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The Science of Sound, Part 2

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Sound affects how we communicate & collaborate at work. In the Science of Sound, Part 2, you will learn how noise affects your work (& how to deal with it).

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The Science of Sound, Part 2

  1. 1. Part 2 THE SCIENCE OF SOUND Workplace Noise & the Promise of Mobile Conferencing
  2. 2. AUDITORY CHAOS Hearing is a sense we can’t turn off. Our ears are always on, and the sounds around us present constant opportunity for distraction.    In the workplace, we are constantly listening to and analyzing the sounds in our environment, even if we aren’t consciously aware of this mental process.
  3. 3. THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON NOISE Background noise is more than just a nuisance. It's an efficiency-killer, hindering productivity by up to 30% when performing tasks that utilize memory.
  4. 4. STUDIES SHOW PEOPLE ARE LESS LIKELY TO HELP OTHERS UNDER HIGH-NOISE CONDITIONS Noise is a plague upon open-plan office workers. If unwanted noise is hindering your communication and collaboration in the workplace, it's time to make a change.
  5. 5. The power of the mobile phone lies in its ability to empower workers to untether themselves from their deskphones and communicate clearly regardless of location. MAKING THE CASE FOR MOBILITY 
  6. 6. 20-25 90 3B PERCENTOF THEWORKFORCE Now works remotely at least some of the time VoLTESUBSCRIBERS Expected by 2021 PERCENTOF EMPLOYEESINAPAC Regularly take conference calls on mobile phones because limited office space means a noisy environment
  7. 7. A mobile conferencing solution is the perfect collaboration tool for the increasingly mobile workforce, empowering professionals to communicate effectively every time, everywhere. MOBILE FIRST, MOBILE ALWAYS The desk phone has remained a staple in the corporate office because, before now, there was not a mobile conferencing solution that enabled high- quality conference calling on the go. 
  8. 8. Mobile conferencing is on the rise. Approximately 36 percent of PGi conference calls are currently taken on mobile devices, a number that is expected to jump to 50 percent by 2020.
  9. 9. provide a next- generation level conferencing experience complete with HD audio for any VoLTE customer on any network, in any country. MOBILE COLLABORATION EXCHANGE PGi's mobile collaboration exchange is a first- of-its-kind global conferencing and collaboration service that leverages PGi's existing global conferencing and audio infrastructure to 
  10. 10. LEARN MORE To learn more about how PGi's mobile collaboration exchange can enhance collaboration and empower your global, mobile workforce, read The Science of Sound, Part 2 white paper or visit https://www.pgi.com/contact-partner-program/