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Osman Abdullah Awad-CV

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Osman Abdullah Awad-CV

  1. 1. 1  PERSONAL DETAILS:-  Name : Osman Abdullah Awad AL- Karim.  Nationality : Sudanese.  Date of birth : 09/09/1987.  Status : Single.  Residence : Sultanate of Oman  Visa status : Valid till Septemper 2017  Driving License : Omani driving license.  EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS:-  2010-2011: CCNA CiSCO attendance Certificate From National Trainning Institute-NTI  2009-2010: Academic course in Network+ certificate from Polyglot Institute with grade 91% wich consedered as (Excellent)  2005-2009: Bachelor degree with second class honors in Computer Science Awarded by Staffordshire University- UK with grade 10.5375 which considered as (Very Good)  2003-2004: Secondary school certificate – Jabir bin Zaid secondary school.  PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE:-  From August 08,2011-Present: Working in Oman Fisheries CO.SAOG one of largest companies in GCC and Middle East for proccessing & exporting seafood with Authorised ISO 9001-2008 and HACCP certificates as Senior hardware/networking and Technical support Engineer.Also, one of three team members for, implementing, troubleshooting and configuring in- house customized (ERP) system.  From January 22,2011 To June 1st ,2011: Training in Deloitte &Touche company in IT department as hardware and networking engineer and in IT auditing department.  From 8th August 2008 To 1st October 2008: Training in Arabian Computer company. CURRICULUM VITAE
  2. 2. 2  COMPUTER SKILLS:-  5+ years dealing with Domains & Servers management (Server2003,2008,2012 R2).  5+ years experience of Managing servers backup.  5+ years experience and understanding Networking soulutions and configurations.  5+ years in configuring PC, technical support & Troubleshootings.  Good knowledge of IT management, information analysis  Information control reviews to include system development standards, operating procedures, system security, Ability to gather data, compile information, and prepare reports.  5+ years experience with operating systems to include: Windows 7,8 and 10 as well as windows server 2003, 2008 and windows 2012 R2.  Windows Applications, Internet & Office mail.  PERSONAL SKILLS:-  Interpersonal skills.  Ability to work under pressure.  Good communication skills via phone call, e-mail, voicemail, walkup, fax, or Web interface.  Work on short-period projects and assignments.  Skill to work independent or in a team group.  Capability to communicate with public and clients.  Ability to handle two or more assisgnments in one time.  Skill on presenting and finalizing IT related reports.  CURRENT JOB DUTIES/RESPONSIBILITIES:-  Domains & Servers management.  Perform hardware/software installation, configuration and troubleshoot.  Manage deployment, monitoring, maintenance, development, upgrade and support of all IT systems, softwares and hardware.  2nd line/3rd line tec hnical support for more than 100 users and +40 remote sites.
  3. 3. 3  Responsible for giving support to all ERP users in HO& remote sites.  Assist in Develop and implement IT policies and procedures including security, disaster recovery, purchasing and service provision Develop training materials such as manuals, procedures, exercises, and visual displays.  Preparing and review requirements for both internal & external IT audits.  Maintain & handeling All OE assets related to IT department for all branches.  Provide training on software applications to end –suers.  ACHIVED TASKS IN CURRENT COMPANY:-  One of three team members for designing,specify,review testing our company’s new website.  Technical configurations for implementation of ERP system in Yemen branch.  Network Configurations in Salalah branch for new plant.  ERP configuration support for Masirah & Souqra branches.  New Server installation and configuration for new refrigeration store in Barka.  Planed and managed CCTV cameras for new plant in Ashkhara branch.  PREFERED JOB POSITION:-  I have the ability and preference to handle positions related to, System admin, IT Executive, IT system support, Senior hardware engineer, IT Security and Audit field.  LANGUAGES KNOWN:- SPEAKING WRITING READING FLUENT FLUENT FLUENT ARABIC VERY GOOD VERY GOOD VERY GOOD ENGLISH  REFERENCES:-  Mr. Shihab ( skareem@deloitte.com)  DIRECT CONTACT:-  Mobile: +968 92261784  E-Mail: osman.awadkarim87@gmail.com