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Full Service Digital Transformation firm for Financial Services

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One pager showing the transformation in Financial Services and associated functional areas required

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Full Service Digital Transformation firm for Financial Services

  1. 1. Credit  Decisioning     Big  Data  based  decisioning   and  Targe1ng  –  small   business  and  p2p   Smart  Banking  with   analy7cs   Digital  Banks  –  mobile  and   social  banks  with  built  in   analy1cs  to  simplify   managing  money   Digital  Advice   Replacing  high-­‐touch  with   high-­‐tech.     Algorithm  based   Roboadvisors   Algorithm  based  advisor  to   manage  goal  based   porBolio   Mobile  Payments,   Wallets  and  POS   Mobile  payments  as  the   ul1mate  enabler  of   commerce   Crypto-­‐currencies   Blockchian,  Bitcoin  and  the   internet  value  exchange   ecosystem  disrup1ng  the   econmics  of  payments   Bank   Investments   Payments   Customer  and  Market  Intelligence   Risk  and  Compliance   Informed Enterprise Digitally reengineered Financial Services Our Practice areas Strategy  and     Business  analysis   Decision     Science   Engineering/     Architecture   Experience     Design   Big  Data  and  Decision  Science   Mobile  ,  Online  and  Internet  of  Things   Social  Media   Cloud  compu=ng   Copyright © 2013-14 Digital Confluence, LLC, Partners in Digital Transformation All rights reserved. Reproduction prohibited without prior written permission of Digital Confluence LLC