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Valedictory speech

Ogbo Community Comprehensive High School

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Valedictory speech

  1. 1. VALEDICTORY SPEECH By ONABANJO FATIMOH ADEYEMI Ogbo Community Comprehensive High School, Ogbo, Ogun State, Nigeria onabanjofatimo@yahoo.com +2349090027952 Introduction Welcome parents, teachers, and the Ogbo Community Comprehensive High School class of 2016. A hearty thanks to God Almighty my God, my family (and all those present today). Students, please give your parents a hand! I am so honoured to be standing before you all today. Discussion I could go back and reminisce about the last six years. Instead, I think it’s more important to focus on when we will be in the next four years. Whether it’s baking great bread, cooking up laws in the senate, teaching futures generations, or creating new music, all of us must make sure the word “success” is associated with what we do. We must concentrate on enhancing our futures and setting great examples for those who love us and for those who will follow us. We must be tomorrow’s positive images. Our actions must make a statement and send a clear message. One that says, whenever we come from, whatever we have or we don’t have, whatever our colour, sex or cultural background, we can be partner in success and we can achieve greatness together. In order to have high self esteem, confidence and motivation, we must be willing to work diligently and have a keen understanding of how far we can go. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”. Let us leave a trail others will be proud to follow. Class of 2017, it is up to all of you to make a difference, to have people say honourable things about you and leave the impression that you never gave up on yourselves. Society is counting on you. Excellence is never an accident, it’s the result of hard work, and attain excellence; the kind of excellence that will make your dreams reality. A secure future can be reality you must visualise tomorrow – a safe, happy, prosperous tomorrow and make it happen. Appreciation On behalf of 2016 graduating set, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the teachers and administrators who worked so hard to make us reach this valedictory service ceremony. To our Heroes, the principal and vice-principal, we say a big thank you for not letting us into a great black hole. To all the entire staff and non-teaching staff of Ogbo Community Comprehensive High School, we treasure your unconditional love and support. To our parents’ in all, we hope we make you proud. Class of 2016, good luck and remember graduation is only the beginning.