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  2. HALL.. In the hall there are two statues, some flowers, five pictures and four doors. In the hall there is a carpet, a closet and a cupboard.
  3. LIVINGROOM.. In the living room there are three sofas, two plantpots and two Windows. In the living room there is a TV, a cupboard and a chimney.
  4. DINING ROOM.. Inthe living room there are some chairs, three plantpots, some cutlery, eight dishes and eight vessels. In the living room there is a paiting and a table.
  5. BEDROOM.. In the bedroom there are three cupboards. In the bedroom there is a bed, a closet, a light, an armchair, a carpet, a plantpots and a magazine in the armchair.
  6. BATHROOM.. In the bathroom there are four shelfs, two pictures and somelights. In the bathroom there is a carpet, an armchair, a toilet, a bath, a shower and a window.
  7. KITCHEN.. In the kitchen there are some flowers and threecupboards. In the kitchen there is a cooker, a fridge, a microwave, a sink and a table.
  8. LAUNDRY.. Inthe laundry four Windows, some flowers, three towels and three cupboards. In the laundry there is a washine machine, a carpet, a door, a picture and a hat.
  9. GARDEN.. In the garden there are some plants and two armchairs. Inthe garden there is a swimming pool and a crock.