marketing crm customer relationship management relationship marketing characteristics sales promotion information system service marketing management ecrmcomponents applicationofecrm benefitsofecrm ecrmfeatures electronicscustomerrelationshipmanagement ecrm critical success factors for scrm social crm collaborative crm analytical crm the strategic framework for crm type of crm small industries development bank of india(sidbi) national small industries corporation (nsic) khadi and village industries commission (kvic) state small industries development corporation(ssi state financial corporations industrial development corporation directorate of industries rural entrepreneurship village cottage industry small scale industry entrepreneurship institutional support entrepreneur vs manager characteristics of entrepreneur types of entrepreneur functions of entrepreneur ethics and social responsibility of entrepreneurs the myth about entrepreneurship entrepreneurial decision process evolution of entrepreneurship opportunities for entrepreneurs in india basic of entrepreneurship woman as entrepreneur customersatisfactionanalysis managingcustomercomplaint customerswitching loyaltystatus understandingcustomerloyalty personalization customerrecognition customerresponsiveness retentionstrategies referralsprograms acquisitionstrategies crmstrategies goalsofcrm crmobjectives needforcrm understandingcrm advantage of crm component of crm external marketing and interactive marketing. internal marketing service marketing triangle service encounter waiting time management yield management service recovery front-office/back-office coordination managing service experiences dimension of service quality service blueprint new service development service operations management benchmarking and essentials of effective control s key success factors scheduling operational control-budgeting different controlling techniques strategic control process leadership & culture. matching structure to strategy institutionalizing strategy mc kinsey's 7s model developing & communicating policies functional strategy annual objectives steps in implementation operationalzing strategy strategic implementation its definition retrenchment and portfolio restructuring stability strategy joint ventures mergers and acquisition diversification strategy integration strategy concentration strategies growth strategy type of grand strategy grand strategy common requirement for generic strategies generic strategy degree of buyer involvement and duplicate and loo psychological factors personality and self concept economic situation occupation buyer characteristics such as age and lifestyle political factors economical factors technological factors socio cultural factors factor affecting rural buying behavior buying model for rural customer 4 a’s of rural marketing challenges and constraint of rural marketing rural market attraction myth of rural marketing rural consumer profile evolution of rural marketing rural share in stocks of consumer demand tows analysis swot analysis capability and competitive position analysis of company’s resources strategic group analysis strategic group sixth force of porter 5 force model porter 5 force model competitive analysis industry’s dominant economic features demographical environment legal environment natural environment technological environment socio cultural environment economical environment political environment components of external environment strategically important components business environment definition customer loyalty and customer delight. environmental influence on buying process factor influencing on buying behavior buyer behavior types of consumers consumer buying and industrial buying consumer market customer deligh purpose and benefits of crm components of crm qualities of good salesman aidas formula objective of personal selling personal selling sales promotion techniques balance score card and strategic intent goal objectives policies mission vision creation of ads classification of advertisement advertising functions importance purpose objective of advertising concept advertisement definition strategist and pitfall in strategic management strategic management model approach level relevance strategic management definition different types of information system prerequisite of successful management information elements of information system direct marketing public relation promotion mix integrated marketing communication process advertising objectives of promotion promotion definition distribution channels channel selection strategy alternative marketing channels type of marketing channels factors influencing/affecting pricing decisions importance of pricing in marketing pricing methods pricing objectives role of pricing mix pricing definition pricing concepts price constraint and limitation of information system information system and organization information system and society application of information system types of information system component of information system controlling leadership motivating directing staffing organizing planning function of management product life cycle product mix prodcut classification product level product product concept positioning strategies market targeting strategies target market selection benefits of market segmentation basis of market segmentation market segmentation egronomics material requirement planning inventory control material handling purchase management materail management differentiation of service types of positioning positioning of services targeting of services segmentation of services brown and gibson method dimensional analysis centre of gravity break even analysis point rating model factor rating model locations models steps in location selection facilities layout plant location marketing orientation recent trneds in marketing scope of marketing nature of marketing core concept basics of marketing service economy challenges of service classification of services service characteristics ethics emergence of management thought fundamentals of management characteristics of production overview of production and operation management books reading
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