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The Changing Face of The Nigerian Digital Print Industry

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Slides from my PROPAK West Africa Keynote. #PleaseEnjoy

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The Changing Face of The Nigerian Digital Print Industry

  1. 1. The changing face of the Nigerian digital print industry @OluyomiOjo CEO, Printivo.com
  2. 2. My generation totally believes print is DEAD! Even the man wearing a branded T-shirt who just handed me his business cards at a conference think so too
  3. 3. Yesterday… If you have a project that be printed on DI, you most likely will think of only one place in Nigeria… XEROX, Fatai Atere, Matori Area, Mushin.
  4. 4. Today… You can simply digital prints from over 1000 in Nigeria.
  5. 5. In fact… You can even pick up your and order digital print products have it printed and shipped to doorstep anywhere in Nigeria…
  6. 6. What Changed?
  7. 7. Adoption Scale Technology
  8. 8. Industries experience huge leaps when these three happen together • More companies are adopting digital printing technologies today than ever before. • Digital printers and OEMs are scaling faster and earning more as more customers opt for print on demand. • The printing industry is experiencing its greatest innovation since inception, from software, to new machine models, print sizes, technologies, process, sales channel, third party industries… • Costs are being driven down. Digital printing is cheaper today than ever and it’s going to be cheaper tomorrow.
  9. 9. Every time these three happen, industries get changed in ways beyond our imagination…
  10. 10. And digital printing is not left out
  11. 11. Automated and smarter printing processes…
  12. 12. Compare growth in digital Printing Versus Offset
  14. 14. Today’s digital print customer is not just a designer, a big brand or a print broker…
  15. 15. ... It’s every single person walking on the streets of Nigeria, and technology has made them more powerful.
  16. 16. 2. Huge competition. Hence more options for the customer to choose from. 1. Information at the customer’s finger tips 3. New opportunities will spring up within the digital print industry through innovations outside from the industry
  17. 17. 5. Digital printers will be able to collaborate and achieve more by using P2P models where one printer can have another printer treat his print order without any hiccups . 4. Technology will drive better prints, cheaper prices and faster print process
  18. 18. Technology will help digital printing thrive more instead of killing it through scale and adoption
  19. 19. More than ever before, this is the best time to be a digital printer.
  20. 20. Thank You
  21. 21. Oluyomi Ojo CEO, Printivo.com @OluyomiOjo