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Eliminating data roadbloacks to get by traffic roadblocks without pain

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Presentation by Bert Van Nuffelen at Open Belgium 2018 - http://2018.openbelgium.be/session/eliminating-data-roadblocks-get-traffic-roadblocks-without-pain

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Eliminating data roadbloacks to get by traffic roadblocks without pain

  2. 2. The public space
  3. 3. Roads are a meeting place
  4. 4. Roadsworks raise sentiments
  5. 5. How to cope with the hinderance and its effects?
  6. 6. Actors in the public space gov emergency utilities public transport builder @work @family
  7. 7. Coordination between professional actors gov emergency utilities public transport builder @work @family GIPOD OSIRIS POWALCO
  8. 8. Step 1 Reflecting the reality in a digital form Road Bridge
  9. 9. Multi-actor processes Both in Wallonia and Flanders the main actors are obliged to enter and consult the data in an aggregating environment Step 2 Sharing & creating data conception permitting announcement execution synergy synergy
  11. 11. OPEN DATA AVAILABILITY & ACCESSIBILITY Flemish Government • GIPOD has REST API, WMS and geopunt UI access-channels Walloon Government • Powalco: No open data on the current roadmap Brussels Government • Osiris: Webservice for professionals
  12. 12. OPEN DATA REUSEABILITY GIPOD available under http://data.vlaanderen.be/doc/licenti e/modellicentie-gratis- hergebruik/v1.0
  13. 13. OPEN DATA UNIVERSAL PARTICIPATION • Participation by professionals • General public hard to reach
  14. 14. DIGITAL ROADBLOCKS FOR OPEN DATA Which data publishing form?
  15. 15. Reaching the public Open Data is a broadcast model
  16. 16. growing number of listening devices (hardware and software) Reaching the public Open Data is a broadcast model
  17. 17. growing number of broadcasting services Reaching the public Open Data is a broadcast model ?
  18. 18. Reaching the public Open Data is a broadcast model ? Which data & dissemination channel is available? What data and on which channel should it be broadcasted ?
  19. 19. DIGITAL ROADBLOCKS FOR OPEN DATA Responsibilities should not lead to data barriers
  20. 20. limited by location GIPOD POWALCO Osiris
  21. 21. • Planned activities • Occasional activities (exceptional transport, school exit, …) • Emergency incidents (zinkgat, fire, accident, broken signalization, … ) Limited by information type
  23. 23. • Deploy public identifiers • Use for everyone • Internal needs, but beneficial for many • When resolvable • Easier to do data-API-hopping Public Identifiers
  24. 24. Interoperability Oil slick Public Identifiers for roadworks Vocabulary for roadworks Public Identifiers for addresses Public Identifiers for organisations Public Identifiers for roads Interconnected public data
  26. 26. 3 IDEAS Inform the citizen • electronic newspaper • electronic infoboard Citizen engagement • FixMyStreet • Generieke Terugmeldingsfaciliteit
  27. 27. Informing the citizen VO - TenForce - PostBuzz GIPOD
  28. 28. Informing the citizen VO - TenForce - PostBuzz
  29. 29. Informing the citizen
  30. 30. Citizen engagement FixMyStreet
  31. 31. Citizen engagement FixMyStreet
  32. 32. Flemish Government wants to improve the quality of their data. Automation of the feedback processes: Generieke Terugmeldfaciliteit • Connect the feedback to the data-identifier • Transfer the feedback to the responsible (across government layers) • available for professionals and citizens FixMyStreet is a instance of this feedback process. Citizen engagement Generieke Terugmeldfaciliteit
  33. 33. • Public space data is as rich as the real world • Improving the interaction between the professional actors with an embedded open data approach also benefits the citizen and enables other reuse • Interoperability is a prerequisite for quality open data • Interoperability is also a driver to open up data Outlook
  34. 34. THANK YOU B E R T VAN N U F F E L E N B AS T I A A N D E B L I E C K