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LWM2M Introduction - Edinburgh 2016 Workshop with ARM

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OMA hosted a Workshop in Edinburgh on Friday, May 06, where field engineer Hannes Tschofenig, Senior Principal Engineer at ARM, showed attendees how to use the LwM2M protocol on FRMDM-K64F boards, designed by NXP in collaboration with mbed, to connect to the mbed cloud service (formally known mbed Connector) and to the Leshan server.

This presentation is a part of the Workshop Agenda:
9:15-9:30 Opening Remarks and Brief Overview of LWM2M
9:30-10:30 Demo of the Arduino Yun by HOP Ubiquitous
10:30-10:45 Demo of the LwM2M Editor Tool and DevKit
11:00-15:00 NXP FRDM-K64F Platform with ARM mbed demo

See more here: https://github.com/OpenMobileAlliance/OMA_LwM2M_for_Developers/wiki/2016-May-IoT-Platform-Training-%28Workshop%29

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LWM2M Introduction - Edinburgh 2016 Workshop with ARM

  1. 1. LWM2M INTRODUCTION Edinburgh - May 2016 Hannes Tschofenig - ARM Limited The information in this presentation is public. | Copyright © 2016
  2. 2. DEVICE MANAGEMENT FUNCTIONALITY Mobile Device Management Device Management Bootstrapping Device Configuration Firmware Update Fault Management  Key management  Service provisioning  Access Control  Changes to settings  Changes to parameters of the device  Update application and system software  Bug fixes  Report Errors from devices  Query about status of devices Application Configuration & Control Reporting  Configure settings of the application  Send control commands  Notify changes in sensor values  Notify alarms and events
  3. 3. HIGH LEVEL ARCHITECTURE  M2M Applications  Application abstraction through REST API  Resource Discovery and Linking  LWM2M Clients are Devices  Device abstraction through CoAP and objects.  Works over any IP network connection  LWM2M Server  Uses CoAP  Re-uses the Resource Directory  Gateway and Cloud deployable UDP SMSDTLS CoAP LWM2M Objects
  4. 4. LWM2M INTERFACES • Bootstrap Interface – Configure Servers & Keys & ACLs – Pre-Configured, Smart Card, or Server Initiated Bootstrap – CoAP REST API • Registration Interface – RFC 6690 and Resource Directory • Management Interface Using Objects – Management Objects and Resources – CoAP REST API • Reporting Interface – Object Instances and Resources Report – Asynchronous notification using CoAP Observe
  5. 5. LWM2M SPECIFICATIONS • Requirements, architecture and technical specifications are available for download at http://technical.openmobilealliance.org/Technical/technical- information/release-program/current-releases/oma-lightweightm2m-v1-0 • Issue tracker is available at https://github.com/OpenMobileAlliance/OMA_LwM2M_for_Developers/iss ues • Wiki page is available at https://github.com/OpenMobileAlliance/OMA_LwM2M_for_Developers/wiki • Leshan, a popular open source LWM2M server implementation (in Java) at https://github.com/eclipse/leshan
  6. 6. • A LWM2M Client has one or more Object Instances • An Object is a collection of Resources • A Resource is an atomic piece of information that can be Read, Written or Executed • Resources can have multiple instances • Access control list (ACL) objects control access to objects accessed by LWM2M Servers • Objects and Resources are identified by a 16-bit Integer, Instances by an 8-bit Integer OBJECT MODEL ©Sensinode 2013
  7. 7. • REST API with a URI template • Objects • Object Instances • Resources • Reusable resource and object IDs • Common definitions for concepts • Map to semantic terms e.g. temperature, currentValue • IDs are registered with the OMNA • Can be embedded in a path hierarchy on the server • /home/weather/3303/0/5700 3303/0/5700 Object ID, defines object type Object Instance, one or more Resource ID, defines resource type OBJECT MODEL, CONT.
  8. 8. The LWM2M Technical Specification defines several objects OBJECTS DEFINITIONS ©Sensinode 2013 Object Name ID Multiple Instances? Description LWM2M Security 0 Yes This LWM2M Object provides the keying material of a LWM2M Client appropriate to access a specified LWM2M Server. LWM2M Server 1 Yes This LWM2M objects provides the data related to a LWM2M server. Access Control 2 Yes Access Control Object is used to check whether the LWM2M Server has access right for performing an operation. Device 3 No This LWM2M Object provides a range of device related information which can be queried by the LWM2M Server, and a device reboot and factory reset function. Connectivity Monitoring 4 No This LWM2M objects enables monitoring of parameters related to network connectivity. Firmware 5 No This Object includes installing firmware package, updating firmware, and performing actions after updating firmware. Location 6 No The GPS location of the device. Connectivity Statistics 7 No This LWM2M Objects enables client to collect statistical information and enables the LWM2M Server to retrieve these information, set the collection duration and reset the statistical parameters.
  9. 9. Temperature sensor: This IPSO object should be used over a temperature sensor to report a remote temperature measurement. It also provides resources for minimum/maximum measured values and the minimum/maximum range that can be measured by the temperature sensor. The unit used here is Celsius degree. Object info Resource Info Object Object ID Object URN Multiple Instances? IPSO Temperature 3303 urn:oma:lwm2m:ext:3303 Yes Resource Name Resource ID Access Type Multiple Instances? Type Units Descriptions Sensor Value 5700 R No Decimal Cel This resource type returns the Temperature Value in °C Min Measured Value 5601 R No Decimal Cel The minimum value measured by the sensor since it is ON Max Measured Value 5602 R No Decimal Cel The maximum value measured by the sensor since it is ON Accessing the Resources • Temperature Value /3303/0/5700 • Min Measured Value /3303/0/5601 • Max Measured Value /3303/0/5602 LWM2M Client /3303/0 5700 5601 5602 Temperature Value Min Measured Value Max Measured Value Object IPSO OBJECT EXAMPLE: TEMPERATURE
  10. 10. FINDING ALL DEFINED OBJECTS OMNA Lightweight M2M (LWM2M) Object & Resource Registry contains all definitions. Includes object definitions from The information in this presentation is public. | Copyright © 2016 Open Mobile Alliance Ltd. All rights reserved.