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Social Media Citizen Engagement: Developing Strategy and Tactics

Slides from my recent presentation at the Nevada Digital Summit for Government.

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Social Media Citizen Engagement: Developing Strategy and Tactics

  1. 1. Nevada Summit: Social Media for Citizen Engagement Building a social engagement strategy with: Sarah Evans (@PRsarahevans) Chief Evangelist, Tracky (www.tracky.com) Social Correspondent, Sarah’s Faves (http://sarahsfav.es) sarah@tracky.com @PRsarahevans   #nevadaengage  
  2. 2. Citizen (and consumer) behaviors have changed Print newspapers no longer dominate as the news hub. “77%  of  the  *mes  that  viewers  watch  TV,  it  is  with   another  device.”    –Stefanos  Karagos   Photo  credit:  h4p://www.flickr.com/photos/dcmetroblogger/6574651159/   @PRsarahevans   #nevadaengage  
  3. 3. It’s the time of the “Davids.” @PRsarahevans  Photo  credit:  h4p://www.flickr.com/photos/antmcneill/7195854110/     #nevadaengage  
  4. 4. Your branded content = spam Photo  credit:  h4p://www.flickr.com/photos/thomashawk/362270357/   @PRsarahevans   #nevadaengage  
  5. 5. TAKE STOCK: Content Engagement•  Blog posts on your blog –  Tips –  Tools –  White papers•  Guest posts you contribute elsewhere•  Guest posts from others on your site @PRsarahevans   #nevadaengage  
  6. 6. TAKE STOCK: Social Engagement•  Twitter •  Pinterest•  Facebook •  Reddit•  Linkedin •  YouTube•  Google+ •  Tumblr•  Instagram •  Boards and Forums @PRsarahevans   #nevadaengage  
  7. 7. Know your end goal:•  Get people to share, like, retweet•  Reach more stakeholders in your community•  Citizen contribution (i.e. user generated content)•  Provide updates, information•  Push agenda (engagement is insignificant) @PRsarahevans   #nevadaengage  
  8. 8. 6 forms of online engagement1.  Proactive on your site (I’m here to tell you something)2.  Reactive on your site (I’m responding to something you posted)3.  Proactive on their site4.  Reactive on their site5.  Proactive on social networks6.  Reactive on social Photo  credit:  h4p://www.flickr.com/photos/10ch/3346820651/   networks Create  your  communica*on  matrix  for  each  scenario!   @PRsarahevans   #nevadaengage  
  9. 9. Local crisis center needs diapers @PRsarahevans   #nevadaengage  
  10. 10. Develop your (earned) formula•  In person events •  Blog –  Forums –  Forget the press release –  Meet and greet (if you can), this can be your communication hub•  Print content –  There’s still an audience •  Social for this –  Twitter•  Website –  Facebook –  The most credible of –  Tumblr your online presence –  Instagram –  SEO •  Mobile (iOS, Android, Windows) –  Text –  Apps –  Mobile site @PRsarahevans   #nevadaengage  
  11. 11. Sometimes, one person can change the game. •  Personal •  Funny •  Inspirational •  Real issues •  Builds audience •  Public/transparent @PRsarahevans   #nevadaengage  
  12. 12. The way news trends is different. Nuances like:•  American Express OPEN Forum guest post –  Top trending posts are shared on Mashable –  Reach on one of the top 300 sites in the world•  Facebook’s EdgeRank –  Filters content. On average 16-20 percent of fans will see your content (source) –  Tag everything –  Get likes, shares, comments•  Twitter’s Trending Topics –  Number of people using hashtag matter (not repeat tweets or multiple uses of hashtag in one tweet) –  Generated by an algorithm – what’s being talked about right now•  Featured on Instagram Explore Page –  Must have more than 10,000 followers –  Unknown, but need a lot of likes (i.e. 500+) and from popular people•  Reddit Front Page –  Submission time (9a EST) –  First 10 upvotes have the same weight as next 100 upvotes (get them quick) –  Type of content (e.g. photo via Imgur) and subject matter (e.g. meme, rage comic) @PRsarahevans   #nevadaengage  
  13. 13. You have to understand whattopics are important to people or likely to generate a response. #   Great  on:   Not  so  great  on:   Reddit   Linkedin   Instagram   Quora   Tumblr   Facebook   Buzzfeed   Great  on:   Not  so  great:   Google+   Twi4er   Facebook   Google+   Instagram   Pinterest   Linkedin   Great  on:   Not  so  great  on:   Google+   Everywhere  else   @PRsarahevans   #nevadaengage  
  14. 14. The engagement doesn’t always “come to you.” Look for opportunities. @PRsarahevans   #nevadaengage  
  15. 15. Search public Facebook posts:http://www.fbsearchresults.com/ @PRsarahevans   #nevadaengage  
  16. 16. @PRsarahevans   #nevadaengage  
  17. 17. Social Engagement Communication Toolkit•  Tactical arsenal•  1-2 page online crisis overview –  Pre-approved landing page, general statement to go live during crisis•  Communication and response matrix –  When will you respond –  When will you not respond –  When do you take the conversation offline•  Usernames and passwords•  List of hashtags, nuances, habits of each network•  Contact information of all team members•  Structure of accountability –  Producers –  Listeners –  Delegators –  Ambassadors –  Approved employees @PRsarahevans   #nevadaengage  
  18. 18. Create a volunteer-base of thirdparty ambassadors who serve as an extension of your team.•  Briefed at the same time as your employees•  Bring in to get to know the organization•  Provide them high level talking points, but trust them•  Alert them when they need to mobilize•  Have a backup plan @PRsarahevans   #nevadaengage  
  19. 19. Improve your workflow to do better, not more•  Automate blog sharing to social sites: Dlvr (dlvr.it)•  Schedule ongoing information, evergreen: Buffer (bufferapp.com)•  Make Facebook easier to post: PostRocket (getpostrocket.com)•  IFTTT (ifttt.com)•  Tracky for social editorial calendar, toolkit (tracky.com) @PRsarahevans   #nevadaengage  
  20. 20. Questions? @PRsarahevans   #nevadaengage