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2016 OMT Business Meeting Slides

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2016 OMT Business Meeting Slides

  1. 1. OMT Business Meeting: 2016 Agenda 1. Welcome and Division Chair Report – Membership – Committee Updates and EGOS 2. Conference Reports – PDWs – Program and Awards 3. Trailblazer Award 4. Best Published OMT Paper Award 5. Farewells 6. Artifact and Social Hour
  2. 2. Division Chair Report • Vibrant: 4121 members – 1085 students – 2254 international – 628 students attending this conference • Set standards for great scholarship! – Members are consistent Terry Book Award Winners: • 2016: Charles Heckscher Trust in a Complex World: Enriching Community • 2015: Tor Hernes A Process theory of Organization • 2014: Mark Mizruchi The Fracturing of the American Corporate Elite • 2013: Thornton, Ocasio & Lounsbury Institutional Logics – More than our share of the ASQ Five Year Award, AMR Yearly Award, AMJ Yearly Award, Newman Awards
  3. 3. Welcome to Our New Elected Officers!! Peer Fiss PDW Chair-Elect Jo-Ellen Pozner Tal Simons Representatives at large Vibha Gaba Global Rep
  4. 4. Division Chair Report • Continue to support our international members and cultivate collaborative relations EGOS and IACMR • EGOS Collaborations – Executive Committee Collaborations – Co-Sponsoring Int’l paper development workshops (Poland, 2016) – Organization Studies/Sage sponsors International Best Paper Award – Meet OMT@EGOS in Naples (co-sponsored by Cass Business School) – EGOS in increasingly global: • As of July 1, 2015, EGOS had 2,304 members from 55 countries • Top Countries; UK 19%; France 12%; Germany 7.5%; USA 7%; Canada 6%;
  5. 5. Division Chair Report • International Paper Development Workshops – China PDW – Poland PDW – Edinburgh PDW – And others in the works…
  6. 6. Deadline for submissions: January 9, 2017
  7. 7. Communications Committee TEAM (year joined) • Evelyn Micelotta, Alberta (2010) • Mia Raynard, Alberta (2010) • Diane-Laure Arjaliès, HEC Paris (2012) • Marco Clemente, Aalto, (2012) • Rebecca Henn, Penn State (2013) • Shilo Hills, Alberta (2013) • Jochem Kroezen, Cambridge (2013) • Michael Mauskapf, Northwestern (2013) • Madeline Toubiana, Alberta (2013) • Dalhia Mani, HEC Paris (2014) • Teddy DeWitt, Michigan (2014) • Laura Claus, Cambridge (2015) • Christopher Corbishley, Imperial (2015) • Tracey Dodd, U South Australia (2015) • Saralara Marquez-Gallardo, Cass (2015) • Bjoern Mitzinneck, Cornell (2015) • Chris Morin, Calgary (2015) • Georg Reischauer, Hertie Sch of Gov (2015) • Julie Ricard, Concordia (2015) • Sonia Siraz, IE (2015) • Hovig Tchalian, Claremont (2015) • Garima Sharma, Ivey (2016) • Alex Henderson, Queens (2016) • Valdez Gonzalo, Stanford (2016) Chair: Derek Harmon, University of Michigan Social Media Coordinator: Eunice Rhee, Seattle University Listserv moderator: Derek Harmon, University of Michigan
  8. 8. AOM 2016 Social Media Team Coordinator: Eunice Rhee, Seattle University • Garima Sharma, Ivey Business School • Diego Moreira Soares, Queen's University • Thomas Roulet, King's College • Sara Marquez-Gallardo, Cass Business School • Jochem Hummel, VU Amsterdam • Laura Jacobey, University of Goettingen • Kevin Lee, NYU Stern • Madeline Toubiana, U Alberta • Mariam Krikorian, Harvard • Dennis Maq, UBC • Sébastien Mena, Cass Business School • Natalya Alonso, UBC • Daphne THE, Insead
  9. 9. OMT on Facebook Likes as of AOM 2014: 211 Likes as of AOM 2015: 489 Likes as of AOM 2016: 1021
  10. 10. OMT on Twitter Followers as of AOM 2014: 165 Followers as of AOM 2015: 429 Followers as of AOM 2016: 783
  11. 11. OMT PDWs: 2016
  12. 12. OMT PDW Issues Good News • Continued interest in proposing PDWs: 103 hours requested (20 of which for divisional events, 46 for repeated events) • 50% from outside of the US Bad News • Academy budget gave only 65 hours (+3 compared to last year) • No more afterhours policy • No schools within walking distance for offsite events (like Sauder last year) • Restrictions on off-site events (OMT cafes outlawed!) Result • Merciless trimming of most sessions (sorry about that!) • Off-program OMT Events
  13. 13. OMT PDWs Summary • 32 onsite sessions led by OMT + 1 offsite (Dissertation proposal workshop) • 77.5 actual hours onsite + 3 hours offsite • 35 additional sessions co-sponsored by OMT • Off-program OMT Events: –OMT Cafes, OMT Chats –OMT Drinks, OMT Eats –OMT Runs, OMT Yoga
  14. 14. OMT Program: 2016
  15. 15. Submissions to OMT Good news: 2nd highest total submissions, best ever in the States! Anaheim down – but OMT's market share among divisions grew by 1.8%
  16. 16. Program Summary • Overall goal of increasing inclusivity and developmental aspects • 1101 people signed up to review for OMT from 48 countries. Up 15.7% - THANK YOU all with special thanks to Ann Langley, Ed Carberry, Emily Block, Derek Harmon, and Eunice Rhee. • 1082 people received papers to review: – Avg of 2.65 submissions/reviewer (down 7.7%) – Avg of 4.07 reviewers assigned/ submission (up 25.2%) – 90.9% completion rate - no emergency reviewers needed! • 431 paper acceptances (68.3% acceptance rate) – 393 regular papers; 38 discussion papers – 39 “best papers” in the 2016 AoM Proceedings • 84 symposium acceptances (93.3% acceptance rate) – 82 co-sponsored (19 with another division, 63 with 2 other divisions) – 8 showcase symposia
  17. 17. Popular Submission Keywords/Trends Keyword - theories (top 5) Papers ‘16 (‘15) Reviewers Institutional Theory 159 (174) 460 Networks & Embeddedness 64 (88) 197 Learning, Adaptation, Routines & Knowledge Management 60 (58) 143 Economic Sociology 49 (New) 181 Behavioral Theory & Decision Making 47 (53) 198 Keyword - topics (top 9) Identity & Categorization 60 (58) 207 Interorganizational Relations/Networks 52 (New) 164 Institutional Logics & Complexity 51 (74) 261 Org. Design, Structure & Control 46 (New) 151 Status & Reputation 40 (47) 136 Strategy & Strategizing 39 (New) 162 Entrepreneurship 37 (New) 202 Corporate Governance 37 (New) 123 Change 35 (New) 170 **Note that submitters chose 3 keywords and that keywords overlap
  18. 18. OMT Heatmap • OMT Eats: Natalya Alonso, Dennis Ma, Jo-Ellen Pozner
  19. 19. OMT Events • OMT Eats: Natalya Alonso, Dennis Ma, Jo-Ellen Pozner • OMT Runs: Klaus Weber • OMT Yoga: Emily Block • OMT Drinks: Yong Kim, Teddy Dewitt, Dennis Ma, Sebastien Mena • OMT ASQ Editor Chat: Henrich Greve • OMT Cafes: Christopher Steele, Taehyun Lee, Daniel Beunza, Emilio Marti, John Steen, Rene Bakker, Hans-Georg Gemunden, Valentina Assenova, Alicia Desantola, Gareth Keeves, Marjan Houshmand, Oliver Hahl, Justin Frake, Lee Watkiss, Callen Anthony, Federica De Stefano, Christian Hampel, Derin Kent, Johnny Boghossian, Michael Mauskapf, Noah Askin, Sorah Seong, Cassandra Aceves, Abbie Griffith Oliver, Trevor Young- Hyman, Robert Eberhardt, Daniel Armanios, Garima Sharma, Camille Pradies
  20. 20. AWARDS
  21. 21. Research Committee Members Chair: Jo-Ellen Pozner - Incoming Chair: Lori Yue Talk to Lori or Jo-Ellen! Stand up, take a bow! Name Affiliation Name Affiliation Name Affiliation Felix Arndt U. of Nottingham Scott Graffin University of Georgia Dionne Pohler U. of Saskatchewan Brandy Aven Carnegie Mellon Peter GroenewegenVrije University Greg Robbins Southern Connecticut State University Roxana Barbulescu HEC Paris Dan Halgin University of Kentucky Gokce Sargut Governors State U. Marcos Barros Grenoble School of Management Conor Horan Dublin Institute of Technology Garima Sharma Ivey Business School Daniel Beunza LSE Ruthanne Huising McGill University Ned Smith Northwestern University Lyda Bigelow University of Utah Kate Kellogg MIT Adina Sterling Stanford University Emily Block Notre Dame University Sharon Koppman University of Arizona Maxim Sytch University of Michigan Gianluca Carnabuci University of Lugano Reut Livne- Tarandach Univesrity of Oregon Hovig Tchalian Claremont Graduate U. Aharon Cohen Mohliver LBS Dali Ma Drexel University Anna Tyllstrom Uppsala University Mathijs de Vaan UC Berkeley Nydia MacGregor Santa Clara University Bala Vissa INSEAD Rich Dejordy Northeastern University Jennifer Merluzzi Tulane University Maxim Voronov Brock University Niki den Nieuwenboer University of Kansas Yuri Mishina Imperial College London Klaus Weber Northwestern University Bob Eberhart Santa Clara University Kelly Patterson University of Southern California Jennifer Woolley Santa Clara University Micki Eisenman Hebrew U. Jerusalem Markus Perkmann Imperial College London Lori Yue U. Southern California Vibha Gaba INSEAD - SingaporeToni Petkova San Francisco State Eric Zhao Indiana University Simona Giorgi Boston College David Zhu Airzona State U.
  22. 22. OMT Best Student Paper Award “The Fickle Crowd: Selective Differentiation in Cultural Markets” Daniel DellaPosta, Cornell and Minjae Kim, MIT Runners up “Institutional imprints: The enduring effects of past political regimes on CSR in China” Mia Raynard, Alberta “E pluribus unum? An exploration of and proposal regarding the meanings of pluralism in OMT” Louis-François Brodeur, HEC Montreal “Friends and Foes: Towards A Cognition- and Resource-Based Model of Coopetition” Aurora Liu, Schulich School of Business
  23. 23. OMT Division Best Paper on Environmental & Social Practices "Think Global, Drink Local: Field Configuring Interactions and the Detroit Water Crisis“ A. Wren Montgomery, University of Windsor Runners up “Movements, Markets, & the Power of Living Stories” Jocelyn Leitzinger, Michigan, Chad Navis, Clemson, and Theodore Waldron, Baylor “Coming Back & Giving Back: Returnee Directors and Corporate Donations” Jiao Luo, Minnesota, Dongjie Chen, Peking U., and Jia Chen, Peking U. “Agency blind to consequences: The persistence of inequality in the South African mining sector” Ralph Hamann, U. of Cape Town and Stephanie Bertels, Simon Fraser U. “David Defeating Goliath: Institutional Work of A Marginalized Actor Within Institutional Complexity” Sofiane Baba, HEC Montreal and Innan Sasaki, U. of Turku
  24. 24. OMT Division Best International Paper “The family-legitimizing environment and the prevalence, strategy, and performance of family firms” Pascual Berrone, IESE; Patricio Duran, U. Adolfo Ibanez; Luis Gomez-Mejia, Notre Dame; Pursey Heugens, Erasmus; and Marc van Essen, University of St. Gallen Runners up “Lost in Transition: Organizational Practices and Formal Employment of Women in India” Aruna Ranganathan, Stanford U. “Governance units and field evolution dynamics: The case of UK management consulting“ Daniel Muzio, Newcastle U., Matthias Kipping, York U., and Ian Kirkpatrick, U. of Leeds “Variation in the Adoption of a Diffusing Practice: Instruction in English in Turkish Universities” Baþak Topaler, Sabanci U. and Behlül Üsdiken, Sabanci U. “Structure from Chaos: The Creation of Libyan Civil Society” Nada Basir, U. of Waterloo and Ellen Auster, York U.
  25. 25. OMT Division Best Entrepreneurship Paper "Relational Exchange and Generalized Trust in China“ Victor Nee, Cornell University; Sonja Opper, Lund University; and Hakan Holm, Lund University Runners up “The Price of Faith: Political Determinants of Commercialization of Buddhist Temples in China” Lori Yue, Jue Wang, and Botao Yang, USC “Staying True to Purpose: How Commercial Pressures Affect Mission Drift among Social Enterprises” Eric Yanfei Zhao and Matthew Grimes, Indiana U. “Globalization in Action: Templates, Tensions and Strategies of Action in Kenyan Entrepreneurship” Tim Weiss, Zeppelin U. and Klaus Weber, Northwestern “Social Structures and Venue Shopping in Patent Infringement Litigation” Maxim Sytch and Yong Kim, Michigan
  26. 26. OMT Division Best Symposium Award "Politics, Political Ideology and Organizations" Abhinav Gupta, University of Washington, Seattle Runners up “Organizing and Administration in Refugee Crises” Marian Gatzweiler and John Amis, University of Edinburgh “The Meaning of Work in Difficult Times” Winnie Jiang and Amy Wrzeniewski, Yale University “Collaboration in Innovation Ecosystems: Firm Strategy and Inter-Organizational Ties” David Clough, INSEAD “Conducting Unconventional Management Research: Models and Best Practices” Judith Clair, Boston College; Julia DiBenigno, MIT; Robin Ely, Harvard; Elise Jones, Boston College; Kristie Rogers, University of Kansas; and Katina Sawyer, Villanova
  27. 27. Louis R. Pondy Award for Best Paper Based on a Dissertation “The Artisan and His Audience: Identification with Work and Price-Setting in Southern India” Aruna Ranganathan, Stanford University Runners up Runner Up: “How Embedded Ties Split Sides: Network and Tie Formation in Contingent Work” Patrick Reilly, UCLA “Innovation: The Roles of Intellectual Capital, Knowledge Augmentation and Environmental Dynamism” Marc Lerchenmueller, Yale U. “Network Imprinting and the Variability of Venture Capital Firm Performance” Demetrius Lewis, Stanford U. “Bridge and Rule: TMT Faultlines, Firm Performance and the Moderating Role of the CEO-TMT Interface” Dimitrios Georgakakis, U. of St. Gallen, Peder Greve, Henley Business School, and Winfried Ruigrok, U. of St. Gallen
  28. 28. OMT Division Best Paper Award “Better in the Shadows? Media Coverage and Market Reactions to Female CEO Appointments” Kevin Patrick Gaughan and Ned Smith, Northwestern Runners up “Managers’ Political Ideology and Gender Inequality within Organizations” - Seth Carnahan, U. of Michigan and Brad Greenwood, Fox School of Business, Temple U. “Institutional Reincarnation: "The Impossible Project" of Reviving Analog Instant Photography” - Christian Hampel, U. of Cambridge, Paul Tracey, U. of Cambridge, and Klaus Weber, Northwestern “The constrained referrals: How dependence and structural equivalence limit referrals’ performance” - Yonghoon Lee, Hong Kong U. of Science and Technology and Rolf Hoefer, INSEAD
  29. 29. ABCD Reviewer Awards (Above and Beyond the Call of Duty) THANK YOU!!! Alexander Toni Mohr (Kent) Devi Vijay (IIM Calcutta) Madelynn Raissa Dawn Stackhouse (Calgary) Amit Gal (Open U. Israel) Dongyoub Shin (Yonsei) Marek Szarucki (UE Krakowie) Anna Elise Roberts (Schulich) Erica Heather Coslor (Melbourne) Melissa Pirkey (Emory) Anna M Stephens (Queensland) Gregory E. Robbins (Southern CTSU) Michael Mauskapf (Northwestern) Chanchal Balachandran (Linköping) Ivana Katic (Yale) Ming D. Leung (UC Berkeley) Chang Lu (Alberta) Jean-Charles Pillet (Grenoble) Peter Norlander (Loyola) Chenguang Hu (HKUST) Jennifer G. Irwin (LSU) Remco Stefan Mannak (Tilburg) Christian E. Hampel (Cambridge) Jesper Edman (Hitotsubashi) Rhonda K. Reger (Tennessee) Christof Brandtner (Stanford) Jocelyn M. Leitzinger (Michigan) Rich DeJordy (Northeastern) Connor Strobel (UC Irvine) Jochem T. Hummel (Amsterdam) Ryann Manning (Harvard) Conor Callahan (Rice) Jorge Walter (George Washington) Sahangsoon Kim (Seoul) Cristina Oana Vlas (UT Dallas) Kati Helena Järvi (Hanken) Sam MacAulay (Queensland) Daniel Bernard Sands (NYU) Kirsten Thommes (RWTH Aachen U) Sumelika Bhattacharyya (IESE) Daniel Beunza (LSE) Laura Claus (Cambridge) Tao Wang (Grenoble) Daniel Han Ming Chng (CEIBS) Madeline King (NYU) Yonghoon G Lee (HKUST)
  30. 30. 2016 Trailblazer
  31. 31. OMT Trailblazer AwardTrailblazer Award• The Joanne Martin Trailblazer Award is presented once every two years. The award recognizes scholars who have taken a leadership role in the field of OMT by opening up new lines of thinking or inquiry. A Trailblazer is a boundary-spanner and a conversation starter, someone who extends and builds the OMT community by shepherding new ideas and new scholarship, often in unconventional ways. Actions that may indicate “trailblazing” behavior include starting up or moving forward a journal or scholarly series, organizing a conference or workshop, and beginning or continuing a conversation about a set of OMT ideas.
  32. 32. OMT Trailblazer Award 2016 Haridimos Tsoukas, Columbia Ship Management Professor of Strategic Management, University of Cyprus/ Distinguished Research Environment Professor of Organization Studies Warwick Business School
  33. 33. OMT Best Paper Published in 2015 Committee Chair: Royston Greenwood
  34. 34. OMT Best Paper Published in 2015 How did we choose the best paper? Committee 1 Renate Meyer Steve Maguire Chris Marquis Scott Sonenshein Forrest Briscoe Paul Tracey Christine Beckman Tom Lawrence Cynthia Hardy Rudy Durand Danny Miller Charlene Zietsma
  35. 35. OMT Best Paper Published in 2015 How did we choose the best paper? Committee 1 Renate Meyer Steve Maguire Chris Marquis Scott Sonenshein Forrest Briscoe Paul Tracey Christine Beckman Tom Lawrence Cynthia Hardy Rudy Durand Danny Miller Charlene Zietsma Committee 2 Trish Reay Jennifer Howard-Grenville Martine Haas Pursey Huegens John Amis Rick Delbridge
  36. 36. OMT Best Paper Published in 2015 How did we choose the best paper? Committee 1 Renate Meyer Steve Maguire Chris Marquis Scott Sonenshein Forrest Briscoe Paul Tracey Christine Beckman Tom Lawrence Cynthia Hardy Rudy Durand Danny Miller Charlene Zietsma Committee 2 Trish Reay Jennifer Howard-Grenville Martine Haas Puesey Huegens John Amis Rick Delbridge Committee 3 Linda Argote Joel Baum Martha Feldman Christine Oliver
  37. 37. And the winner is…!!! Compagni, A., Mele, V., & Ravasi, D. (2015). How early implementations influence later adoptions of innovation: social positioning and skill reproduction in the diffusion of robotic surgery. Academy of Management Journal, 58(1), 242-278. Compagni, A.,
  38. 38. Farewells
  39. 39. Farewell and Thanks Ed Carberry Jo-Ellen Pozner
  40. 40. Farewell and Thanks Pablo Martin de Holan “Digital Dude”
  41. 41. Farewell and Thanks Brayden King Mark Ebers
  42. 42. Thanks to Candy Jones, Our Fantastic Outgoing Chair
  43. 43. Candy began the five-year track a young revolutionary from Boston…
  44. 44. She always led from the front…
  45. 45. Occasionally too close to the front…
  46. 46. And now, five years later…
  47. 47. OMT Artifact Revealed by … Davide Ravasi (#OMTandproudofit)
  48. 48. The OMTattoos!
  49. 49. How to use the OMTattoos: 1. Remove clear, protective top sheet 2. Press OMTattoo firmly onto clean, dry skin (free of oils and makeup) with design facing down 3. Hold wet cloth against back of tattoo, press down and make sure to wet it thoroughly 4. Wait 30 seconds (don’t hurry). Peel off paper backing 5. Gently rinse image with water for best effect TO REMOVE: Saturate tattoo with household rubbing alcohol or baby oil, wait 10 seconds, then rub away with cotton ball. Or use soap and water after several days of wear. WARNING: Don’t apply to sensitive skin, near eyes, or if allergic to adhesive IMPORTANT: OMTattoos are not intended for children under the age of 3 years!
  50. 50. Social Hour Just around the corner….. Northeast Marquis Ballroom: 7:30 – 9:00