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How to change your HARO workflow and become more productive

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How to change your HARO workflow and become more productive

  1. 1. HARO integration with Tracky (The unofficial guide)
  2. 2. Typical workflow for source(s):•  Identify pitch for self, •  If a journalist likes the pitch client or peer. then the PR rep or source –  Self: write pitch or gather needs to do prep work, information, email reporter schedule an interview or –  Client: Email explanation of respond to written Q&A. pitch to see if interested, •  If journalist doesn’t select wait for email as source, still need to –  Peer: Email explanation of follow up with client to let pitch, leave ball in their court them know.•  If client is interested, •  When story runs, need to typically takes two to three update all involved, thank emails to finalize pitch reporter and share the prior to sending. story via social networks.
  3. 3. Create a better way topitch, follow up and archive…
  4. 4. Set deadlines, delegate, work real-time and get everything done in one place. Easily dragand drop team members or When story runs,clients into the track. post to social networks or add to Buffer from within the track. Privacysettings, like secret and private.Set deadlines,mark complete Instead of when done emailing, put all and always discussion,have for future research, files reference. related to story in one place for easy reference.
  5. 5. Step 1: Sign up for Tracky, create a Public Relations group for all PR tasks.
  6. 6. Step 2: Invite in your key PR players. Click  here  to  invite  people   not  already  on  Tracky.  
  7. 7. Step 3: Create an “urgent media opportunities” track
  8. 8. Step 4: Include one media opp in each subtrack.
  9. 9. HOW TO label query:•  Referral  source  (e.g.  HARO)  •  Title  of  query  (e.g.  looking  for  op  10  apps)  •  Add  person  who  will  be  the  source  in   parentheses    
  10. 10. The details•  Assign  team   members  from   the  group  •  Add  a  deadline  •  Copy  and  paste   the  query  in  the   discussion  •  Work  on  the  pitch   in  the  discussion  •  Include  a  copy  of   the  pitch  in  the   discussion.  
  11. 11. Follow up•  Update  status  and/or  progress  in  the  discussion.  •  Mark  the  subtrack  complete  if  you  don’t  hear  back  or  when  the   story  runs.  •  If  the  story  runs,  include  a  link  in  the  discussion  and  an  arJcle   screenshot  as  an  a:achment.  
  12. 12. You can always easily access completed pitches or pullresults for media reports.
  13. 13. Questions?Email sarah@tracky.com