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  1. 1. Trading Analytics Ovidiu Popoviciu 2036725
  2. 2. Overview 1. Introduction • Company, team, project description 2. Technologies and Practices • SDLC, Task and Change Management, Continuous Integration 3. Reflection • Challenges, University relevance, Lessons
  3. 3. Company • Global investment firm specializing in financial services • Technology plays a major part within the firm • As of 2015, it became the No. 1 tech bank in the US
  4. 4. Team • Part of Market Making and Quoting (MMQ) • Responsible for design, development and maintenance of high frequency trading engines
  5. 5. Project • Proof of concept, not pilot or production project • Long term goal: slowly shift to web technologies • Development of a dynamic trading analytics portal
  6. 6. Technologies Web development Other technologies
  7. 7. Practices
  8. 8. Software Development Life Cycle IndustryUniversity
  9. 9. Task Management Industry • Gathering: continuous collaboration • Specification: epics, (major) tasks and subtasks • Allocation: initial waterfall, then one-week sprints University • Gathering: one interview • Specification: user stories • Allocation: 3-4 week sprints
  10. 10. Change Management Industry • git for project, team was using perforce • Two repos: one public and readable, a private fork writable • Changes are made by pull requests University • SVN for PSD3, git for TP3 • Team was pushing to master branch • Changes are pushed chaotically
  11. 11. Continuous integration Industry • One pre-commit job • One continuous CI for private repo and another for the public repo • Builds and tests the system through unit tests University • One continuous CI • Builds and tests the system through unit and acceptance tests
  12. 12. Challenges • Difficult to communicate with London based manager • Requirements were dispersed and constantly changing • Overall responsibility for managing project • Financial domain and proprietary technologies • Starter in web development
  13. 13. Would have been useful… • University courses covered A LOT of material and SE practices • However, learning through experience is more effective • Code reviews • Great way to review changes, discuss defects and share knowledge • Stash included a peer review system • Dependency injection with Spring, AngularJS • Easily manage dependencies and provide reusable, testable, more readable code
  14. 14. Lessons to take away • Requirements change all time and mess with your work! • Collaboration and constant communication is key • Time management is by far the greatest challenge • Professional Software Development (PSD3) is the most important course for third years!
  15. 15. Thank you for your attention! Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment. --Frederick P. Brooks