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Wifi wireless-cctv-camera-orwind-air-series-call-7777001500 | Orwind Inc.

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★ Super Mini Wifi Wireless P2P Spy Camera With Inbuilt Motion Detection.
★ Two Way Communication Speaker with Microphone.
★ Continous Battery Backup Upto 12 Hours.
★ Day + Night Vision Clear HD Live Footage with 1080P Recording.
★ Super Easy To Setup within 160 Seconds.
★ Awarded as the Best & the Most Reliable Hidden Camera in The World.
★ LIVE Camera View on Windows, Android & IOS Through MyOrwindAPP.

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Wifi wireless-cctv-camera-orwind-air-series-call-7777001500 | Orwind Inc.

  1. 1. = WIRELESS WIFI P2P LIVE STREAMING CCTV CAMERA = Contact: +91-7777-001500 | Store: IndiaBoosters.com / Orwind.In
  2. 2. BEST-IN-CLASS FEATURES ORWIND WI-FI CCTV CAMERA’s *Key Features Of Indoor Camera Models*: ★ AVAILABLE MODELS : 5.0 MP & 8.0 MP CAMERA LENS MODELS. ★ EASY PLUG & PLAY 2 MINUTES INSTALLATION ★ MOTION DETECTION & NOTIFICATION ★ 360° ROTATION CAMERA. ★ 180° VIEW ANGLE PRO HD CAM - TWO WAY TALK AUDIO/COMMUNICATION. ★ IR CUT NIGHT & DAY CLEAR VISION. ★ INSTANT SHOOT CAPTURE WIFI CAMERA. ★ FULL HD VIDEO RECORDING ★ SUPPORTS UPTO 128 GB MEMORY SLOT -MOTION DETECTION *Key Features Of Outdoor Camera Models*: ★ AVAILABLE MODELS : 5.0 MP & 8.0 MP CAMERA LENS MODELS. ★ Suitable for All iPhone/ Android / Tablet or Windows DEVICES. ★ COMPLETELY WIRELESS NO NEED OF ANY WIRE EXCEPT ELECTRICITY. ★ P2P Function Device With Advanced Playback Function. ★ IP66 Waterproof Outdoor WIRELESS Wifi Air Camera. ★ FULL HD Resolution & Web Access. Super Highlights: Accessing Recording History Through Mobile App. -Easy & Fast Installation - Absolute Wireless - No Need of Wiring Or Dvr – Storage Can Be done in Memory Card Upto 128GB. - Simply Set Ups In Minutes - Two Way Talk Mic - Barking Dog Sensor Description: ORWIND Technologies brings World's most convenient WIFI IP CAMERA From installing to setting up to customer friendly app that allows two way speaking, accessing history of the Camera through the app, to motion detection barking alert - this small wonder is full of big surprises and never before features | ORWIND P2P WIRELESS WIFI BASED CAMERA’S - Watch high quality live video and image from anywhere on your mobile phone, never miss any moment..Supports upto 128 gb Micro Sd Card Class 10 (Approx. 15 Days Recording). - With built in mike & speaker now communicate & give instruction to people from your mobile phone even when you are travelling. With Built in 36pcs IR LEDs with 10m IR range get crystal clear vision even in dark. – Models With UPTO 180-degree view and digital zoom, ORWIND Smart Eye Lenses gives you stunning live video stream on your mobile phone. Easy for Both Wall mounting and Ceiling-mounting Models Available only by Orwind Inc.
  3. 3. *OVERVIEW* *High Definition Footage - Global Remote Live Accessibility* This system is not to be confused with other inferior devices that give lower quality imagery and with diminished capabilities. Most other systems on offer produce pixelated video imagery and many will only allow you to remotely view what the camera is seeing within the bounds of the same WiFi signal, which usually means that you can remotely view from the next room or the next floor, which is extremely restrictive. Our WiFi cameras produce excellent video quality (with audio) and can be remotely viewed from computer or Smartphone many thousands of miles away or from next door if desired (an Internet connection is needed for the receiving device). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *No Prior Specialist Technical Ability Required* These WIFI Enable Camera’s by Orwind are Ideal to use at home or in the office this WiFi motion-activated Orwind Air Series Wifi camera (with sound), after initial set-up, does not need to be hard-wired to an Ethernet port or to the WiFi Router. This ensures that after the simple set up process has been complete, the Wifi Air Series cam can be placed at your chosen location (wall or ceiling) as long as it is within the broadcast area for the WiFi network that you have configured it with. Getting ‘upand-running really is quite easy. NO specialist technical knowledge is required and simple-to-follow instructions should get your camera unit functional in less than ten minutes. All you will need is a live mains power outlet at the location where you wish to position the camera system because the device has no battery.
  4. 4. *Discreetly Engineered Design and Functionality* The surveillance camera is installed in a position looking through the gaps in the vented casing in the ideal position to view the room environment in which it has been placed. The Air Series camera lens is skillfully positioned and installed so as not to be easily visible to the human eye. The complete video surveillance system is cleverly installed within the external casing with no real external signs that would giveaway the fact that a video surveillance system is within. There are no sounds or flashing lights that would alert attention, or that would arouse suspicion. The system supports motion detection (sends and email when triggered). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Simple Set Up - Motion Activated Recording* The remote viewing console for the system is very simple to use and the software we supply is easy to install on a Windows or Mac computer. On the computer remote setup can be altered such as setting up motion activated recording (requires Windows PC or smartphone to change the settings). Not only can the WiFi camera be watched from a computer, but it can also be remotely monitored from an iPhone or Android phone. Remotely view ‘live’ and record using these smartphones if required. Streamed video footage from the WiFi camera can be automatically stored on a pre-determined PC within the same WiFi network as the camera or the UPTO 128GB internal flash memory storage inside the device. This means the amount of video storage is only restricted by the capacity of the hard-drive on that computer or the UPTO 128GB of built in memory.
  5. 5. *Best Selling Models*: WIRELESS LIVE VIEW P2P CAMERA’S & VIDEO DOORBELLS* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Further Information: If you require further information on the Product above please visit our website at www.Indiaboosters.com or contact us at the address below. Brand: ORWIND Distributed By: Orwind Incorporation Location: Naraina Industrial Area, Phase-1,New Delhi-28, India Care: +91 7777 001500 Web: www.IndiaBoosters.com | www.Orwind.in © 2017 Orwind, Orwind Inc. & Orwind Incorporation.All Rights Reserved.