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Action Plan to Fight Covid - 19 Outbreak during Lockdown

This is Purely my point of Perspective.
Action Plan to Fight Covid - 19 Outbreak during Lockdown
Overcome Covid -19 Suggestions, action plan, solution.
This is Created By
Pabba Bhanu Laxman
Pandemic Action Force.

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Action Plan to Fight Covid - 19 Outbreak during Lockdown

  1. 1. By Pabba Bhanu Laxman
  2. 2. Current Situation 26-03-2020 ● People are lock down. Staying at the home. ● Changes of infecting many people in case of joint families. ● Need to Worry About Orphanages, and people in large number area. ● Special Care to be taken in Slum areas.
  3. 3. Warning
  4. 4. Be in Touch With Public. Because Once Public Lose Trust on Government. The Situation Will not be under control. They may be much bigger damage to the society. Hence We need to take action before the situation gets Worse.
  5. 5. Current situation
  6. 6. This Period From 19-03-2020 to 10-04-2020 I Consider it has a incubation period. Infected People don’t Show any Symptoms, But Infect Other People Hence public Stay Calm and unreacted
  7. 7. In Near Future Approx by After 10-04-2020
  8. 8. Public understand the Vulnerability of the virus and get panic. Hence we get more cases. If the govt is not ready to offer at least basic first aid to the patient’s. Public loose the faith on govt and may create physical damage and hence results in we can’t control or handle the situation
  9. 9. Solution
  10. 10. Disinfect ● Disinfect or Sanitize all the Public areas. ● Sanitize all the Hospitals ● Dispose safely. all the Doctor’s item’s Like Mask and suit’s which are used while treating the Covid-19 +Ve patient’s ● Take preventive measures around the Hospitals
  11. 11. Take care of doctors ● Provide Healthy food and boarding for the doctor’s within the hospitals or nearby ● This Creates a trust and mental peace for the doctor’s ● Hence they can work productively. ● Take they have sufficient safety equipment like mask suits etc.
  12. 12. Get More volunteer’s ● As per My knowledge we need more and more Volunteer to do basic work’s like. ● Distributing ● Creating awareness ● Logistics ● Manufactures ● We need 1.3 Crore Volunteer’s Minimum.
  13. 13. Manufacture More Health Safety Equipments ● It may be home or mini units ● Need more Face masks ● More sanitizers ● More medicien’s ● All other’s.
  14. 14. Identify Infected People ● Volunteer’s need to identify people. Who are infected and are in initial stage. They need to moved to quarantine and treated. ● We need to visit the people after another few days to check again any new people are infected or not.
  15. 15. Prepare More Quarantine Areas ● Prepare phc,hospitals,schools etc ● With different segment’s lik ○ For Serious patients ○ For Initial Stage patients.
  16. 16. Local deliveries ● Need to check assign few people . to provide basic essentials for the people. ● This will cool the people so that people stay under control. ● Deliver’s like Groceries, Medicines, Essential’s Like Sanitary Napkins, Diaper’s Etc.
  17. 17. Create Awarness ● To Sanitation Workers ● Health workers ● SHG ● Aganvadi employees ● Primary health care employee’s etc.
  18. 18. Keeping Doctor’s Updated ● As the doctor’s also not aware of how to treat the patients, ● We need few research professional’s to analyse the global doctor’s interview and create highlight points and educate the doctor’s all across the country.
  19. 19. Give Hope and Trust We need to Do all this things before 10-04-2020 So that the public never lose the trust. And we will have the situation under control
  20. 20. Contact. I am Ready to work with the Govt and be a part to overcome Covid -19 Pabba Bhanu Laxman pabba.bhanu@gmail.com +91 9676911700