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Presentation on coca cola marketing strategies

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Presentation on coca cola marketing strategies

  1. 1. Presentation On Coca-colaMarketing Strategies
  2. 2. Group Leader
  3. 3. Definition Of Marketing Strategies•A marketing strategy is a process or model toallow a company or organization to focuslimited resources on the best opportunities toincrease sales and thereby achieve asustainable competitive advantage.3 Major Steps:1. Analysis2. Planning3. Execution
  4. 4. Explanation Of 3 Major Steps1. Analysis - Analyzing the organization, customers,competitors and the business environment in which weoperate.2. Planning - Match between the business environment andour mission and values. This stage focus on two steps:develop products and services with a sustainablecompetitive advantage, and design an attractive brand.3. Execution - In order to communicate our improved valueproposition, the communication tactics of public relations,advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing, guerrillamarketing, e-marketing and others should be employed.
  5. 5. History Of Coca-Cola Brand.
  6. 6. History Of Beginning•Coca-Cola was Invented On May 8,1886 By Dr.John Pemberton. Coca-Cola was first offered asa fountain beverage by mixing Coca-Colasyrup with carbonated water.•First Coca-Cola glass Was Sold On 5 Cents In1886.And He Just Sold 9 Drinks Per Day•First Bottle was Made In 1916.
  7. 7. Coca-Cola`s MissionMission + Commitment = FocusFocus + Action = ResultMission statement: “We exist to create value for ourshare owners on a long-term basis by building abusiness that enhances The Coca-Cola Company’strademarks. This is also our ultimate commitment. Asthe world’s largest beverage company, we refresh thatworld. We do this by developing superior soft drinks,both carbonated and non-carbonated, and profitablenon-alcoholic beverage systems that create value forour Company, our bottling partners and ourcustomers.”
  8. 8. Coca-Cola’s Objectives•Coca-Cola’s first objective is to maximize shareowner value over time.•Maximize long-term cash flow•To ensure the strongest and most efficientproduction, distribution, and marketing systemspossible
  9. 9. Challenges•Negative Publicity in India during September2006– Accused of selling products with pesticide residue•Intense competition– Pepsi is the leading competitor of Coke
  10. 10. SWOT AnalysisLocation Of Factors Types Of FactorsFavorable UnfavorableStrengths WeaknessInternal Factors i. Coca Cola Has aWide Range OfProductsii. World`s LeadingBrandiii. Operation On a veryLarge Scaleiv. Strong revenuegrowthi. Less inventoryturnover as compareto Pepsiii. Coke is criticized forlofty levels ofpesticides in itsproductsExternal Factors Operationsi. Growing BottledWater marketii. Coke can relativelydiversify and offeringhealth consciousproductsThreatsi. Intense competitionWith Pepsiii. Dependence oniii. bottling partnersiv. Low growth rate incarbonated drinks
  11. 11. Coca-Cola’s Marketing Strategies Acceptability - Through effective marketing,ensuring Coca-Cola brands are an integral partof consumers daily lives, making Coca-Cola thepreferred beverage everywhere Affordability - Coca-Cola guarantees it offers thebest price in terms of value for money Availability - Making sure that Coca-Cola brandsare available anywhere people wantrefreshment, a pervasive penetration of themarketplace
  12. 12. Types Of Coca-Cola marketing•TV Marketing•Offline Marketing (Schools, cinemas, theme parks,restaurant chains)•Online marketing (online marketing, mobile andother forms of marketing using interactivetechnologies)•Sports and physical activity marketing•Created new graphics for packaging, POSmaterials, street signs, trucks and vendingmachines
  13. 13. Social Media Networks• Coca-Cola needs to utilize different aspects of social media inorder to communicate with consumers.• This will Turn in:– Increase brand awareness– Create a positive image for the brand• By taking advantage of these different networks such as Twitter,Myspace, Facebook and Youtube Coca-Cola will be able to seewhat customers are saying about the product and improve orchange things if necessary.
  14. 14. Coca-Cola’s Internal Environment•Coca-Cola produces franchise products.– Products do not have substitutes.– Coca-Cola is a low cost leader.– Coca-Cola has the largest plant capacity in the world and thereforeenjoys significant economies of scale.– Low regulatory restrictions placed on the Company.
  15. 15. Coca-Cola’s Finance•Coca-Cola’s concentrate business is a cashcow.•In 1997, Coca-Cola generated $4 billion inoperating cash flow•Coca-Cola invests this in 3 ways– invest in bottling & concentrate plants– pay dividends to share owners– repurchases their shares•
  16. 16. Marketing Strategy Of 2010 is asFollows:• Accelerate Carbonate soft-drink growth, led by coca-cola.• selectively broaden the family of beverage brands to driveprofitable growth.• Grow systems profitability and capability together with our bottlingpartners.• Serve customers with creativity and consistency to generategrowth across all channels.• Direct investment to highest potential areas across markets• Drive efficiency and cost-effectiveness everywhere
  17. 17. Stakeholders Of Coca-cola
  18. 18. Corporate Level Strategy•Coca-Cola has long been committed to aproduct development strategy.•This allow Coca-Cola to penetrate existingmarkets with new products due to their highbrand awareness.•This strategy capitalizes on Coca-Cola’sfavorable trademark reputationAny Questions?
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