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Talking eSports

  1. Talking eSports November 8th
  2. Or Preiss I’m 25. I’m passionate about growth and gaming. Founded Zengaming 2 years ago. We reached 2.5M users and raised $3.8M. I’m now struggling with the development of the company’s culture and refining the value we offer to the world. 1
  3. Disclaimer There is no “right” or “wrong”. The materials in this lecture represents the best knowledge (meta knowledge) we gained so far. This is our perspective and I recommend all of you to doubt and question everything. Always..
  4. What am I going to cover A eSports background B Market structure C Market growth D The opportunity E Some philosophy F GLHF
  5. eSports background A
  6. eSports is Electronic sports eSports background
  7. eSports is mostly team-play based and played on PC or console eSports background
  8. There are 7-8 main titles eSports background Counter Strike Global Offensive League Of Legends Dota 2 Overwatch Hearthstone
  9. Just like traditional sports eSports background
  10. MAIN CATEGORIES ARE MOBA FPS CARDS eSports background Multiplayer online battle arena First person shooter
  11. Dota tournament in Seattle this year $24M prize pool, 5M CC peak 16M, unique viewers eSports background
  12. More people watched League Of Legends than the NBA finals eSports background
  13. - Media rights in 2017 sold to TV for almost $0.3B - Huge clubs opened an eSports team - Top players reported $2.5M annually revenues from prize pool only - Including Israeli Dota player - Tal Aizik in the top 20 with $1M eSports background
  14. Today: Pro teams and players with a huge budget, salaries, gaming house and high contracts eSports background
  15. eSports background eSports history 1980 - First ever local eSports competition of Atari 1997 - First worldwide competition with 2000 participants and prize pool of $15K 2000 - Going global with organizations like WCG and MLG running worldwide tournaments with 800K participants from 78 countries and prize pool of $170K 2011 - Twitch go live allowing streaming (Future - YT gaming) Today - 250M eSports enthusiasts and $0.7B total revenues
  16. eSports grew from the bottom up Started from local communities of gamers eSports background
  17. Market structure B
  18. Market structure The market structure Teams Tournaments Publishers 3rd party Viewership News
  19. Market structure The users Gamers 800M eSports enthusiasts 250M Hungry + 10M Players in teams 200K Tier 3 players Semi pro players 50K Pro Players 5K
  20. Market growth C
  21. Market growth Growth in viewership
  22. Market growth Growth in revenues
  23. Market growth Revenues per enthusiast getting closer to traditional sports
  24. Market growth Recent investments in eSports $100M Oct 2015 $15M Oct 2017 $2.8M April 2016 $70M during 2016-17 Teams VCs involved Startups
  25. The opportunity D
  26. The opportunity Why does it grow so fast? a. It’s still decentralized Like in every emerging market - The consciousness evolves first, then the manifestation. Things like business models, pricing and structure shaped as we speak
  27. The opportunity Why does it grow so fast? B. More people are attracted to gaming than ever before
  28. The opportunity The challenges of the market a. A major percent of the money still flows to game publishers No one owns “Football” Owned by RIOT games
  29. Implies on a broken market Teams Tournaments Publishers 3rd party Viewership News The opportunity Apx 90% Of the money
  30. The opportunity The challenges of the market B. Lack of stability Raises questions like: If RIot wants to grow and release a new game that gains hype, what does it mean for a pro player or for a startup relying on League of Legends? The risk holds the market back
  31. Some philosophy E
  32. The opportunity The current ‘meta’ of the world
  33. The opportunity No child ever dreams of that:
  34. The opportunity Should be done by ROBOTS
  35. The opportunity The current meta of startups is: Enabling people to do what they love and get paid for it
  36. The opportunity And it happens all over Entrepreneurship Artists SMBs Gaming Content creators
  37. F
  38. Why I invested my time here? I love gaming & eSports I love the current ‘Meta’ of the world GLHF
  39. Appendix
  40. ZENGAMING’s story Our mission: 1. To fund the emerging eSport teams class 2. Create a company where teammates build fulfilling lives
  41. Why? ● We believe GAMERS should be able to make a living doing what they love.
  42. Increase your fan base The endless loop holding back gamers Participate in top leagues and tournaments Find sponsors to fund the team It’s damn hard to reach those leagues and tournaments with a low budget (would say 1% success rate) It’s also nearly impossible to find a sponsor without having a massive fan base Cultivating a massive fanbase doesn’t make sense without participating in big events