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Why Urbanbaze

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Why Urbanbaze

  1. 1. WHYUS
  2. 2. There are thousands ofcreative agencies around.Why work with Urbanbaze?
  3. 3. We have1 answers we help our clients figure out what they need to say...and just how to say it in ways that will surprise, engage and inform their target audience.
  4. 4. We are not a2 Pan-African Ad agency... ...But you know what? WE GET THE JOB DONE! How? by combining our experiences with talented collaborators and the encouragements of our clients. The result? Head turning creativity that increases our client’s bottom line.
  5. 5. We understand3 the “People” aspect of good work We are a team of designers, photographers, thinkers, writers, idea geek... we rip things apart, see them clearly and put them back together!
  6. 6. 4 We have the experience We combine our experiences in working with notable multi-nationals with our lessons in growing with our start-up clients to deliver designs and ideas that work. We stay in the trends and keep reinventing ourselves.
  7. 7. 5 We grow with our clients. Urbanbaze started as a briefcase agency and grew into a team of experienced experts. Our clients don’t just watch us grow; we grow together.
  8. 8. 6A good advertisement We are not in it for the awards. Industry accolades are great and helps reassureis one which sells the clients that we are doing something, but we understandproduct without drawingattention to itself. that an obsession with awards won’t help us solve our clients-David Ogilvy marketing problems. We value results more than awards.
  9. 9. in them...ask doubt? KURAMO
  10. 10. Talk to us. 27, Ladipo Kuku Street, Off Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos. Nigeria. 01-7358275, +2348034488684. info@urbanbaze.com www.urbanbaze.com www.twitter.com/urbanbaze www.facebook.com/urbanbaze