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Wordpress Page Load Speed - Kenneth sytian

Every website has to improve their speed or otherwise they are just giving away easy customer conversions, higher rankings and overall better user experience.

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Wordpress Page Load Speed - Kenneth sytian

  1. 1. WordPress Page Speed Optimization How I made a WordPress site load 4x faster in 10 simple steps
  2. 2. IM SORRY… This may sound harsh. I know most of you are SEO’s and PPC’s but most of your efforts will be useless because according to my experience and to Google’s engineers, on page optimization, specially PAGE SPEED, is very important to achieve high ranking and profitable websites. I know this is very embarrassing… but PLEASE LISTEN and don’t sleep during my presentation, this is for your own good, even though I know it’s the most unholy hour and most of your are sleepy already.PLEASE LISTEN!
  3. 3. Thank you very much, Kenneth Event Speaker PS: • Owner and CEO of • Specialize in website design and outsourcing • Have deployed more than 500 websites • Some of our clients include • Blogs about web design and technical SEO – www.sytian-productions.com
  4. 4. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Why is Page Speed important? 2. Tools to monitor page speed 3. 10 steps to optimize Page Speed – WP sites 4. Case study
  6. 6. #1 Increased SERP ranking “Google is incorporating site speed as one of the ranking signals that we use in determining search ranking” - Matt Cutts
  7. 7. #2 decrease in bounce rate “You could lose up to 33% of your visitors if your page took more than 4 seconds to load”
  8. 8. #3 increased conversion rate “a one second delay can cost you 7% of sales.” – thestrangeloop.com
  9. 9. #4 happy visitors
  10. 10. TOOLS TO USE
  11. 11. Tools.pingdom.com
  12. 12. Google PageSpeed Insights
  13. 13. THE CASE STUDY
  14. 14. Google PageSpeed Insight 29 56
  15. 15. Pingdom 52 Requests 5.49 secs 3.0 MB
  17. 17. 10 SIMPLE steps 1. Back up website 2. Build a good foundation 3. Image optimization 4. HTML, JS and CSS – minify, combine, compress 5. Leverage Browser Caching 6. Delete Unused Plugins and WP Themes 7. Appropriate Social Media Buttons 8. Database Optimization 9. Other performance optimization 10. Double check entire website
  18. 18. #1 BACK UP WEBSITE
  19. 19. #2 BUILD A GOOD FOUNDATION CHOOSE A DECENT WEB HOSTING PROVIDER SHARED HOST VPS DEDICATED SERVER 500-900 sites per server 1 website per server Resources are shared Each site is dedicated a certain amount of CPU and RAM Entire server is yours USD 3-9 per month USD 15-60 per month Depending on CPU speed and RAM USD 100-500 per month Location of server must be close to your target audience
  20. 20. CHOOSE A GOOD WORDPRESS THEME a.) Test them on the following No coding errors Load speed 2 seconds below Score of at least 85
  21. 21. b.) Avoid using WP themes that are image heavy
  22. 22. #3 IMAGE OPTIMZATION A.) Install an image optimizer plugin CASE STUDY SITE – Reduced image size by 3.42 MB (13.88%)
  23. 23. b.) Upload correct image dimensions
  24. 24. c.) Use correct image types GIF – images with rich colors, no transparency = 215 KB JPEG= 69 KB PNG8= 186 KB PNG24 = 527 KB JPEGs
  25. 25. images with flat colors GIF = 5.61 KB JPEG= 9.47 KB PNG8= 9.82 KB PNG24= 19 KB GIFs –
  26. 26. Transparent images with flat colors GIF = 19.9 KB JPEG = XXX PNG8= 16.4 KB PNG24 = 41.2 KB PNG8 –
  27. 27. GIF = XXX JPEG = XXX PNG8 = XXX PNG24 = 41.2 KB PNG24 – transparent images with rich colors
  28. 28. D.) Lazy load images
  29. 29. E.) Lessen banner images Do you really need 12 banner images?!
  30. 30. F.) Look for large images and make them smaller (if possible)
  31. 31. G.) use image/CSS sprites Combined 84 files into 1 From 5.4MB to 344KB!
  32. 32. #4 HTML, JS and CSS file optimization -minify, combine and compress Normal CSS = 16 KB Minified CSS = 6.6 KB
  33. 33. #4 HTML, JS and CSS file optimization -minify, combine and compress #5 Leverage browser caching
  34. 34. #6 PLUGINS AND THEMES Deactivate and Delete plugins not being used
  35. 35. Only use plugins that frequently updated and have good reviews
  36. 36. Delete or replace slow plugins
  37. 37. Delete WP themes not being used
  38. 38. #7 SOCIAL MEDIA BUTTONS Only use significant social media buttons Use only in appropriate pages
  39. 39. #8 OPTIMIZE DATABASE Removes the following: Post revisions, Spam comments, Comments in trash, Auto draft posts, Posts and pages in trash, Etc.. Can be scheduled to run automatically ALWAYS BACK UP DATABASE BEFORE OPTIMIZING!
  40. 40. #9 OTHER PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENTS A.) Remove unnecessary files from server Web hosting file manager FTP Client
  41. 41. B.) Decrease number of latest posts appearing in your homepage
  42. 42. C.) Always update your WP and Plugin versions
  43. 43. #10 DOUBLE CHECK ALL PAGES AND TEST ALL FUNCTIONALITIES Inquiry and contact forms Newsletter sign ups Member registration Try to purchase products Post a comment Member login forms etc
  44. 44. CASE STUDY
  45. 45. Google PageSpeed Insight
  46. 46. TLDR 1. PageSpeed is important 2. Tools to use to monitor page speed 3. Steps to optimize page speed a) Back up website b) Build a good foundation c) Image optimization d) HTML, JS and CSS file optimization e) Leverage Browser Caching f) Delete unused Plugins and Themes g) Appropriate use Social Media Buttons h) Database Optimization i) Double check website integrity
  47. 47. Thank you! Keep in touch! kenneth.sytian @KennethSytian kenneth.sytian Sytian-productions.com