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2nd Content Providers Community Call

Presentation of the 2nd Content Providers Community Call, targeting the following topics: 1) OpenAIRE infrastructure updates;
2) Main topic: OpenAIRE Usage Statistics service: technical details and upcoming developments;
3) Community questions & comments.

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2nd Content Providers Community Call

  1. 1. @openaire_eu 2nd Community Call OpenAIRE content providers managers 04/12/2019
  2. 2. 1) OpenAIRE provide updates 2) Usage Statistics Service - service overview and specifications - workflows and data collection 3) Questions & comments (please share your use cases, issues) AGENDA: www.openaire.eu/provide-community-calls Notes & Agenda  https://bit.ly/2rTgJwy
  3. 3. Provide – recent news Newbrokerevents available inprovide dashboard (orcid…) https://provide.openaire.eu Newusagestatsgeneric trackerscript(asapython scriptforothercases) https://github.com/openaire/Gen eric-Matomo-Tracker Guidelines v4compatibility inDspace 5&6(CanadianUniv. librariesaresupportingthedevelopmentof anextensiontoDSpace5&6thatwillsupport compliancewiththeOpenAIREGuidelinesv4. www.coar-repositories.org/news- updates/collaborating-to-support-greater-visibility-and- discoverability-of-open-scholarship/ Provide Public Roadmap weneedandwantyourfeedback https://trello.com/b/JHbHKLZ4/openaire- provide-roadmap
  4. 4. New broker events – ORCID, Software 4 Missing ORCID Missing Software Link Publications to Software
  5. 5. UsageStatisticsService -serviceoverviewandspecifications -workflowsanddatacollection Andreas Czerniak, Bielefeld University Dimitris Pierrakos, Athena Research and Innovation Center Jochen Schirrwagen, Bielefeld University Pedro Príncipe, University of Minho
  6. 6. OpenAIRE’s e-infrastructure Commons & Usage Stats sketch
  7. 7. Usage Statistics Service Features Tracking of views and downloads (PUSH)/ collecting COUNTER reports (Pull) Anonymisation of IP- addresses. Metadata de- duplication enables accumulation of views and downloads for same documents COUNTER Code of Practice compatibility. standards based usage statistics. enables comparability with statistics from other data sources. Thisiswhere youtypeintheevent
  8. 8. Metadata-Index UsageStatistics-DB ● Repository ● CRIS ● eJournal ● National Statistics Node ● Publisher PULL COUNTER Report PUSH tracked event IP- Anonym. processing script processing script Architecture and Workflows for Usage Statistics
  9. 9. Push Usage Statistics Tracking Workflow ▪ An institutional repository registers in OpenAIRE’s Usage Statistics Service via the Content Provider Dashboard. ▪ Server side real-time tracking: Plugins (DSpace), patches (Eprints) using Matomo’s HTTP API. ▪ Usage Activity is tracked and logged at OpenAIRE’s Analytics platform in real time. ▪ Generic Log file parser: A python script that parses repository log files and sends the usage events to OpenAIRE’s Analytics platform (not in real time).
  10. 10. Push Usage Statistics Tracking Workflow ▪ An offline workflow, based on Matomo API, transfers and stores usage events, to OpenAIRE’s DBs for statistical analysis. ▪ Statistics are deployed for human (OpenAIRE’s Portal) and machine (Sushi-Lite API) consumption.
  11. 11. Enable Metrics for selected Datasource 11
  12. 12. Configure Metrics for selected Datasource 12 1223456
  13. 13. DSpace oapiwik.cfg #------------------------# # OpenAIRE Piwik Tracker # #------------------------# #Base Tracker URL oapiwik.piwik.trackerURL = https://analytics.openaire.eu/piwik.php #Piwik siteID oapiwik.piwik.siteID = 1 #Piwik Authentication Token oapiwik.piwik.tokenAuth=123456789 #IP Address Anonymization Bytes. Values in {1,2,3} #oapiwik.piwik.ipanonymizationbytes=2 # Flag to enable/disable tracking. Default is true oapiwik.piwik.enabled = true Plugin/Patch Configuration 13 Eprints OAPiwik.pl ################## # CONFIG START # ################ # Modify the following URL to the Piwik tracker location $c->{OAPiwik}->{tracker} = "https://analytics.openaire.eu/piwik.php"; # Enter the OpenAIRE Piwik Site ID $c->{OAPiwik}->{siteID} = "1"; # Enter the piwik token_auth $c->{OAPiwik}->{token_auth} = "32846584f571be9b57488bf4088f30ea"; # Specify the number of bytes, 1,2 or 3, for IP Anonymization (empty for no IP Anonymization) $c->{OAPiwik}->{noOfBytes} = ""; # Other Config Parameters $c->{OAPiwik}->{ua} = LWP::UserAgent->new(conn_cache => LWP::ConnCache->new,); $c->{plugins}->{"Event::OAPiwik"}->{params}->{disable} = 0; 123456
  14. 14. 1. Install virtualenv $ pip install virtualenv 2. Create a virtual environment for the project $ virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python2.7 matomo_tracker 3. Activate the virtual environment: $ source matomo_tracker/bin/activate 4. Download COUNTER Robots List: wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/atmire/COUNTER- Robots/master/COUNTER_Robots_list.json 5. Download matomo_import_logs.py and matomo.yaml to activated project folder 6. Configure matomo parameters in matomo.yaml 7. Install the following packages: ○ pip install pyyaml 8. Run the importer /usr/bin/python2.7 {logs_folder} Generic Tracker Script Configuration 14
  15. 15. matomo_config.yaml Matomo_Parameters: #Matomo tracker Endpoint matomo_url: "https://analytics.openaire.eu/" #Repository Base Url repository_base_url: "https://repository.com" #Matomo Repository Site ID idSite: 47 #Matomo authenticastion token #token_auth: "12345" token_auth: "12345" #matomo parameters (default values) delay_after_failure: 10 default_max_attempts: 3 default_socket_timeout: 300 ip_anonymization: false Generic Tracker Script Configuration 15 # Number of recorders. It should be set to the number of CPU cores in your server. # You can also experiment with higher values which may increase performance until a certain point recorders: 1 #OAI-PMH Configuration oaipmh_preamble: "oai:repository.com:" oaipmh_regex: "/[0-9]*" #Metadata Location (regexp supported) tracking_metadata: #- "/[0-9]*" #- "^((?!.*pdf.*).)*$" - "/handle/[0-9]*" #- "/record" #- "/publication/" #Item Location (regexp supported) tracking_download: #- "pdf" #- "/[0-9]*" - "/bitstream/handle/[0-9]*" #- "/download"
  16. 16. ▪ Gathering of consolidated statistics reports from aggregation services, such as IRUS-UK, using protocols such as SUSHI-Lite. ▪ Statistics are stored to OpenAIRE’s DB for statistical analysis. ▪ Statistics are deployed via OpenAIRE’s Portal or Sushi- Lite API. Collecting (Pull) Consolidated Usage Statistics Reports
  17. 17. • 61 repositories tracked with Matomo ID • 78 repositories via IRUS-UK • 10 journals via SARC-OJS Number of Platforms using Metrics Service actively 17
  18. 18. Metrics Service Evolution 18
  19. 19. Metrics Service Statistics 19
  20. 20. User-Interface in the Content Provider Dashboard 20
  21. 21. Aggregated and Combined Statistics of a Document from different Repositories 21
  22. 22. Supported Report Types (COUNTER R4) 22
  23. 23. Retrieve Usage Statistics via API 23 based on http://services.openaire.eu/usagestats/sushilite/ Supports COUNTER R4 compatible reports: ○ Article Reports (AR) and Book Reports (BR) using identifiers like openaire, doi, oai- record-id ○ Item Reports (IR) ○ Repository Reports (RR) using identifiers issued by OpenAIRE or OpenDOAR ○ Journal Reports (JR) using identifiers like ISSN COUNTER USAGE REPORTS RELEVANT FOR OPENAIRE Repository Platform Report – RR1 Journal Report – JR1 Item Report – IR1 Article Report – AR1 Book Report – BR1 Book Chapter Report – BR2 Research Dataset Report tbc. Research Software Usage Report tbc.
  24. 24. 24 SUSHI response example (JSON) Repository Report Item Report
  25. 25. • Enhance the visualization tools in the Dashboard. • Offer “snippets” to embed the Metrics statistics in the repositories. • Support CoP for Research Data. • Update to CoP Release 5. • Setting up a Usage Statistics Hub (OpenAIRE, LA Referencia, IRUS-UK, ...) Next Steps 25
  26. 26. In 2020: Usage Statistics in Extended Contexts 26 Open Research Analytics Service Usage Statistics Transactio nal Data Analytics Interface ● Combining different types of data to provide insights of OA-Transformation ● a cooperation between OpenAIRE, OpenAPC and Knowledge Unlatched
  27. 27. Thank you! www.openaire.eu/provide-community-calls Andreas Czerniak, Bielefeld University Dimitris Pierrakos, Athena Research and Innovation Center Jochen Schirrwagen, Bielefeld University Pedro Príncipe, University of Minho