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Make your content count - OpenAIRE Content providers Dashboard: service for repository managers

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Webinar presentation: "Make your content count - OpenAIRE Content providers Dashboard: service for repository managers", presented by Pedro Príncipe during the Open Access Week 2018 (October 22 - 26).

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Make your content count - OpenAIRE Content providers Dashboard: service for repository managers

  1. 1. @openaire_eu OpenAIREDashboardforContentProviders MAKE YOUR CONTENT COUNT PedroPríncipe UniversityofMinho|OpenAIREsupportofficer
  2. 2. OpenAIRE Services From basic infrastructure level to value added
  3. 3. provide.openaire.eu
  4. 4. onestopshopforall OpenAIREcontentproviders Services for repository managers, OA publishers DASHBOARD FORCONTENTPROVIDERS
  5. 5. provide.openaire.eu
  6. 6. Highlights
  7. 7. Interoperable metadata is key for effective content sharing Use our validation service and see how you can apply the OpenAIRE Guidelines to expose your contents using global standards. VALIDATE
  8. 8. Reach a wider audience around the world Register your datasource in OpenAIRE and be part of a global interlinked network. REGISTER
  9. 9. Improve your metadata. Get more connections OA Broker service offers a wealth of information on scholarly communication data.ENRICH Find out what interests you and subscribe to enrich your records. More & Missing events that may enrich your Repository: • Persistent identifiers • Open Access Versions • Projects • Subjects • Abstracts
  10. 10. Open research impact empowers Open Science Open Metrics service by sharing your usage data. Get the benefit of an aggregated environment to broaden the mechanisms for impact assessment. MEASURE Get usage statistics reports for your datasource
  11. 11. Novelties
  12. 12. Content Provider Dashboard
  13. 13. OpenAIRE’s e-infrastructure Commons Publications repositories Research Data repositories CRIS systems Registries (e.g. projects) OA Journals Software Repositories Validation Cleaning De-duplication Enrichment By inference CONTENT PROVIDERS INFO SPACE SERVICES Project initiative FunderFunding Result Publication Data Software Organization GUIDE LINES TERMS OF USE Repositories in OpenAIRE may be interested to acquire metadata information about publications that are “potentially of interest to them” i.e. be part of their collection: add new records, enrich the records with extra metadata information.
  14. 14. OpenAIRE Broker sketch OpenAIRE Notification Broker OpenAIRE Information Space Graph (deduplication, Inference, Aggregation) … Subscriptions Potential Notifications subscribe notifyrepository admin OpenAIRE Data Sources Identifying “events” relevant to repositories (enrichments & additions) Sending events Delivered Notifications Event (potential notification): • Message • Topic • TargetRepository • Trust
  15. 15. ● Join OpenAIRE Usage Statistics ○ enable “usage metrics” for your data source ○ download & configure tracking plugin in your data source ○ confirmation by OpenAIRE once usage events are tracked in PIWIK ● or enter SUSHI endpoint to let OpenAIRE collect COUNTER reports Metrics Download tracker Configure Deploy & Test Validation & Confirmation
  16. 16. Demo
  17. 17. Final remarks Login issues - Please contact OpenAIRE via helpdesk or directly to the dashboard product manager team (pedroprincipe@sdum.uminho.pt | andrevieira@sdum.uminho.pt) Events issues - Report any bug/error to via helpdesk + if you expected more events maybe this means that we don’t have collected the full text of you repository records – please contact us.
  18. 18. Thank you! Pedro Principe pedroprincipe@sdum.uminho.pt