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PSFK Presents The Future of Research

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The Future of Research - Data and the Rise of Digital Scholarship presents the trends that stand to have a significant impact on the changing face of academic publishing and scholarly research. As million of connected devices come online and an unprecedented volume of information moves into digitized formats, it is still estimated that less 1 percent of this data has been analyzed. This reports presents strategic insights for how researchers can get the most out of their data while keeping a human perspective at heart, and how to concisely and effectively present insights to an information overloaded reader.

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PSFK Presents The Future of Research

  1. 1. LABS @PSFK FUTURE OF RESEARCH Data And The Rise Of 
 Digital Scholarship
  2. 2. LABSLABS @PSFK ABOUT PSFK Each day we share better ways to live, work, and play through PSFK.com and social platforms. We publish new ideas across areas such as design, retail, technology and travel and hit 10 million impressions per month across our channels. Our thought leadership reports are written by out PSFK Labs team–a group of researchers who study trends in the market places and advise brands like Apple, BMW, Google and Samsung on decisions to leverage emerging opportunities and threats. Check out PSFK’s other reports on Cities, Health, Travel and Retail–plus branded content editorial series produced in partnership with sponsors on the Future of Light, the Real World Web, Mobile Commerce and Wearable Tech. PSFK Labs 42 Bond Street, 6th Floor New York, NY 10012 USA labs.psfk.com psfk.com labs.psfk.com @psfk Piers Fawkes President & Founder piers.fawkes@psfk.com +1 646.520.4672
  3. 3. LABS @PSFK Reports @scottlachut Director of Research & Strategy
  4. 4. LABS @PSFK A SNAPSHOT OF OUR CONNECTED SOCIETY… 500 million Tweets are sent per day. 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute. 60 million photos shared every day. 2.5 billion pieces of content shared every day.
  5. 5. LABS @PSFK WHICH IS INCREASINGLY ABOUT PEOPLE AND THINGS… Global annual wearable device unit shipments will cross the 100 million milestone in 2014, and reach 300 million units by 2019. In 2005, there were 2.5 billion connected devices, most PCs, smartphones, tablets. By 2020, there will be over 30 billion connected devices, most not PCs, smartphones, tablets. 100 'things' are coming online every second.
  6. 6. LABS @PSFK CREATING MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF INFORMATION… 90% of all the data in the world has been generated over the last two years.
  7. 7. LABS @PSFK BUT NOT MEANING. 1% of this information has been analyzed. Less than
  8. 8. LABS @PSFK THE OPPORTUNITY “At its core this big data revolution is about how humans create and preserve a historical record of their activities. Its consequences will transform how we look at ourselves. It will enable the creation of new scopes that make it possible for our society to more effectively probe its own nature. Big data is going to change the humanities, transform the social sciences, and renegotiate the relationship between the world of commerce and the 
 ivory tower.” “Uncharted: Big Data as a Lens on Human Culture” — Erez Aiden & Jean-Baptiste Michel
  10. 10. LABS @PSFK Platforms and initiatives that see the value in making data and research archives available to the wider community in the hopes of unleashing new breakthroughs. OPEN SOURCE ACCESS
  11. 11. @PSFKOPEN SOURCE ACCESS Platform Allows Developers To Share APIs Under Creative Commons Licenses apicommons.org API Commons LABS @PSFK
  12. 12. @PSFK Platform Enables Individuals And Companies To Donate Their Health And Medical Data bit.ly/Uommgk Health Data Exploration Project LABS OPEN SOURCE ACCESS
  13. 13. @PSFK Google-Like Search Platform Allows Anyone To Tap Into Data From The Internet Of Things thingful.net Thingful LABS OPEN SOURCE ACCESS
  14. 14. @PSFK Social Network To Make All Of Its Information Available To The Scientific Community twitter.com Twitter LABS OPEN SOURCE ACCESS
  15. 15. LABS @PSFK What This Means… Data philanthropy will power the next big breakthrough.
  16. 16. LABS @PSFK An emerging set of tools are giving researchers of any skill level the ability to interact with data resources and visually report their findings. DATA TOOL KIT
  17. 17. @PSFK LABS DATA TOOL KIT Platform Helps Researchers Clean Up And Normalize Unstructured Data openrefine.org OpenRefine @PSFK
  18. 18. Touchscreen Platform Lets Researchers Visualize Excel Spreadsheets Using Their Fingers getkinetica.com Kinetica LABS @PSFKDATA TOOL KIT
  19. 19. LABS @PSFK What This Means… Data craft will become the next great form of storytelling.
  20. 20. LABS @PSFK A new class of algorithms and tools are helping researchers extract insights from vast pools of new and existing data, speeding the rate at which discoveries can be made. INTELLIGENCE MINING
  21. 21. @PSFK Software Mines Science Papers To Make New Discoveries bcm.edu Baylor College Of Medicine LABS INTELLIGENCE MINING
  22. 22. Algorithm Analyzes An Individual’s Cancer Mutations To Identify Most Effective Treatments nygenome.org New York Genome Center LABS @PSFKINTELLIGENCE MINING
  23. 23. LABS @PSFK What This Means… Researchers can now ask bigger questions and look further for the right answers.
  24. 24. LABS @PSFK As the speed of information increases, real-time analysis tools are giving researchers the ability to understand and respond to trends in the moment, and even begin to predict outcomes before they happen. PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS
  25. 25. Global Network Tracks Macroeconomic And Human Development Trends In Real-Time premise.com Premise @PSFKPREDICTIVE ANALYTICS LABS @PSFK
  26. 26. Software Scrapes The Web To Help Companies Anticipate Risks And Capitalize On Business Opportunities recordedfuture.com Recorded Future LABS @PSFKPREDICTIVE ANALYTICS
  27. 27. LABS @PSFK What This Means… Researchers will have answers the moment they ask the right questions.
  28. 28. LABS @PSFK Social and interactive platforms are enabling teams to collaborate on research both remotely and in-person, creating more opportunities to uncover unseen connections and new paths of inquiry. COLLABORATIVE INSIGHTS
  29. 29. Collaborative Brainstorming Tool Aids In Knowledge Discovery wikibrains.com WikiBrains LABS @PSFKCOLLABORATIVE INSIGHTS
  30. 30. Large-Scale Display Helps Students Visually Collaborate On Health Science Research bit.ly/1otWlDY Penn State @PSFKCOLLABORATIVE INSIGHTS LABS @PSFK
  31. 31. LABS @PSFK What This Means… Collaborative platforms will contribute to the democratization of great thinking.
  32. 32. LABS @PSFK A growing class of publishing platforms and tools are designed to make the process of writing and reading more social and iterative, improving the quality of shared research and resulting discussion. SOCIAL PUBLISHING
  33. 33. Publishing Platform Wants To Make Feedback And Discussion An Integral Part Of The Writing Process hi.co Hi LABS @PSFKSOCIAL PUBLISHING
  34. 34. @PSFK Annotation Tool Makes Content More Conversational bit.ly/1jfXtsI Sidenotes LABS SOCIAL PUBLISHING
  35. 35. LABS @PSFK What This Means… Research articles become active discussions rather than archival references.
  36. 36. LABS @PSFK Emerging tools are enabling researchers to work offline and seamlessly transfer their writing and other files into digital formats for intuitive search and archiving. AUTOMATED ARCHIVING
  37. 37. Tablet Transfers Drawings From Paper To Screen qualcomm.com Ultra Sound NotePad LABS @PSFKAUTOMATED ARCHIVING
  38. 38. Digital Pen Syncs Handwritten Notes To Phone And Tablet livescribe.com Livescribe 3 LABS @PSFKAUTOMATED ARCHIVING
  39. 39. LABS @PSFK What This Means… If research isn’t digital, it might as well not exist.
  40. 40. LABS @PSFK An emerging set of tools are helping researchers stay on top of the real-time stream of information and media that is being created every day. ASSISTED RESEARCH
  41. 41. Platform Streams Text To Help People Learn To Read More Quickly spritzinc.com Spritz ASSISTED RESEARCH LABS @PSFK
  42. 42. Twitter-Style Feed Turns Breaking News Into Quick Reads cir.ca Circa LABS @PSFKASSISTED RESEARCH
  43. 43. LABS @PSFK What This Means… Researchers will be able to consume more content in more ways.
  44. 44. LABS @PSFK Digital tools are using a combination of user preferences, location and other known data to make connections between multiple systems and deliver relevant information. CONTEXTUAL CONNECTIONS
  45. 45. @PSFK Productivity Platforms Uses Simple ‘Recipes’ To Connect Web Services Together For Contextual Actions ifttt.com IFTTT LABS CONTEXTUAL CONNECTIONS
  46. 46. @PSFK Digital Assistant Listens To Conversations And Supplements Them With Relevant Information expectlabs.com/mindmeld MindMeld LABS CONTEXTUAL CONNECTIONS
  47. 47. LABS @PSFK What This Means… Context will become the new form of search.
  48. 48. LABS @PSFK Universities and institutions are exploring the future of new technologies and platforms as way to expand the quality and reach of their academic researchers. DIGITAL SCHOLARSHIP
  49. 49. Houghton Library Hires Wikipedian-In-Residence To Help Make Research Materials Available To The Wider Community hcl.harvard.edu/libraries/houghton Harvard University LABS @PSFKDIGITAL SCHOLARSHIP
  50. 50. Annenberg School Offers A Course In Google Glass Journalism glassjournalism.tumblr.com USC LABS @PSFKDIGITAL SCHOLARSHIP
  51. 51. LABS @PSFK What This Means… In order to succeed, future researchers must have access to the latest tools and techniques.
  52. 52. LABS @PSFK KEY TAKEAWAYS • Data is no longer just for the hard sciences. • Algorithms breathe new life into old data. • Insights move at the speed of information. • Technology augments human curiosity and discovery. • Social tools help unlock innovative thinking. • Experimentation is essential to remain relevant.
  53. 53. LABS @PSFK FUTURE OF RESEARCH Data And The Rise Of 
 Digital Scholarship PSFK Labs 42 Bond Street, 6th Floor New York, NY 10012 USA labs.psfk.com