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Catalog ZEISS Wildlife New Products | Optics Trade | 2015

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Catalog ZEISS Wildlife New Products | Optics Trade | 2015


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Catalog ZEISS Wildlife New Products | Optics Trade | 2015

  2. 2. 32 Three levels of passion. One legendary brand. VICTORY LINE OBSESSION The ultimate optics for the world‘s most serious hunters. CONQUEST LINE PASSION Face every hunting challenge with rugged precision. TERRA LINE ENTHUSIASM Your connection to hunting‘s best moments. CONQUESTVICTORYTERRA
  3. 3. 54 // FASCINATION     MADE BY ZEISS The moment when an experience becomes a thrill. Explore the new ZEISS VICTORY SF. VICTORY
  4. 4. 76 The new ZEISS VICTORY SF. The best wildlife binoculars from ZEISS. NEW ! The combination of optical features in the ZEISS VICTORY SF have made these binoculars our most exciting binoculars yet. The optical perfection, unparalleled field of view, revolutionary ergonomics and lightweight construction come together in the best all-around binoculars we have ever designed. VICTORY
  5. 5. 98 Faster. Never miss a single moment. Brighter. The most brilliant visual experience. More ergonomic. All-day comfort in the field. Wider. The best wildlife binocular from ZEISS by a wide margin. This is the moment nature has been waiting for. VICTORY
  6. 6. 1110 Brighter Best visual experience Faster Best focus • Focus at varying distances quickly and intuitively: SMART FOCUS concept • Precise operation and natural grip in ideal hand position: anti-slip focusing wheel Closer Stunning details • Never miss a detail: 5 ft close-range focus • Maximum brightness that extends your day in the field: 92% light transmission • Outstanding image quality: fluoride lenses made with SCHOTT glass More ergonomic Ideal comfort • Hours of fatigue-free observation: lightweight 27.5 oz • Ideal weight distribution for a steady hand: ErgoBalance concept Wider Best field of view • Widest field of view in its class: 444 ft or 360 ft field of view at 1,000 yds Sharper • Natural colors and brilliant details: Ultra-FL lens system • Sharp images all the way to the edge: seven-lens eyepiece with Comfort View Field Flattener More robust • Robust construction and ergonomic design: Triple-Link Bridge • Unmatched craftsmanship and optical design: made in Germany ZEISS VICTORY SF Faster. Sharper. Brighter. VICTORY
  7. 7. 1312 ZEISS VICTORY SF 8 x 42 The widest field of view in its class (444 ft @ 1,000 yds) means you’ll see a lot more of what nature has to offer. The eyepiece delivers extremely sharp focus all the way to the edges thanks to the integrated Comfort View Field Flattener. In addition, moderate magnification, balanced weight distribution and ergonomic grip make these binoculars a delight to hold for hours of relaxing viewing without fatigue. A light transmission of 92% and large exit pupil measuring over 5 mm ensures bright, brilliant images, even in low light situations. ZEISS VICTORY SF 10 x 42 The 10x42 strikes the perfect balance between detail and distance. The 360 ft @ 1,000 yds field of view with 10x magnification sets a new standard for birding and wildlife observation binoculars. The close range of 5 ft allows for immersive, highly detailed images of animals in the wild. Exceptionally balanced weight distribution and advanced ergonomics with anti-slip profile provide outstanding viewing stability and significantly reduce fatigue for hours of comfortable observation, even at ten power. ZEISS VICTORY SF Models & Accessories. VICTORY SF field case The biggest moments happen in an instant. The field case can be carried with straps or secured on your belt. It features dual magnetic and zipper closures to protect your binocular when not in use, and allows for quick and easy access so you’re not left fumbling as the trophy you’ve been waiting for moves off and the moment slips away. VICTORY
  8. 8. 1514 ZEISS VICTORY SF Technical specifications. Model 8 x 42 10 x 42 Magnification 8 x 10 x Effective lens diameter 42 mm 42 mm Exit pupil diameter 5.3 mm 4.2 mm Twilight factor 18.3 20.5 Field of view at 1,000 yds 444 ft 360 ft Apparent angle of view 64° WA 65° WA Close focus 5.0 ft 5.0 ft Diopter adjustment range +/- 4 dpt +/- 4 dpt Eye relief 18 mm 18 mm Lens type Ultra-FL Ultra-FL Prism system Schmidt-Pechan Schmidt-Pechan Coating LotuTec® / T*® LotuTec® / T*® Nitrogen-filled yes yes Waterproof 400 mbar 400 mbar Operating temperature range -22 / +140°F -22 / +140°F Height 6.8 in 6.8 in Width at an eye width of 65 mm 5.0 in 5.0 in Weight 27.5 oz 27.5 oz Order Number 52 42 21 52 42 22 T* = ZEISS T* multi-layer coating. Ultra-FL = lens system with optimized FL concept. WA = binoculars with wide-angle eyepieces. The design and scope of delivery related to technical developments may be subject to change. No liability for mistakes or printing errors. VICTORY
  9. 9. 1716 New connections to nature. Innovations 2015. ZEISS TERRA. TERRA NEW !
  10. 10. 1918 TERRA // CONNECTION     MADE BY ZEISS The moment stories become legends. The new ZEISS TERRA ED 8x32 and 10x32.
  11. 11. 2120 ZEISS TERRA ED 32 Pack light. Hunt hard. Travel fast. ZEISS and Under Armour teamed up to launch the new TERRA ED 8x32 and 10x32 binocular. The TERRA ED 8x32 and 10x32 are the ideal companions for bow hunters and rifle hunters who demand quality optics and extreme mobility. With compact and lightweight design, rugged and waterproof construction, comfortable ergonomics and an exclusive Under Armour Bino Harness, featuring durable, thick hypalon attachments, solid metal hardware and adjustable elastic straps for complete comfort. Scramble rocks. Climb trees. Jump ditches. ZEISS TERRA has a wide field of view and bright and clear image, even in low light conditions. TERRA
  12. 12. 2322 ZEISS TERRA ED 32 Fits in every pocket. And budget. Lightweight precision. Incredible value. Lightweight Multicoated Lenses Waterproof Construction Ergonomic Design TERRA
  13. 13. 2524 Field tested. Field proven.
  14. 14. 2726 The new ZEISS TERRA ED 42 Lost Camo Edition The moment you disappear into the backcountry. The ZEISS TERRA ED Lost Camo Edition are the perfect binoculars for rough and rugged hunts. The patented Lost Camo pattern creates a perfect camouflage, especially when combined with other Lost Camo gear. The fact that the TERRA ED is waterproof and nitrogen-filled means it‘s ready for any conditions. It has an easy-to- use and quick focus mechanism, and a close focus of just 5.25 ft. TERRA
  15. 15. 2928 The new ZEISS TERRA ED 42 Lost Camo Edition Packed with features, fits any sized pack. Lost Camo PatternNitrogen-Filled Quick Focus The new ZEISS TERRA ED 8 x 42 and 10 x 42 in the Lost Camo Edition is your ideal companion to connect close-up with nature‘s best hunting moments. It features a special Lost Camo armouring for keeping you covered in wilderness. With a weight of only 24.3 oz it‘s not only extremely light, but thanks to its slim form also exceptionally compact and robust. The use of multilayer-coated SCHOTT ED glass also guarantees excellent images in the finest detail. TERRA
  16. 16. 3130 ZEISS TERRA ED Technical specifications. TERRA Specifications 8x32 10x32 8x42 10x42 Magnification 8 10 8 10 Effective lens diameter 32 mm 32 mm 42 mm 42 mm Exit pupil diameter 4.0 mm 3.2 mm 5.3 mm 4.2 mm Twilight factor 16.0 17.9 18.3 20.5 Field of view at 1,000 yds 442 ft 367 ft 375 ft 330 ft Subjective angle of view 60° 63° 56° 60° Close Focus 4.9 ft 4.9 ft 5.25 ft 5.25 ft Diopter adjustment range +/- 4 dpt +/- 4 dpt +/- 4 dpt +/- 4 dpt Exit pupil diameter 16.5 mm 16.5 mm 18 mm 14 mm Pupil distance 57.5 - 76 mm 57.5 - 76 mm 57.5 - 76 mm 57.5 - 76 mm Lens type ED ED ED ED Prism system Schmidt-Pechan Schmidt-Pechan Schmidt-Pechan Schmidt-Pechan Lens coating ZEISS MC ZEISS MC ZEISS MC ZEISS MC Nitrogen-filled Yes Yes Yes Yes Waterproof 100 mbar 100 mbar 100 mbar 100 mbar Operation temperature +5°/+140° ft +5°/+140° ft +5°/+140° ft +5°/+140° ft Length 4.9 in 4.9 in 5.5 in 5.5 in Width with an eye spacing of 65 mm 4.37 in 4.37 in 4.7 in 4.7 in Weight 17.98 oz 17.98 oz 24.3 oz 24.3 oz The design and scope of delivery related to technical developments may be subject to change. No liability for mistakes or printing errors.
  17. 17. 3332 TERRA // CONNECTION     MADE BY ZEISS The moment enthusiasm connects with precision. The new ZEISS TERRA XB75 Crossbow Scope.
  18. 18. 3534 More precise The patented XB75’s reticle allows you to shoot at distances up to 75 yards in 2-1/2 yard increments. More rugged Handles rugged terrain and challenging conditions. Backed by ZEISS U.S. Limited Lifetime Warranty. ZEISS TERRA XB75 Crossbow Scope. The premium crossbow scope that hunts harder, longer. NEW ! The new ZEISS TERRA XB75 is the first premium scope to dedicate German engineering and performance to hardcore crossbow enthusiasts. With a lightweight, rugged, compact 1“ design and MC anti-reflective coatings to squeeze every last minute of shootable light out of your hunting day, the XB75 hunts as hard and long as you do. TERRA
  19. 19. 3736 ZEISS TERRA XB75 Crossbow Scope. Models and technical specifications. Specifications 2–7x32 Magnification 2.3x 7x Effective lens diameter 24.4 mm 32. mm Exit pupil diameter 12.2 mm 4.6 mm Twilight factor 7.0 15.0 Field of view at 1,000 yds 46.5 ft 13.5 ft Objective viewing angle 7.4° 2.5° Diopter adjustment range +/-2.5 dpt Eye-relief 90 mm / 3.55 in Parallax-free 100 yds / 30 yds Square adjustment range 5.40 ft (62 MOA) Adjustment per click .25 MOA Center tube diameter 25.4 mm / 1 mm Eyepiece tube diameter 41 mm Objective tube diameter 39.5 mm Coating ZEISS MC Nitrogen-filled Yes Waterproof 400 mbar Functional temperature range -13°/+122°F -25°/+50°F Length 294 mm / 11.5 in Weight 380 g / 13.4 oz TERRA ZEISS TERRA XB75 The crossbow hunter faces rugged terrain and challenging conditions. But when the moment of truth comes, precision is everything. The TERRA XB75 brings premium ZEISS design to the serious crossbow enthusiast.
  20. 20. 3938 ZEISS Portable Tube Lens Cleaning Kit Includes: 2 oz Lens Cleaning spray bottle, 1 microfiber cloth (6 x 7 in), and 10 pre-moistened lens wipes. ZEISS 20 ct. Portable Lens Wipes Pouch Includes: 20 individually packaged pre-moistened lens cleaning wipes in a clear, reusable and portable pouch. ZEISS Fog Defender Spray w/ Cloth Includes: 0.5 oz Fog Defender spray bottle and Fog Defender cloth (5 x 5 in ). ZEISS 24 ct. Box Lens Wipes Includes: 24 individually packaged pre-moistened lens cleaning wipes. ZEISS 60 ct. Box Lens Wipes Includes: 60 individually packaged pre-moistened lens cleaning wipes. ZEISS Lens Cleaning Kits ZEISS Microfiber Cloth (Assrt. Solid and Print) Includes: 6 x 7 in reusable, machine washable microfiber cloth in clear pouch. ZEISS Microfiber Cloth Pouch (Assrt. Colors) Includes: 4 x 7 in soft drawstring pouch that doubles as a reusable, machine washable cleaning cloth. ZEISS Jumbo Microfiber Lens Cloth Includes: 12 x 16 in X-Large reusable, machine washable microfiber cloth.
  21. 21. 4140 It’s no coincidence that the first images of our earth were created using ZEISS lenses. After all, the ZEISS name is synonymous with the world’s finest optics. This is why NASA trusted the fast precision lenses developed by ZEISS for the first moon landing missions. Many Oscar winning movies have been filmed with ZEISS lenses. Renowned photographers regularly use ZEISS lenses in their work, and over 30 Nobel Prize winners conducted their research using ZEISS microscopes. Precision – since 1846. Welcome to the world of ZEISS Light is our life. // RESPONSIBILITY     MADE BY ZEISS
  22. 22. 4342 The ZEISS EXPERIENCE continues Join us. Every product we design and engineer is made for one purpose: to enhance your experience in the field. We invite you to take your outdoor adventures to the next level at ZEISS Experience Team events. These professionally guided tours take you to some of the world’s top hotspots in Africa, Europe, Asia and America. If you can’t make it, follow the journey on Facebook or on YouTube. Become a part of the ZEISS Community and experience nature like you never have before. This is where the adventure begins. Where it leads is entirely up to you. Follow us on
  23. 23. Get in touch with us. Or join us online. zeiss.com/us/sports-optics BIRDING Contact Carl Zeiss SBE, LLC Sports Optics Division 711 Moorefield Park Drive, Building E North Chesterfield, VA 23236 HUNTING