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; with the heel of The Benefits of Massage on Athletic Health and Performance

; with the heel of the

Massage Techniques to Optimize
Athletic Health and Performance

These highly effective sports massage techniques are used in a
variety of combinations:

Effleurage -
elongated strokes

hand to increase

temperature and Vlb_"'f‘tl°“ ' _ _ _

relax tissues Tapotement ' eXCltlng and lnVlg0|'at| ng
hacking, slapping, and the muscles, preparing
cupping of muscles to them for the coming
invigorate the tissues exertion

Friction -
T T heating the deep muscle
Pe"is. sa9e- . . . * ' , 2'§i. ‘i. ‘Z?2,'i’. 'f2'r‘. '§i’r. ‘3f’. ”.-Z'. ‘a, i‘; ‘”. ¥?u'liiS
kneading and lifting tissues to 5 mobmt ’
get to the deeper muscle tissues ' y

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