated to helping you, but our lawyers will properly file and be there to support your family afterward. Save Your Heirs Some Trouble
  9. Our Attorneys The Law Office of Thaddeus M. Bond, Jr. & Associates, P.C. is the premier choice when selecting a legal team to help you create your legal will and power of attorney. Our team has decades of experience with wills and trusts and we pride ourselves upon being accessible to you and your needs. We will be prompt and fair and our initial consultations are free.
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