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OpenPOWER Summit Day 2 Recap

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Day 2 featured the OpenPOWER keynote with tons of news how OpenPOWER members are collaborating.

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OpenPOWER Summit Day 2 Recap

  1. 1. OpenPOWER Summit San Jose, CA | April 6, 2016 A recap of Day Two
  2. 2. If you want to see what’s new for OpenPOWER, this is the place to be! MikeDiamond VP&Treasurer OpenPOWER Foundation
  3. 3. April 6 was the OpenPOWER Summit keynote, and did we have some news to share with you! Our board members kicked it off with updates on why the OpenPOWER model is key to business success.
  4. 4. Collaborative innovation is eating the world.” JohnZannos Chairman OpenPOWER Foundation
  5. 5. There used tobeone. Then there were three. Then came POWER8. Then it was opened. Then friends joined. More innovation and choice. John Zannos Chairman OpenPOWER Foundation
  6. 6. 200+ members 50+ technologies revealed 2,300+ applications 24 countries 6 continents 100s of innovations under way OVER THE LAST 3 YEARS
  7. 7. The need for collaboration is clear
  8. 8. In reality, it’s not going to be about a single technology. How are we going to compose multiple technologies to move cognitive computing forward? RobHigh CTO IBMWatson
  9. 9. Make sure everything you’re doing is open source: • Open with easy access & developer friendly • Enabled for hackers • Find what excites & motivates developers AaronSullivan SeniorDirector&Distinguished Engineer Rackspace
  10. 10. And it isn’t just vendors who are collaborating
  11. 11. Collaborative innovation between developers, users, & hardware engineers will drive technology adoption over the next five years. John Zannos Chairman OpenPOWER Foundation
  12. 12. 88%of HPC users report they will use multiple chip architectures in the near future. Intersect 360 Research
  13. 13. Through open collaboration, we enable differentiated acceleration.
  14. 14. Accelerated interfaces are the key to addressing the decreasing returns of Moore’s Law. It’s not just for a subset of applications, it’s for everything. AaronSullivan SeniorDirector&Distinguished Engineer Rackspace
  15. 15. And when OpenPOWER members collaborate, they innovate
  16. 16. Rackspace & Google are co- developing an open POWER9 server platform to be made available to the Open Compute Project. MarieMahony Engineering Manager Google
  17. 17. The POWER processor roadmap continues with POWER9 in 2017. 24 cores, CAPI, NVLink, & modularity for OpenPOWER to address a broad range of scale out & enterprise servers. BradMcCredie IBMFellow VPofIBMPowerSystemsDevelopment IBM
  18. 18. After two years of collaboration, IBM & NVIDIA are announcing a key enabling technology: the NVLink high-speed interface between IBM’s POWER8 CPU & NVIDIA’s Pascal GPU. SumitGupta VP,HighPerformanceComputing &DataAnalytics IBM
  19. 19. And we’re making it easier than ever for developers, hackers, and innovators to collaborate
  20. 20. Register now at http://OpenPOWER.devpost.com
  21. 21. With the new OpenPOWER Ready program, solution providers let their customers know they are committed to the collaborative ecosystem. JeffBrown Technical SteeringCommittee Chair OpenPOWER Foundation
  22. 22. From all of us to you: THANK YOU for making OpenPOWER Summit 2016 a success.