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  1. L3 Creative Media Production & Technology Year Two Evaluation Liv Crossley
  2. Project Overview In this section you will outline the aim of the project/task and give an overview of the activates you undertook to complete it.
  3. What was the theme of your project and what attracted you to it? The theme of my project was youth music. The Main thing that attracted me was being able to see how different people my age music taste is.
  4. What research did you undertake and how did it help develop your project? For research we mainly focused on our target audience which gave me ideas as what I should base my project on for my age group. We also looked at different demographics for social media platforms which also helped me with ideas on how I should present my work.
  5. How did you develop and improve your ideas throughout the project? One way I developed my ideas was by doing a mind map. It made me think about all the different topics I could explore and use for my project.
  6. What was the outcome of the project/task? The outcome of my projects was a fully shot, edited and planned documentary exploring youth music. Throughout the documentary we find out how different my interviewees music tastes are even though they are all the same age and also discover their biggest influences.
  7. Personal Response This section will explore your thoughts and feelings about the experience. This will help gain a understand of how your personal feelings may have impacted the final outcome.
  8. How did you feel about the project before you started? Before starting the project, I was unsure as I didn’t know how I was going to approach it, and what I was going to create. I was happy with how the group research went as it helped generating ideas as to what I was going to create. After thinking about all the different subjects I could talk about and how I could present my work, I finally came to a decision to make a documentary as I felt this would have worked best for me.
  9. What do you think about your project development and how did it help you to refine your idea? I feel my project development and idea refining went well. I created a mind map with three potential ideas on and expanded on each different subject discussing the different questions I could include within that subject.
  10. How did you feel when the project was completed and why? When I completed the project, I was happy with the work I had made. My documentary went well and fitted to how I planned it out. It also has made me feel more confident with editing and definitely has improved my skills more.
  11. Evaluating the project In the previous sections, you have been commenting upon the project development. The evaluation may include some similar information but it will also include critical comment. An evaluation must include information about the good and bad points of the project and it is important to be honest. Finally, you should make a judgment about the effectiveness of the success of the project
  12. What were the good points about the project/task and what did you learn from them? [try and think of at least 3, more if possible] Some good things from this projects was learning which camera angles worked best for my interview, lighting in the studio and editing my video. I was really happy with the outcome of my production and I feel these different aspects helped my documentary have a profesional look to it.
  13. What challenges did you face and how did you respond to them? One problem I faced was trying to get all my interviewees to come and record on the same day. As different courses come in on different days I, I felt the best idea was to use peers from my class. I also used a couple of others that weren't in my class so I filmed on a day I knew everyone was going to be in. Another problem I faced was when I was I was editing. I wanted a type writer effect to show the questions, but it didn’t work for ages. To fix it I watched different YouTube tutorials and I eventually fixed it. Sound was also a problem. In some of my clips I didn’t have the mic positioned properly which made it a lot quieter. When I edited I had to boost the sound so you could hear it more clearly.
  14. How would you rate the final piece? Overall I would say it turned out good. I would say it is satisfactory as there are a few problems like sound which definitely ruins parts of my documentary. However, it turned out like I planned so I am happy with it.
  15. How did you design appeal to your target audience? I designed my project to be an easy and short watch for my audience. As my target audience was 16-24 year old I made sure there was minimal writing and it was continues clips to keep them engaged.
  16. Analysis In this section, you will focus on the details of the project and make sense of what happened in the project. You should demonstrate how your decisions informed the project development and the success of the outcome.
  17. In what ways was the overall project a success? Overall I'd say my project was a success because the research I did about the audience helped me create a product crafted to them specifically, which would help engage my audience and enable them to enjoy it.
  18. What elements did not go well and why? I feel like when editing I could have added a few more thing like affects and different transitions to aesthetically make the documentary more colorful and eye capturing. I think the video has a dull look to it and by adding other features like effects it could have given it more life.
  19. How did your skills develop during the portfolio? [remember, skills aren't just technical, remember things like organisation, time management, communication, etc as well] I'd say throughout this project my planning and organizational have improved a lot. Trying to get all my interviewees to come and film on the same day in the set time slot took a lot of organizing, but it went well in the end.
  20. What feedback did you get from your peers and viewings? For feedback I got a few of my friends that are in the age group 16-24 to review my work. They all said that they found it interesting seeing how different everyone's taste in music was and how they feel there are influenced by the singers they listen to. One improvement they collectively said was that it needed more colours as it was a bit dull it constantly been white.
  21. What would you do differently in the future and why? In the future I would definitely give myself more time to edit. As I left the filming to last minute, it definitely effected how good my editing was. With more time I could have made it more colorful and eye capturing.
  22. Action Plan This section will identify what you would do differently in the future and identify ways you could develop.
  23. How could you develop your skills for future projects? Please identify the appropriate resources and courses. For example, webpages, tutorials, books, short courses and qualifications. One area I feel I need to develop in is video editing. Although I have the basic skills to editing I want to learn how to edit to more specific types of videos especially documentary's. Even though I feel like I have a good understanding as to how to structure them, I want to be able to make them look more professional and entertaining to watch. Recourses that would help me improve is already existing documentary's so I could pick up on techniques they have used.
  24. What personal attributes could you develop to ensure you are working at a professional level? One personal attribute I would develop is my time management. I feel like in certain points of making my project I left bits till last minute rushing them and not completing to the best standard I could have. Ensuring that I had left myself more time I could have spent more time experimenting different ways to layout my documentary and see which worked best.