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Indian Search Marketing Academy - Episode 3: Q&A

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Vivek Ahlawat and Kulwant Nagi have answered all the questions from the webinar

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Indian Search Marketing Academy - Episode 3: Q&A

  1. 1. Indian Search Marketing Academy: Monetize your WordPress website Q&A
  2. 2. Q1 Any tips for SMO? 1. Enabling: Integration of Social Sharing buttons on your Website to allow users to share it when they found it worthy. 2. Plan: Have a separate plan for each Social Media Platform basis on the understanding of their respective algorithms/practices which ensure maximum output in terms of engagement/traffic/lead/revenue etc. 3. Calendar: Create a content calendar and identify type/time of post which best matches the audience behavior on various platforms. 4. Experiment: Keep experimenting, always remember what works good/bad for others might not be true for you. 5. Measure: Always measure, what tasks/strategy/process/factors work best for your business goals. This is one of the biggest challenges I found marketers still struggling with. 6. Repeat Step 4 -5. 2
  3. 3. Q2 Can we fight against news website in SERP? 1. In terms of freshness of the content, Sites approved in Google news immediately popups higher in search results as soon as some event happens. To deal with the situation, identify in advance the events which might impact you in coming time and work dedicatedly for all those keywords/pages on all SEO parameters, This will help you to establish more authoritative signals to Bots and higher chances of sticking to the top ranking. 2. Another alternative is that you can also go for Google news submission. Read the Detailed Guidelines 3
  4. 4. Q3 Is WordPress site better or a self-made site? Technology does not matter, all you have to ensure is that whatever information is available on the page is crawlable by BOT’s and same data is visible to both BOT & user (no cloaking)
  5. 5. Q4 In WordPress what plan do we choose? I strongly recommend to not use WordPress.com plans. If you want to start blogging with WordPress, grab hosting from a good domain provider like A2Hosting. We have a special 51% discount if you want to buy hosting. Once you buy the hosting, install WordPress on your server and start using it. Saying it again, I strongly not recommend to choose any plan at WordPress.com.
  6. 6. Q5 How to Analyse the keywords for the website and any suggestions for the content writing? You can use the following excellent tools for k/wd analysis: ● Google Autosuggestion ● “People Also Ask” feature ● “Related Searches” on Google SERP. ● Keyword Planner ● Keywordtool.io ● Answer the public ● SEMRush ● Google Trends ● Google Search Console ● Google Correlate ● Keywords Everywhere ● Keyword Shitter ● Wordtracker Scout ● Suggestion Keyword Finder ● KWFinder
  7. 7. Q5 How to Analyse the keywords for the website and any suggestions for the content writing? Content Writing Guidelines: ● Catchy Headlines ● Readable form ● Use short sentences and paragraphs. ● Answer EAT ( Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness ) ● In-depth coverage of the topic ● Add different media elements ( images, infographic, video etc.) ● Evaluate the performance of the content pages and then decide accordingly like whether you have to delete it, modify it or redirect it Note: Will also recommend this doc mentioning guidelines to Raters to evaluate online content
  8. 8. Q6 Instead of taking niche if I go for general blogging website instead of sticking to the niche.....will it be okay? Well in that case also, I would suggest to first establish yourself in one particular niche then you will be in a better position to explore new topics while knowing what all it takes.
  9. 9. Q7 ​What's the logic behind schema as an important factor behind theme selection? It’s an important factor while considering WordPress Theme to let bots understand the content better and have an extra edge in the form of Rich Snippets in Search results
  10. 10. ​Q8 Is good to start a local search engine a single service based using WordPress platform? ​ … Because I think wordpress sites are difficult to rank these days? or other platform PHP, laravel is best for this? Answer: This is a misconception that WordPress Sites are difficult to rank, in fact, technology does not matter; all you have to ensure is that all the content available on any page is crawlable by Bot’s
  11. 11. Q9 ​Kindly help with backlinks tips for startups 1. It’s true that backlinks are still No 1 ranking factor 2. Before generating backlinks you have to ensure that it’s from the authoritative site and contextual 3. Diversity is the key here, don’t use exact anchor texts 4. Techniques which self-propel the backlinking: ● Produce content which includes real-life examples, case studies, infographics, videos etc… ● Provide unique information which let others to “quote” when talking about that particular topic ● Approach sites which are talking about the niche in which you are working and provide the summarized information there while referencing your detailed explanation of the topic ● Write a guest post on a related topic on relevant sites and give a reference to your detailed post ● Engage with an audience who is talking on that particular topic (you might need some tool here) and helps them to get a better solution to their queries through your post.
  12. 12. Q10 What about the theme "Newsphere" for blogging? This is a very cluttered theme. I recommend GeneratePress instead.
  13. 13. Q11 Can you please tell should the topics be selected for the blogs on the basis of trending keywords or vice versa? While trending keywords helps you to stay connected with the audience in more of current issues still you should consider providing overall best solutions to the topics of concern to the user which helps them in the whole decision-making journey.
  14. 14. Q12 What should be the % of copied content on any webpage or any blog? Is it around below 10%? Copied content is not going to help at all to your user’s while engaging with your content if it does not add any extra value in terms of research/solutions etc. As a reference, you can include some factual information but if it is not something which entices the user to interact fully based on your own unique approach to the problem then it is not going to benefit both, your audience and the Bots.
  15. 15. Q13 ​Can affiliate marketing be automated in product based sites apart from blogs? Yes, this can be automated from the product site as well. You can curate some of the best products from various industries and list them on your site using affiliate links. Here are 2 such huge affiliate sites. https://freekaamaal.com/ https://www.desidime.com/
  16. 16. Q14 For a Wordpress website, would you recommend creating a blog as a subdomain or a subfolder? An evergreen question and a lot of debate around that but what I have analyzed in the last few years with lot of such movement (from sub-domain to subfolder) is that subfolder performs better as opposed to case few years back
  17. 17. Q15 What impact will it have in terms of traffic and DA, etc? I always found a positive impact in terms of ranking and traffic, and if this is the case DA will always be better.
  18. 18. Thank you! Good more questions? Submit them HERE